Red Heart: Episodes 11-12


Red Heart: Episodes 11-12

Driven to the brink of desperation, the queen dowager commences an insatiable quest for energy. Although our other players scramble to counter her moves, the seeds of a previously sown plot may perhaps currently be beginning to show their initially leaves.


Resuming from exactly where we left off final week, the queen dowager threatens Gye-won that if he tries to kick her out of the palace once again, what will burn subsequent will not be a mere palanquin, but her.

Elsewhere in the palace, Minister Jo pleads for mercy from Jung, on behalf of his wayward daughter. In the face of Jung’s unsympathetic responses, even so, he eventually reveals that the accurate mastermind was the queen dowager.

Tae is not privy to this info, but he’s determined to uncover the truth himself. Recognizing that Yeon-hee had a component to play in the scheme, regardless of how substantial or compact her function was, Tae seeks her out — and delivers a cold warning that any try to harm Jung will be regarded treason.

Jung is adamant on revealing the queen dowager’s try on her life, and pursuing the suitable punishment as recompense for her harrowing ordeal. She is not mollified by Gye-won’s attempts to cause with her, till he reveals his strategy to retire to the countryside, far away from the internal court. In exchange, he urges her to bury this incident.

Jung alternatively pays the queen dowager a stop by below the guise of reassuring her that she will not escalate the challenge, given that Gye-won’s selected to shoulder the repercussions in her stead. That is news to the queen dowager, who’s shaken by the revelation.

She requests for Gye-won to delay his resignation by 3 days, so she can gather her thoughts — but it is really since the prophetic monk told her that her want will be fulfilled in 3 days, and she’s banking on it as her final hope.

Tae leaves the palace for the rain-calling ceremony, and miraculously, it rains. Joy erupts all about, but elsewhere the monk is feverishly chanting, and then all of a sudden Tae coughs up blood and keels more than.

A physician’s examination reveals serious harm to Tae’s spleen and stomach, which points to the ingestion of poison. Tae shows no indicators of waking up, and it dawns on Gye-won that if the king passes away with no heir, the particular person that has the energy to choose the subsequent successor is none other than the queen dowager.

She requires it a single step additional, even so, and announces that she will be taking more than as regent till Tae wakes up. Her declaration is met with controversy and murmurs of treason, given that Tae is incapacitated but nonetheless alive.

The ministers protest by gathering at Tae’s quarters alternatively of the court, and Gye-won urges the queen dowager to cease just before it is also late. As an alternative, she counters that she’s found a newfound goal — she will tear down the Joseon that Gye-won worked so tough to make.

Pained tears in his eyes, Gye-won reminds her that she knows improved than anybody how substantially of his life he’s poured into this nation. He vows to depose her if she chooses to pose a threat to the foundation of Joseon, creating clear his decision of the nation more than her.

Phew, Tae starts to show indicators of stirring, although for the sake of his security Jung chooses to maintain it below wraps for now. To stay clear of any assassination attempts by the queen dowager, Jung decides to escort Tae out of the palace. The queen dowager is surprisingly amenable to the notion — turns out the monk advised her to move Tae out, so that his death will not trigger poor luck to befall the palace.

Astute as normally, Gye-won points out that the queen dowager’s effortless agreement indicates laxer safety outdoors the palace. He gives the protection of his servants and the royal stamps, and Jung accepts.

I discover it so fascinating how the tables have turned at the starting of this drama, I’d anticipated Gye-won and Jung to continually be on opposing ends of the chess board. However now they’ve teamed up against a typical enemy, a single that threatens what they each hold dear — to a single, it is her beloved man, and to the other, it is his beloved nation.

Gye-won’s abandonment pushes the queen dowager more than the edge of the precipice she’s been precariously teetering on, and she spirals even additional in her quest to consolidate energy. Not only does she coerce the chief scholar to rescind the appeal against her regency by threatening to kill his son ideal just before his eyes, but she also incites Yeon-hee to seize this chance and get rid of Jung.

That includes a produced-up letter accusing Jung of assuming a false identity, which offers the queen dowager the justification to bar Jung from leaving the palace. Yeon-hee then has Ddong-geum captured, threatening to torture and kill her if she does not confess to penning that letter. Staunchly loyal Ddong-geum refuses to betray Jung, and the subsequent we see her she’s been beaten bloody (but nonetheless barely alive).

Gye-won proves his acuity however once again when he recognizes that there will have to be an individual orchestrating this complete scheme behind the queen dowager. He tracks down the monk’s father, who reveals that the son he sold off to gamblers was taken by an unknown man with a substantial scar on his hand.

That can only point to a single man, and it is Tae’s trusted eunuch, who’s in the midst of saving the monk from assassins. He tends to make swift perform of the attackers, then gives a hand to assist the monk up, calling him Si-wol — the hidden card Tae has been speaking about.

With his strategy unfolding just as he intended, Tae opens his eyes, completely conscious and cognizant.

However once again, Tae is ahead of the game, and it genuinely goes to show how arduously he’s been preparing and waiting for the ideal moment to strike. He’s effectively turned Gye-won and the queen dowager against every single other, and he now has enough justification to oust his opponents on the grounds of treason.

Just as his mother when did, Tae faked a poisoning to reclaim energy. I discover the parallel rather poignant, as properly as how each diverge — the late queen’s actions have been born out of desperation, whereas Tae’s method is calculated and controlled.

The exact same can not be stated for the queen dowager, whose descent into the precise tyranny that Gye-won despises was rather painful to watch. She’s been so mired in her hurt and abandonment that it is turned into vindictive anger, and she’s now determined to rail against all the principles that Gye-won forsook her for.

It is a tragedy in the creating, and even though I do not condone her actions a single bit, I do really feel for her. She was applied as a pawn and pushed into a lonely life, and even though her existing plight is of her personal creating, there’s one thing compellingly human about her uncomplicated longing for acknowledgement and like.

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