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Group What we’re watching

So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for extra (or agonizing when there was no extra), and what created you want to throw your remote by way of the screen? Time to weigh in…



At present covering: Like All Play

My Liberation Notes: Open endings, I do have a appreciate-hate connection with you. Whilst this one particular was fitting for the drama’s tone and storytelling, I also wanted a tiny bit extra. But possibly that is greater than an ending that tends to make you want much less, hah. Either way, this was a beautiful and believed-provoking drama all the way by way of, and it is on my Very best Drama of 2022 list appropriate now and I doubt it’ll budge.

Kiss Sixth Sense: Oh boy, week two of this drama is even extra entertaining than final week. Confident, it is undertaking all the issues that I anticipate it too… but I sort of appreciate that about it? Also definitely digging Seo Ji-hye + Yoon Kye-sang. Good casting, greater chem. They nearly make me neglect how good Kim Ji-suk appears right here.



At present covering: Woori the Virgin

Showtime Starts!: I simultaneously liked and hated that we spent so significantly time with our characters’ previous lives. The story of Poong Baek and Cheon-hwa was entertaining (albeit tragic), but I’m not seeking forward to what the story has in shop for us now that we’ve returned to the present. With only 4 episodes left, I consider it is secure to say that the plot is going to be focused on Cheon-moo’s possession of Hee-soo, and I’m saddened that we may well not see our magician-cop duo group up once again for a further unsolved murder. Not confident our 3 favourite ghosts are going to get a right send-off either. I hope I’m incorrect!

Shooting Stars: I do not have any complaints about our most important couple, and I’m nevertheless waiting on their connection to turn into the scandal of the week. That stated, they are sort of old news for me, and I’m right here for my new favourite ship: Ki-bbeum and Soo-hyuk. Please, please, please give me extra of them!

Mr. Queen: My buddy and I are nevertheless plugging away with this one particular. It is been a bit slow going, but not simply because she is disinterested. (She really says this is her favourite drama that we’ve watched with each other). Rather, we’ve each been busy and our schedules haven’t been lining up as regularly. Just wrapped up Episode 12, although, and the Joseon version of a McDonald’s hamburger will forever crack me up.

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