Kiss Sixth Sense: Episodes 3-4


Kiss Sixth Sense: Episodes three-four

With a rash of kiss experiments and the reveal of a closely kept secret, our OTP gets pulled tighter collectively this week in spite of the introduction of our second male lead. As Ye-sool starts to query the inevitability of her visions, we get some insight into her previous and character that may aid clarify the limits of her “powers.”


We choose up exactly where we left off final week – with Ye-sool about to plant a kiss on Min-hu just as he wakes up and catches her prior to she can confirm her premonition. Embarrassed, she tends to make an excuse about checking his fever and then higher tails it out of his apartment. When she’s worried he’ll assume she’s interested in him, he’s worried she’s noticed the stash of drugs he keeps by his bed.

Each parties promptly seek advice from their besties — the only people today who know about every of their respective skills. Min-hu calls his pal and medical doctor OH SEUNG-TAEK, and Ye-sool meets her roommate BAN HO-WOO (Kim Ga-eun) at a bar. Ho-woo tells Ye-sool she must just sleep with Min-hu considering the fact that Ye-sool has by no means been incorrect with one particular of her predictions. This is one particular of quite a few lines this week setting up a dichotomy in between destiny and agency — is Ye-sool prisoner to a fated future? Or do her visions build a series of self-fulfilling prophecies?

At function, final week’s ad campaign for Billy Beds was a total results, and Min-hu tends to make positive Ye-sool gets the credit — even when other executives at their agency, Zeu.Ad, attempt to undesirable mouth her. The team’s results leads to a new project, this time for Mopix (Ye-sool’s dream campaign), exactly where they’ll be operating on a car or truck industrial.

Nevertheless, as Ye-sool is congratulating herself on a job nicely carried out (by taking selfies), Min-hu arrives and bombs her photo. He then points out all the errors she created on her initial assignment as PM. A PM wants to be in a position to predict all achievable outcomes, he tells her — and I detect a hint that he’s great at his job due to the fact his super senses enable him to do just that.

1 evening, whilst Ye-sool is operating overtime (but once more), the energy goes out in her workplace developing. Attempting to discover her way about in the dark, she runs into Min-hu and lets out a frightened scream. To quit her, Min-hu puts his hand more than her mouth and the touch to her lips sets off a new vision. In this one particular, she sees a diamond ring becoming extended to her, but only catches a glimpse of the ring bearer’s hand and watch. When the lights come on, Ye-sool observes that Min-hu is wearing that pretty watch.

Beginning to hype herself up for what’s to come, Ye-sool convinces herself that Min-hu should have liked her for some time. As proof that she’s suitable, whilst out purchasing with her two function close friends JANG UM-JI (Hwang Bo-ra) and KIM MIN-HEE (the late Kim Mi-soo), the 3 girls spot Min-hu purchasing jewelry. At this point, Ye-sool is in fact beginning to appear excited about the prospect of Min-hu liking her, and so, when everybody is gathered at a function gala that evening and Min-hu mainly ignores her, she seems a tiny hurt by it.

Her premonitions have by no means let her down, even though, and this one particular is no exception. Later in the evening, she turns to discover a hand extending a ring to her, but the watch she envisioned is on the wrist of LEE PIL-YO (Kim Ji-suk) — Ye-sool’s ex-boyfriend who is now an award-winning film director. Pil-yo says he’s 3 years also late, but he desires to give her what she wanted back when they had been collectively (therefore, the ring).

Pil-yo has just returned from the Cannes Film Festival exactly where his new film Haroo screened (cameos by Lee Jae-wook and Kim Sae-ron as the film’s leads). The story is about a couple who is deeply in really like, but then the man gets his heart broken when his girlfriend breaks up with him. It is clear that the script is primarily based on Pil-yo’s true-life partnership with Ye-sool. Via the film, we get to see Pil-yo’s point of view and how significantly the breakup hurt him. He admits that the film has an open ending due to the fact he’s hoping the two key characters will get back collectively.

From Ye-sool’s point of view, she broke up with Pil-yo due to the fact he was operating all the time and not paying adequate interest to her. But also, it appears she had a vision of their future that she didn’t like and broke up with him to stay away from it. Once more, she wonders, “Is the future bound to come about or am I generating it come about?”

