Showtime Begins!: Episodes 13-14


Showtime Starts!: Episodes 13-14

With just a couple of episodes remaining, it is time to get started wrapping up our ghosts’ lingering desires so they can lastly make the transition from this life to the subsequent. But our heroes’ ancient foe is not defeated just yet…


Evil spirit Cheon-moo, at the moment residing in Hee-soo’s physique, is obtaining impatient to have Seul-hae (properly, Cheon-hwa) all to himself. And the men and women closest to Hee-soo are beginning to notice that anything feels weird about him. For instance, when the criminal Seul-hae chases down pulls a knife on her, Cheon-moo comes to her rescue… by brutally killing the guy with one particular kick to the face.

On an additional occasion, he invites her on a “stakeout” that is actually a pretense to be alone with her, then gets all up in her space to make her squirm and presents her with an high-priced bracelet. When she declines the present, he gets angry and forceful.

Significantly less frightening but nevertheless overwhelming to her are Cha-woong’s unabashed gestures of affection. And when once again, I’m pleasantly shocked by how they sit down and speak about it. Seul-hae explains that she feels like he’s searching at an individual else, not her Cha-woong listens, and admits he wants time to sort out his personal feelings.

This week is a welcome return to kind with a new case: a missing lady and a peculiar intersection exactly where numerous vehicles of the similar colour and model have crashed. Seul-hae speedily deduces she’s got an additional ghost on her hands, but she’s not ready to face it on her personal, so she goes to Cha-woong’s workers for aid. He overhears, nevertheless, and insists on tagging along.

It is not difficult to guess that the ghost is haunting that intersection for revenge on her killer, but what does come as a surprise is her identity. Her name is KIM MI-YOUNG (Hong Soo-hyun), and she was Dong-chul’s girlfriend when they had been each alive.

She’d urged him to leave the gang life behind and get started afresh with her. When he’d asked his boss for permission to quit, he’d been sent on a final mission to prove his superior intentions. He’d succeeded, but was stabbed correct in front of Mi-young.

But it gets worse. Considering that Mi-young witnessed Dong-chul’s murder, the killer murdered her, also. And the killer was none other than Dong-chul’s former gang boss – also identified as “the Badger” — and secret criminal make contact with of Hee-soo’s father. And, by means of that connection, the man Cheon-moo commissions to orchestrate a fatal accident for Cha-woong.

5 years right after her and Dong-chul’s deaths, Mi-young’s rage is so sturdy that she’s on the verge of becoming an evil spirit herself and has to be restrained anytime she begins to drop manage. Nonetheless, she’s capable to lead them to her corpse and proof to prove the Badger’s guilt.

Although the group heads out to get stated proof, the Badger himself follows and attempts to send their auto more than a cliff. But Choi Geom – who has secretly been watching more than Cha-woong ever due to the fact their confrontation about his betrayal two,000 years ago – saves them in the nick of time.

Believing Mi-young’s have to have for justice will only be assuaged if the Badger dies, Dong-chul volunteers to do the deed himself – which means he’ll come to be the evil spirit, and her soul will be appeased. Thankfully, Cha-woong stops him, reminding Dong-chul that deciding on such a dark path would imply even much more suffering down the road, each for him and for his loved ones.

Cha-woong’s words about regret land on Choi Geom, also. And though this does not magically place the two of them back on incredible terms, Cha-woong does take him back on as an entry level employee (a lot to the other ghosts’ delight, due to the fact they now outrank him).

While Hee-soo’s father pulls strings to get the Badger off the hook, he does not just let him stroll no cost. Cheon-moo didn’t account for the Badger producing a recording of the hit he’d ordered on Cha-woong, so Hee-soo’s father protects the family members name by poisoning the Badger and disguising it as suicide. The police chief might be pathetic and cowardly, but he’s certain terrifying in this moment.

Now happy, Dong-chul and Mi-young get permission to appreciate life as ghosts just a small longer ahead of moving on. And Cha-woong and Seul-hae get a bit of breathing space to re-address their connection.

Displaying off a cute small magic trick with the ring he purchased her quite a few episodes ago, Cha-woong confesses that he’s liked Seul-hae for a extended time – even ahead of he knew about their previous lives. That clarification is sufficient for her, and he vows to be just as forthright as Poong Baek was hesitant, sealing the commitment with a kiss, which she happily returns. They’re official!

But there’s a new trouble: with Choi Geom’s fan so close to lighting all the way up, it will not be extended ahead of he ascends… freeing Cha-woong of his duty and his capability to see ghosts. That indicates Cha-woong has to 1) hurry up and aid the ghosts accomplish their final wishes and two) stay clear of winning virtue points by providing Seul-hae points to thank him for.

Each he and Seul-hae are let in on the dilemma, so at least there are no difficult feelings, but it almost kills Cha-woong to have to appear away any time she wants even the smallest quantity of aid. Thankfully, they do not have to wait extended ahead of the likelihood to satisfy one particular ghost’s final want arrives.

The want is Ah-reum’s, and personally, I identified her story even much more poignant than Dong-chul’s. Just after a childhood bout with polio left her unable to stroll, Ah-reum’s life target was to return the aid she’d received from other individuals. But though she was nevertheless a student, she’d died in a fire, unable to save even herself.

Considering that Cha-woong’s subsequent magic show is at an orphanage, the group decides to showcase Ah-reum’s favored superhero, Lulu, with Ah-reum herself playing the titular figure. That may possibly be closure sufficient, but Cheon-moo requires the show as his subsequent chance to attack, inadvertently providing Ah-reum an even higher likelihood to prove herself.

He locks Cha-woong in the director’s workplace and sets the constructing on fire. Everybody gets out safely, which includes Cha-woong (Cheon-moo didn’t comprehend he had ghostly assistants, apparently), but Ah-reum freezes in front of the smoke and flame-filled hallway.

Spotting a terrified small girl hiding in the space, Ah-reum gathers all her courage and coaxes her out. She carries the girl to security, jumping off a second-story balcony and landing on her feet like the superhero she is.

Of course, the concentrate this week was on providing Dong-chul and Ah-reum a likelihood to locate closure from the situations of their deaths, but I can not aid considering Cheon-moo is not performing a really superior job of becoming threatening correct now.

He keeps producing errors and underestimating Cha-woong’s sources, and even he admitted it was a superior issue Hee-soo’s dad has sufficient connections to repair his blunder with the recording. Possessing Hee-soo might have place him in closer proximity to Seul-hae, but it appears to have downgraded him in terms of becoming a danger to the globe.

Not that I’m actually complaining, although! I’d be entirely fine if our group took him out speedily subsequent week, and we spent the rest of the time saying a right goodbye to our ghosts and sending Cha-woong and Seul-hae off into the sunset of what ever they determine their future will appear like.

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