Doctor Lawyer: Episodes 1-2 (First Impressions)


Physician Lawyer: Episodes 1-two (Very first Impressions)

So Ji-sub and Shin Sung-rok in 1 drama? Count me in. Physician Lawyer premieres with a speedy-paced opening week of complex surgeries and dubious ethics, and it is 1 heck of a ride.

Editor’s note: Drama coverage will continue with weecaps.

We open with a court case, in which defendant PARK KI-TAE (Kim Hyung-mook) is charged with the death of a youngster due to healthcare malpractice. Suitable as the verdict is about to be announced, although, Ki-tae suffers a cardiac arrest and collapses to the floor.

That sets the stage for the dramatic return of HAN YI-HAN (So Ji-sub), who’s now a lawyer. He strides confidently into the courtroom, diagnoses Ki-tae with anaphylaxis inside seconds, and instantly gets to perform saving his life.

But 1st, we rewind to 5 years ago, when Yi-han was nevertheless a medical doctor at Banseok Hospital. He’s a whiz in the operating space, finishing a surgery in half the time other individuals ordinarily take.

Yi-han checks on patient GEUM SEOK-JOO (Han Seung-bin), who’s just taken an exam even though hospitalized for his heart situation. Suitable then, Yi-han gets a contact from GEUM SEOK-YOUNG (Im Soo-hyang), who is his girlfriend and Seok-joo’s older sister (as nicely as the prosecutor for Ki-tae’s case in the present day).

Seok-young is at present riding in an ambulance with a patient who stabbed himself, which leads to Yi-han delivering healthcare guidance more than video contact and rushing to operate on him. (Okay, we get it, he’s a geeenius.)

Yi-han manages to pull the patient back from the brink of death, but a message notification from his telephone has him leaving the operating space and entrusting yet another surgeon to finish up.

Meanwhile, yet another surgery is ongoing in a secret underground operating space. It is led by GU HYUN-SUNG (Lee Dong-ha), who panics below the stress and accidentally nicks a blood vessel. That is the purpose for the text message, sent by hospital chairman GU JIN-KI (Lee Kyung-young) who’s watching the surgery from a reside feed.

Thanks to ghost medical doctor Yi-han, the VIP patient is saved, but all credit goes to the chairman’s son Hyun-sung. This has been an arrangement for a even though, covering up Hyun-sung’s incompetency even though fueling his insecurity complicated.

Nonetheless, it appears like all’s nicely that ends nicely. Seok-joo gets a fantastic score on his exam regardless of almost passing out, and Yi-han relays the news to Seok-young that they’ve located a heart donor for Seok-joo. Pulling out a ring box, Yi-han proposes to Seok-young, promising to marry her immediately after Seok-joo recovers and enters university.

There’s problems brewing in the upper echelons, although. Banseok Hospital is facing a funding deficit, which leads Chairman Gu to make an ominous contact regarding a deal. Oh no, Seok-joo is not having the heart he requires, is he?

Issues only go downhill from there. Chairman Gu tends to make clear his plans to appoint Yi-han as the new head of cardiothoracic surgery, and we study from a jealous Hyun-sung that Yi-han’s father was after slated for that position — except he attempted an not possible surgery that led to the patient’s death, got caught taking bribes, and wound up killing himself in shame. Oof.

Chairman Gu also gives to cover the price of Seok-joo’s surgery, and even presents Yi-han with a present, which sets off alarm bells in my head. Positive adequate, the present box is complete of cold tough money, and Yi-han resolves to return it to Chairman Gu. Oh, Yi-han, do you not see the parallels?

In any case, Yi-han heads into Seok-joo’s surgery the subsequent day. All appears to be going nicely, till Yi-han notices an anomaly in the transplanted heart — the pulmonary artery stress is increasing also higher. Yi-han starts draining the heart of blood in an work to salvage the scenario, regardless of the other surgeon’s protests that it is a risky move.

Phew, the surgery concludes effectively. Yi-han’s perform is not more than, although, since that really evening, Chairman Gu calls him to the secret underground operating space.

There’s a patient in will need of a heart transplant, but the only heart out there is 1 that Chairman Gu freshly harvested from the dead fellow passenger. The catch is, the passenger is not a registered organ donor, and Chairman Gu didn’t receive consent from the passenger’s legal guardian, which suggests this surgery is a violation of the Healthcare Service Act.

It conflicts with Yi-han’s moral code, but he cannot let a patient die proper ahead of his eyes, so he concedes. The patient virtually does not make it by means of the surgery, but Yi-han saves him in the nick of time. This is becoming a recurring theme, huh?

Post-surgery, Yi-han retires to a lavish meal that Chairman Gu ready for him as thanks. A single sip of the wine, although, and Yi-han’s out like a light. Sigh.

The subsequent morning dawns in a flurry of panic — Seok-joo’s entered cardiac arrest. Yi-han runs desperately to his ward, but there’s no use. Seok-joo is gone, and Yi-han has to pronounce his death to a stunned Seok-young.

It dawns on Yi-han that there might be foul play involved, but Chairman Gu overrides his request for an autopsy. Alternatively, he declares that they’ll do a simultaneous autopsy and organ procurement, so that Seok-joo can save extra persons even in death. (Ugh, this was all planned, wasn’t it?)

The autopsy final results state that Seok-joo died as a outcome of post-surgery complications, which puts the blame on Yi-han for attempting a unsafe process. That is of course shady, so Yi-han brute-forces his way to the space exactly where the late-evening heart transplant patient is held. However for him, the glass walls are frosted more than, and the safety guards arrive to drag him away ahead of he can uncover the patient’s identity.

Yi-han is place on trial, exactly where he requires a trusted colleague to testify about seeing Yi-han suture the problematic location post-process (which, for the record, he did). Ki-tae is sworn in as a witness, but to Yi-han’s shock, he denies seeing it.

All the other colleagues back up the accusations, and the lone dissenter is dismissed for lacking credibility due to the fact he’s been close friends with Yi-han due to the fact higher college.

Chairman Gu pays Yi-han a clandestine pay a visit to in prison, urging him to admit to healthcare malpractice and threatening to off him if he reveals the truth of their secret dealings.

Sooner or later, Yi-han admits to the charges, breaks up with Seok-young, and leaves with a heavy heart.

5 years later, Seok-young has created a vendetta against physicians who commit healthcare malpractice, and we finish this week on the really scene that began it all — Yi-han and Seok-young’s fateful reunion in the courtroom.

Whoa, that was intense. I’ll admit the storyline didn’t offer you any surprises it was fairly clear from the outset that Seok-joo wasn’t going to survive, regardless of (or maybe since of) how endearing he was. Nonetheless, the execution was fashionable and gripping, and I’m curious about what Yi-han did in that 5-year gap.

I’m not ordinarily the variety that enjoys healthcare dramas, and the surgery scenes make me squeamish, so I assume it is fairly impressive that I enjoyed this premiere week as a great deal as I did! I suppose my only complaint is the lack of Shin Sung-rok, but that just offers me all the extra purpose to tune in subsequent week, does not it?

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