Pil-yo is at the function gala (and later at the workplace and joining the group on test drives) due to the fact he will be directing the new car or truck industrial they are shooting. But this is not just a K-drama coincidence — Pil-yo wanted to function on this ad to be nearer to Ye-sool. Just before the episodes close, he asks her to go on 3 dates with him to enable him to attempt to win her back.

In the interim, Ye-sool gets drunk right after her run-in with Pil-yo and Min-hu is there (sober) to take care of her. He remembers how drunk she got 3 years earlier when she broke up with Pil-yo, and we see he was the one particular there taking care of her then also. Awww.

Ye-sool, in her drunken state, tells Min-hu that she sees the future when she kisses somebody. Then she says flat out, “You and I will be sleeping collectively in the future. I can not think it either. So I wanted to double verify. Can I?” Min-hu responds: “You asked for it initial, all suitable?” And then he swoops in for a kiss. (Squeeee!)

They commit the evening in a hotel — but, no, not collectively — and in the morning Min-hu desires to know what she saw final evening when they kissed in his car or truck. Ye-sool can not keep in mind — oddly, it appears she didn’t see something. Notably, Min-hu also does not really feel sick right after their kiss and his typical symptoms from painful heightened senses are gone.

Ye-sool’s skills are not entirely lost, even though. To prove her powers to Min-hu, who’s been doubtful considering the fact that her announcement, she requires him into the reference area at function and kisses his hand 3 instances. Every single time she notes what she sees: 1) Seung-taek with a bloody nose at Min-hu’s apartment, two) she and Min-hu in a car or truck in the desert, and three) Ye-sool tripping more than a rock exactly where Min-hu catches her and breaks his telephone in the method. All of these visions come to fruition, cementing Min-hu’s belief in Ye-sool’s skills.

At the identical time, Min-hu’s powers are not gone for great either. Back at function, when Pil-yo shakes hands with Ye-sool to seal the industrial deal, Min-hu hears Ye-sool’s heartbeat. He interprets this as her nevertheless possessing feelings for Pil-yo and tells Ye-sool not to let her private life get in the way of function (and to quiet her heartbeat — it is also loud! haha). So, Ye-sool is absolutely not the only one particular establishing feelings.

With his now firm belief in her visions, Min-hu asks Ye-sool to inform him about what takes place when they hook up in the future. She does and Min-hu propositions her: “Let’s do it tonight.” What a closer! Man, this show is hot.

And speaking of hot, and also adorably cute, I wanted to speak about my preferred portion of the show final. Ho-woo and Seung-taek! In the middle of all the things, these two meet at a club, hit it off, and determine to date “just for a week.” It appears that Ye-sool’s breakup with Pil-yo had a really serious impact on Ho-woo who witnessed Ye-sool’s depression afterward. Ho-woo has decided that lengthy-term relationships only finish in discomfort and so desires to have as significantly enjoyable as achievable with Seung-taek in seven days, and then contact it quits.

To get in as significantly couple-y stuff as achievable, Seung-taek and Ho-woo commit hours on the telephone all aegyo, obtain matching sweatshirts, go on lots of dates, hit up a hotel mid-day, and typically just exude cuteness (I really like them so significantly!). Indicators are pointing to this going on longer than seven days and I, for one particular, am all for it.

This week’s tone seemed a tiny extra somber than the debut episodes, but it simultaneously created me laugh out loud extra than as soon as. We get deeper insights into the characters’ personalities, which is assisting me cheer them on enthusiastically. Min-hu could have been personified as a classic jerk-boss that we are supposed to root for anyway, but fortunately he’s not. He is direct, concerned, and apologizes when vital — and I like him for all these factors.

Ye-sool, on the other hand, appears like a bit of a pushover, unsure of what she desires in life and really like. She follows her visions as if she can not escape them, but it is plausible she utilizes them to lead her actions so she can blame the outcomes on destiny rather than on her personal agency. I am entirely shipping these two and can not wait to see what effects they have on every other. With the hint that their powers could have canceled every other out when they kissed in the car or truck, I hope their personalities have a equivalent neutralizing impact, providing Ye-sool some confident path and permitting Min-hu to ease up a tiny.

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