Link: Eat, Love, Kill: Episodes 1-2 (First Impressions)


Hyperlink: Consume, Really like, Kill: Episodes 1-two (Very first Impressions)

The premiere week of Hyperlink: Consume, Really like, Kill is a mishmash of genres that provides us specifically what the title suggests. There’s meals, there’s connection, there’s a hint of romance, and there’s murder. It is a quite packed two episodes that manages to be each entertaining and dark even though possessing an emotional center. It is a precarious balance, but at least for now, it functions.

Editor’s note: Continued drama coverage is pending primarily based on Beanie feedback.


Huh. Properly, that was not what I anticipated. The “kill” in the title most likely should’ve clued me in, but I wasn’t anticipating all the crime and murder. The drama could have effortlessly been a total mess, but it came with each other reasonably nicely. The trick will be irrespective of whether it holds up as the story progresses.

The tone is set from the opening monologue exactly where our lead EUN GYE-HOON (Yeo Jin-gu) shares that someone’s fridge can inform you far more than you’d assume. We see fridges stocked in numerous methods, showcasing people’s habits, finances, and even character. And then, an industrial fridge opens… and somebody pushes a cadaver’s hand back inside. (Did that crack any person else up? It was just so sudden.)

Gye-hoon is a chef and, because he’s a drama hero, a popular one particular. He runs a tight ship in his kitchen with no feelings permitted, which turns out to be a trouble for him when he gets all of a sudden, inexplicably weepy. He has hazy impressions of a lady and then faints.

Therefore starts Gye-hoon’s emotional journey from stoicism to inappropriate feelings explosions. But it turns out he’s seasoned this prior to. He made use of to share his twin sister’s sturdy feelings, but she’s been presumed dead for 18 years.

Ahead of delving far more into that mysterious backstory, it is time to meet our heroine NOH DA-HYUN (Moon Ga-young) who is naturally our perfectionistic hero’s opposite. She’s type of a mess and going by way of a rough patch soon after losing her steady job.

Thanks to the random bursts of feelings, Gye-hoon is earning a reputation as erratic and unstable. He and Da-hyun lastly cross paths when she serves at a cooking occasion he’s headlining. They meet on the rooftop, and their strangely synchronized feelings make Gye-hoon wonder if she’s the supply of his newfound feelings.

She misunderstands his awkward hesitation and thinks he desires her quantity, which she provides ideal up. When he alternatively eagerly asks about her age and hometown, she naturally gets creeped out and runs away.

Quickly soon after, somebody begins leaving (creepy) gifts for Da-hyun and due to a series of misunderstandings, she thinks Gye-hoon is stalking her. The misunderstanding deepens when she returns to her hometown to move back in with her mom and runs into, you guessed it, Gye-hoon.

It also occurs to be his hometown and exactly where his sister Gye-young went missing as a youngster. He’s carried guilt his entire life for the reason that he left her alone that day to play with his mates. Feeling her worry and the severing of their connection produced it that a great deal far more traumatic for him. His mother by no means recovered, and vacillates in between getting loving and vitriolic toward him, blaming him for his sister’s death.

Now that he’s all grown up, his old neighbors do not recognize him. Gye-hoon does not reveal who he is and just says he’s there to open a restaurant with his buddy chef CHA JIN-HOO (Lee Suk-hyung). Gye-hoon is determined to open a bistronomy (had to appear that one particular up), in spite of it not specifically catering to his tiny-town clientele.

When Da-hyun sees him, she assumes he followed her there and accuses him of getting a pervert in front of the entire neighborhood. Not extended soon after, Da-hyun realizes the stalker is essentially her creepy coworker who is obsessed with her. When she confronts him, he talks like they’re genuinely dating and gets aggressive at her rejection. Fortunately, she manages to get away.

Da-hyun tries to apologize to Gye-hoon for labeling him a perv, but he refuses to accept her apology soon after all the problems she’s triggered him. She chases soon after him and falls, hurting herself. Gye-hoon might not be prepared to forgive her however, but he does assist her up and walks her household, which the creepy stalker sees.

