Our Blues: Episodes 17-18


Our Blues: Episodes 17-18

Fate can appear cruel particularly to these who have knowledgeable immeasurable loss and heartache. Although our robust Jeju leader accepts her misfortunes as unavoidable, her young granddaughter chooses to think in miracles and shows her that hope nevertheless exists in this globe. As for our other resident grandma, the wrongs from her previous continue to maintain her apart from her son, and even although her days are numbered, they each stubbornly refuse to speak to every other.

EPISODES 17-18 WEECAP: Choon-hee &amp Eun-ki Ok-dong &amp Dong-suk

Living with each other in Jeju for Choon-hee and her granddaughter Eun-ki has been a understanding curve for each parties, but as they invest much more time with every other, the two of them develop closer and bridge the gap among them. Soon after producing amends, Choon-hee adjustments her method to Eun-ki, and rather of denying all of her wishes, she tends to make an work to cross off the small products on her bucket list.

Regardless of the relative peace that has fallen upon her home now, the nagging suspicions about her son and daughter-in-law stay for Choon-hee till a slip of the tongue from Eun-ki reveals the truth. In tears, Eun-ki tries to maintain her mom’s secret, but Choon-hee realizes from her lies that her son is in the hospital.

Leaving Eun-ki with Eun-hee, Choon-hee heads to the mainland and finds herself at the hospital exactly where her son lies unconscious. She remains silent through her whole go to and only speaks at the finish to her daughter-in-law. With a heavy heart, she tells her to get rid of him from life help if the physician suggests it.

As Choon-hee laments her cursed fate, she receives a get in touch with later that week from her daughter-in-law: the physician told them to be ready to say goodbye. Due to the storm, they can only leave tomorrow at the earliest, so Choon-hee continues with her chores even though Eun-ki hangs out in the home. Noticing the loved ones images, she asks about the folks in them, so Choon-hee tells her about her late grandpa and 3 uncles.

Eun-ki remembers what her dad told her about death and says that her uncles ought to all be stars in the sky. Choon-hee scoffs at her silly notion and tells her that absolutely everyone turns into dirt as soon as they die. When Eun-ki begins to cry, Choon-hee loses her cool and tells Eun-ki that her dad is a liar. Each grandma and granddaughter openly weep with 1 calling her dad to come back and the other crying that he can not.

The storm continues by means of the evening, and Eun-ki stays by the door, hopelessly waiting for her parents to choose her up. Choon-hee coaxes her to consume dinner and lastly gets her to agree when she promises to take her to see the hundred moons. Although it appears like an not possible endeavor in this climate, Jung-joon and Eun-hee’s persistence assistance Choon-hee make a small girl’s dream come correct.

The a variety of sailors in town collect in their boats with lights strung across and float out into sea. They honk their horns, letting the other folks know that they are prepared, and Eun-hee requires Eun-ki and the two grannies up a hill to see the hundred moons. At very first, all Eun-ki sees is darkness, but 1 by 1 the water is dotted with moons. Her face lights up, but her eyes pool with tears as she prays for her new want: make her dad healthful. The other folks kneel beside Eun-ki, and Choon-hee tends to make a want as properly.

In an epilogue of sorts, Choon-hee receives a video message from her daughter-in-law of Eun-ki sitting subsequent to her dad who is now awake. She brags to her grandma that she was appropriate and sings her a song at her dad’s request. It is a sweet ending for Choon-hee who has lost so significantly, and although it feels like a fairy tale, I’m satisfied with how items worked out for them. Losing her youngest son may possibly have been the “realistic” outcome, but narratively, his recovery has a larger influence.

The portion that moved me the most about their story was how Choon-hee saw herself as cursed but she touched so lots of folks in her life in a constructive way. Every person gathers at the finish to produce the hundred moons for the reason that it is for Choon-hee, and as a result, we see that miracles are the outcome of small, mundane items piling up to produce some thing exceptional. To Eun-ki, it is a spectacular scene of a hundred moons, but to Choon-hee, it is the concerted work of the folks she knows attempting their finest to assistance her even if the activity appears silly. Perhaps Eun-ki’s dad is a related story — just untold in this certain drama — about the hospital employees and his loved ones functioning tirelessly to assistance him. Either way, I’m satisfied for each Choon-hee and Eun-ki that their want came correct for the reason that life would be also dull if even our stories had been void of miracles.

