Jung So-min tries to teach Lee Jae-wook in tvN

June six, 2022

Jung So-min tries to teach Lee Jae-wook in tvN’s Alchemy of Souls
by tccolb

The promos for tvN’s fantasy romance Alchemy of Souls have been kicking into higher gear with a lot more posters and a video teaser featuring the drama’s two leads.

Set in a land that is hidden from history, the story has Lee Jae-wook (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol) as the noble son of the Jang clan, though and Jung So-min (Month-to-month Magazine Household) somehow ends up as his maid – even even though she has the soul of a skilled warrior. Each have seasoned some type of altering of their souls and the drama follows their journey as they attempt to correct their destinies.

The newest video teaser begins with a somber-faced Lee Jae-wook attempting to find out sword fighting and he confides, “I sought out twelve teachers and I was rejected twelve occasions. And now, I have lastly discovered the teacher who will adjust my destiny.”
It then cuts to Jung So-min smacking Lee Jae-wook with a broom and he whines, “Why did you hit me?” He continues complaining that he’s tired when Jung leads him via a rocky path and she notes with annoyance, “You contact me teacher when you are whining and then play the young master card when you want one thing completed for you!?”
The appearing text screens study: “Romance starts for the maid turned teacher and the delinquent student.” We then see Lee Jae-wook continuing to bother Jung So-min like a kid, flicking at her forehead and pulling her hair. But when she has a K-drama moment with Hwang Min-hyun (Reside On), Lee is rapid to inform Jung, “Teacher, do not cheat on me.”
Following the drama’s title card, we jump to a jealous Lee Jae-wook following Jung So-min. She pointedly tells him, “It’ll naturally take work to not fall in adore with a handsome man.” And an amused Lee asks, “What about me, then? You will have to have been struggling all this time due to the fact of your master,” but Jung dismisses his claim.
Lee Jae-wook fumbles in reply, “But why? That does not make sense with what you have been saying just before. Let’s agree that you have been producing an work all this time.” Jung So-min provides a robotic, “Yes, sir.” And he sadly protests, “Say it like you imply it.” The teaser then closes on an emotionless Jung who merely repeats, “Yes.”
Directed by PD Park Joon-hwa (What’s Incorrect With Secretary Kim) with scripts co-written by Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran (Hotel Del Luna), tvN’s Alchemy of Souls premieres June 18.

By means of Ilgan Sports, Xports News (1), (two)
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