That evening, the stalker approaches Da-hyun and forces his way into her mom’s restaurant/residence (they reside above it). He attacks her, causing her to fall and hit her head. When she wakes up, he’s dead in a pool of blood. Ack!

Even though she does not don’t forget how it occurred, Da-hyun goes straight to the police but loses her courage as she’s forced to wait for assist. She returns household to obtain her mom HONG BOK-HEE and halmoni staring at the physique.

Then, they get to operate. Her mom and halmoni clean the scene and roll that man up in a blanket like a burrito, stuffing him into an industrial fridge. (Guess we know who that hand belonged to.) And oh no, the fridge belongs to Gye-hoon’s restaurant. Jin-hoo had place it outdoors, but Gye-hoon desires to hold it, so they haul it back into the restaurant.

Da-hyun and family members panic and scheme up methods to steal the fridge (or the physique). But stealthy that family members is not, and not only do their plans fail, but they draw Gye-hoon’s suspicion. Da-hyun even ends up blurting out that she likes him at one particular point as a distraction when points go awry.

Gye-hoon can not shake the thought that she could possibly be his sister, which most likely explains his concern more than her wellbeing. He occurs to be present when regional cop HWANG MIN-JO (Lee Bom-sori) confronts Da-hyun about why she stopped by the station that evening.

Noticing Da-hyun’s nervousness and bruises on her arms, Gye-hoon aids get her out of the predicament. He then requires her to the hospital and encourages her to get away from whoever is hurting her, assuming she’s getting abused. He even tells her to come to him for assist if she requirements it.

With no way of acquiring that fridge back, Da-hyun’s mom decides to take the fall and turn herself in. The only trouble is that halmoni gets there 1st. She tells the cops she killed “that man,” but struggles to clarify. Bok-hee jumps in, saying that her mom kills her abusive husband in her dreams and confuses it with reality. (Provided how adept they have been at cleaning up a murder scene, perhaps it wasn’t a dream…)

Da-hyun then tends to make the executive selection to cover anything up – no one particular is turning themselves in for the reason that she did practically nothing incorrect. Da-hyun is an assault survivor. Just after seeing the police pull a physique from the apartment of her attacker, she knows he would’ve killed her as well.

On that note, one particular issue that took me (pleasantly) by surprise is how seriously this drama treats violence against females. I believed the stalking issue would just be a plot device, but the drama addresses Da-hyun’s post-attack trauma and how disturbingly widespread this sort of assault is.

Determined to get into that refrigerator, Da-hyun is now the one particular prying into Gye-hoon’s private life to attempt to figure out his door passcode. Obtaining his personal agenda, he agrees to inform her his birthdate if she plays rock-paper-scissors with him. As children, he and his sister have been identified for their capacity to often match every other no matter how numerous rounds they played.

Even though he knows it is unlikely Da-hyun is his sister, he does suspect she’s the supply of his emotional interference. And the rock-paper-scissors test confirms his suspicion – they match each round.

Meanwhile, the cop on Gye-hoon’s sister’s case finds Gye-hoon familiar and lastly puts it with each other. In a flashback, the entire town searches for Gye-young, but neither Gye-young nor the culprit have been ever identified. Nevertheless, some of the neighbors look shifty a shaman even declared the culprit was one particular of them. And some man we do not see told tiny Gye-young the exact same issue.

Back to the present, in the final scene, Da-hyun sneaks into the restaurant – Gye-hoon’s (and his sister’s) birthdate is the code – and opens the fridge. It is empty. “Did you obtain what you have been searching for?” Gye-hoon asks Da-hyun.

That is a lot of crime for two episodes! The tone of the drama is quite nicely summed up by the Charlie Chaplin line Da-hyun quoted: “Life is a tragedy when noticed in close-up, but a comedy in extended-shot.” Close up, we’ve got the tragedy of violence. Zooming out is the farce of a group of females attempting to retrieve the physique they accidentally sent to a neighbor. I’m into it so far, but it could effortlessly go off the rails, so I’m staying cautiously optimistic.

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