With only a week left ahead of its finish, the show lastly gets to the greatest unsolved challenge: Ok-dong and Dong-suk. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Ok-dong prepares for her death and gets rid of her belongings from her loved ones images to her various blankets. Word of her illness spreads all through the town, and ultimately, Dong-suk hears of it, also. Although conflicted by the news, he pretends to not care.

Though in Seoul to restock his supplies, he texts Sun-ah, asking if she would be satisfied to see him once more. She tells him that she would, so he waits outdoors her workplace, hoping to surprise her. Appropriate when he spots her, her son calls her name, and Dong-suk’s face turns grim as he watches Sun-ah with her ex-husband. He drives away in anger and ignores her calls.

When Dong-suk is back in Jeju, the other folks corner him to speak about his mom and inform him to take Ok-dong to his stepdad’s memorial considering the fact that that is her want. They all claim to fully grasp his feelings, but Dong-suk lashes out at them for acting like they know what he went by means of. His outburst leaves them speechless, and Jung-joon chases just after Dong-suk to give him a ride back dwelling.

At the home on the ranch, Dong-suk lastly answers Sun-ah’s get in touch with and shares his dilemma about his mom with her. She is the very first individual to take his side and tells him not to go if he does not want to do it. Hearing her response, Dong-suk opens up about his previous and describes the day Ok-dong took him to his stepdad’s home just after his dad and sister died.

Ok-dong ordered her son to get in touch with her aunt, but young Dong-suk begged his mom to transform her thoughts for the reason that she was the only loved ones he had left. When he kept calling her mom, Ok-dong slapped him across the face repeatedly till he began to bleed. Even just after that, Dong-suk trailed just after his mom and promised to do superior if she would come back to him.

Dong-suk wonders why his mom acts so entitled towards him and vents his frustrations to Sun-ah. Listening to his grievances, Sun-ah advises Dong-suk to confront his mom even though he nevertheless has the likelihood considering the fact that she wishes she could ask her dad all her lingering inquiries. Her words assistance him operate by means of his personal feelings, and Dong-suk decides to asks Ok-dong every little thing that he carried in his heart.

The subsequent day, Dong-suk joins the other folks at Ho-shik’s stall for lunch, but absolutely everyone offers him the cold shoulder. He asks Ok-dong when the memorial begins, and she asks if he will come. Dong-suk remains silent for a moment and then lastly answers her. He suggests taking a plane, but Ok-dong tells him to choose her up for the morning ferry. He agrees, and the other folks break into a smile.

Dong-suk arrives at Ok-dong’s location early in the morning as promised and finds her cleaning the toilet. She offers him a handful of tasks to comprehensive ahead of they leave, and Dong-suk does them all among his grumbles. To his surprise, they have to choose up Choon-hee subsequent, and he is provided even much more items to load onto his truck. Dong-suk speeds down the road to make up for the unexpected delays, but his crazy driving capabilities are not sufficient. He sits in disbelief as they watch the ferry leave the harbor, and the grannies awkwardly recommend grabbing coffee and breakfast.

At this point, I do not fully grasp why absolutely everyone sides with Ok-dong and offers Dong-suk such a tough time about his mom. In-kwon is clearly projecting his personal regrets onto Dong-suk, but why are Eun-hee and Ho-shik so inconsiderate of his feelings? They say that they fully grasp him, but if they did, then why are they not much more compassionate? I really feel like each the audience and the characters are lacking 1 side of the story — we do not know Ok-dong’s, and they do not know Dong-suk’s — which is causing this disconnect, and hopefully, the final episodes will shed some light on their partnership.

With every passing flashback, my sympathies for Dong-suk develop much more and much more. He’s an angry and reckless individual who can be terrifying, but behind that volatile nature is also a young boy who desires to be loved. The greatest query that nevertheless haunts Dong-suk is regardless of whether or not his mom loved him. Anything he desires to know about her boils down to this 1 challenge, which is why Dong-suk could under no circumstances let go of their partnership even if it meant finding hurt. I feel it says a lot that Dong-suk asked Ok-dong to run away with him that evening he stole from his stepdad’s home for the reason that he nevertheless believed of her as loved ones. It has usually been Dong-suk who reaches out to Ok-dong, and each time he tends to make himself vulnerable, she tramples on his heart. It is not surprising that he resents her so significantly appropriate now, and it also explains why he’s so hesitant to ask her about their previous. Ok-dong is a strange and stubborn soul, but just as I have come to fully grasp Dong-suk, I’m certain the show will make me see Ok-dong in a new light as soon as they inform her story.

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