Shooting Stars: Episodes 13-14


Shooting Stars: Episodes 13-14

Regrets and acceptance are the themes of our penultimate week, and the main troubles are wrapped with a rather unflattering bow as our characters take measures to move previous their hurt and stroll towards the light at the finish of the tunnel.


To nip an upcoming illegitimate kid rumor about Tae-sung in the bud, Han-byeol pushes Si-woo to hold a press conference exactly where Si-woo admits that Tae-sung is her son. This puts Tae-sung’s profession back on track, but at the expense of his birth secret now out in the open.

Speaking of secrets, it turns out that a couple of years ago Yoon-woo also had a dad secret which had to be outed by Han-byeol. And when she felt terrible about it, Yoon-woo understood it was portion of her job, and did not blame her for it.

But Tae-sung is a unique story, and he’s initially not pleased with Han-byeol for masterminding the press conference. Even so, he comes about soon after studying the cause behind the press conference, and all is forgiven. Phew!

Following smoothing points more than with Han-byeol and Yoo-sung, Tae-sung’s subsequent step is to make up with Si-woo. And when points are not precisely one hundred% okay in between them but, they at least take infant measures towards mending their partnership.

Ho-young learns that her present group leader position was partly due to Yoo-sung’s recommendation. But rather than get all up in her feelings, she chooses to ask Ji-hoon about it, and gets considerably required validation from the boss that she is certainly deserving of the position.

Ho-young also gets to have dinner with Yoo-sung, exactly where he reminisces on his rookie days as a manager. (And we get a Penthouse reunion in the type ofEom Ki-joon and Bong Tae-kyu cameos). But the icing on Ho-young’s cake (and mine) is Yoo-sung lastly returning her feelings. Yessss!!!!

When Si-woo requires half of the drama’s gloom with her as she leaves Korea, the other half is tied to Yoon-woo whom we discover committed suicide. But as his death anniversary draws close, Tae-sung is sent threatening letters to remind him that he “killed” Yoon-woo. Sigh!

It is then revealed that Yoon-woo’s manager was YOO GWI-NONG (Heo Gyu), who runs the bar exactly where Han-byeol and the girls often drink. And as it turns out, he’s also a member of the creepy anti-fan web-site, and the one particular behind the letters. Double sigh! I honestly did not see this coming.

As Tae-sung explains to Soo-hyuk, he and Yoon-woo met as roommates in higher college, and at some point bonded more than Tae-sung’s absence of a loved ones and Yoon-woo’s entitled loved ones. But when Soo-hyuk asks Tae-sung why Gwi-nong thinks he killed Yoon-woo, Tae-sung has no notion.

To seek answers, Tae-sung cajoles Soo-hyuk into coming with him to Gwi-nong’s bar, exactly where they run into Da-hye outdoors. It is a complete home at the bar, and as the trio stroll in collectively, the PR ladies gleefully note that Tae-sung appears to have chemistry with each his drama companion and his tabloid companion. Lol.

Tae-sung and Soo-hyuk join Han-byeol and Ki-bbeum at their table, and this quartet completely offers off double date vibes. Tae-sung also spots Jung-yeol who was supposed to be meeting his girlfriend, and when asked if mentioned girlfriend is present at the bar, Jung-yeol troubles a quite suspicious denial. Hmmm… is she who I consider she is?

The double date is reduce quick when Ki-bbeum and Soo-hyuk leave for yet another round of private drinks. Ki-bbeum worries, as she appears to do every year, if a promotional short article she wrote on Yoon-woo contributed to what occurred to him. But Soo-hyuk says she was just performing her job and assures her that her short article had no impact on Yoon-woo’s selection.

Ki-bbeum derives comfort from Soo-hyuk’s words, and he offers her space to cry her feelings out. But she is not the only one particular with regrets when it comes to Yoon-woo, as the other persons he left behind are nonetheless dealing with the influence of his death. Han-byeol was down with a cold and didn’t get to answer Yoon-woo’s final get in touch with, and this is what drives her to compulsively choose up all her calls now.

As for Tae-sung, he blamed himself for not selecting up on the indicators and the discomfort his buddy was in, and he went on his volunteer trip to attempt to get more than Yoon-woo’s death. And on Ji-hoon’s portion, he became obsessed with producing funds for his stars in case Yoon-woo died for the reason that of funds.

But as for Gwi-nong, when I have an understanding of his regret for scouting Yoon-woo and thrusting him into the celebrity planet, the transferred aggression to Tae-sung is a attain. How does a random on the web comment that Tae-sung was the very first decision for Yoon-woo’s lead part equal Tae-sung getting accountable for his friend’s death? Even if the transferred aggression was Gwi-nong’s coping mechanism, it is nonetheless not okay to inflict discomfort on Tae-sung to lessen his personal discomfort.

Anyway, Tae-sung does not press charges against Gwi-nong for sending the threatening letters to him. Alternatively, Gwi-nong closes his bar and requires time off for self reflection, taking the other half of the drama’s gloom with him.

We return to clear skies as Tae-sung and the other folks effectively wrap up their shoot, and Jae-hyun and Yoo-na get back collectively. Meanwhile, Yoo-sung and Ho-young are certainly cute collectively with their exclusive head pats. And as for our prospective couple, Ki-bbeum admits to Han-byeol that she likes Soo-hyuk. But at the moment, we do not know how Soo-hyuk feels about her.

As for our primary couple, Ji-hoon suspects Tae-sung is seeing an individual and Han-byeol denies any expertise of it. But minutes later, he catches them correct in the middle of a hug, and the cat jumps out of the bag. Heh.

Sadly, I mentally checked out of the complete Yoon-woo subplot as it felt like conflict for the sake of conflict, rather than to strengthen the story. And I nonetheless do not have an understanding of how precisely Tae-sung contributed to Yoon-woo’s death, which tends to make Min-kyu and Gwi-nong’s blame game completely unreasonable.

Anyway, it feels very good to lastly be carried out with all the “everybody hates Tae-sung” drama as we head into the final week. I require much more cute couple scenes, I require to confirm my suspicion as to who Jung-yeol’s girlfriend is, and I require Ki-bbeum and Soo-hyuk to officially sail along with the other ships to happily ever soon after land.

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