[Friday Flashback] City Hunter


[Friday Flashback] City Hunter

Released: 2011

Genre: Thriller, Revenge, Romance

Synopsis: Following his father is murdered by a group of government officials to cover up their unsanctioned operation in North Korea, Lee Yoon-sung (Lee Min-ho) is raised by his father’s very best pal and educated to be a killer. Now an adult with an impressive (illegally obtained) pedigree, he returns to Seoul to systematically bring down the 5 males accountable for his father’s death. Along the way he encounters Kim Nana (Park Min-young), a newly appointed secret service agent at the Blue Residence. Will Yoon-sung be in a position to comply with by means of with his plans, or will Nana — and their flirtatious banter — distract him from his mission?

Why You Need to (Or Shouldn’t) Watch City Hunter:

I’m just going to get this out of the way suitable now: this is — hands down — my preferred Lee Min-ho drama. I believe it is largely due to the truth that this part is so vastly distinctive from his other individuals. Yeah, he’s nonetheless a small also best to be accurate (with a face like that, it is difficult not to be, am I suitable?) but his character in City Hunter is much less polished and much more dynamic than his other roles. Alternatively of playing the careless wealthy playboy, his character makes use of that persona as a cover for his genuine identity: a kickass warrior — with a soft spot for the weak and helpless — bent on avenging his father’s murder. It adds a entire new element to his character’s character that is immensely attractive.

The heroine of City Hunter is just as intriguing. At very first, she seems to be a further Candy sort, functioning an endless list of component-time jobs to save for her comatose father’s healthcare bills, but not lengthy immediately after we meet her, she gets a job as a secret service agent at the Blue Residence. How badass is that? I’m a sucker for a major lady who can kick butt, and the scenes exactly where she spars against Yoon-sung as component of their inter-departmental feud are a exciting extension of their bickering and a flex of her expertise — even if Yoon-sung lets her win to retain his non-threatening playboy cover story.

Despite the fact that there is a romantic side-plot among Yoon-sung and Nana, the core story focuses on Yoon-sung’s revenge against the 5 males who ordered his father (and his fellow soldiers) to be executed immediately after finishing an unsanctioned assimilation mission in North Korea. The lone surviving soldier, Lee Jin-pyo (Kim Sang-joong), kidnapped infant Yoon-sung and raised him to possess all the expertise vital to hunt and kill the males accountable.

In spite of the harsh circumstances of upbringing, although, Yoon-sung never ever created the heart of a killer to go along with his martial arts and shooting expertise. So rather of murdering the 5 males — and speedily placing them out of their misery — Yoon-sung goes against his adoptive father’s wishes and plans to systematically expose their corruption and ruin their public pictures one particular-by-one particular. Buuuut… effectively, let’s just say his attempts to take the moral higher ground with his vengeance do not go according to program.

And that is component of this drama’s appeal. Our protagonists and antagonists are much more gray than your common “good guys” and “bad guys,” and the complexity of these characters leads to some unpredictable — and usually emotional — scenarios.

Our hero is a vigilante out for revenge, but his heart is pure and his motives are misguided. And the man whose betrayal hit Jin-pyo the hardest, is not the evil and corrupt politician that you want to see crash and burn. As far as revenge plots go, this one particular is tightly-written, multi-faceted, and presented in a way that is intriguing to the audience.

So, does City Hunter stand the test of time? Properly, I’m biased — I appreciate a thriller with a side of romance — but I believe it holds up really effectively. To be fair, it is also the most current Friday Flashback I’ve covered so far. So I really feel obliged to acknowledge that it is nonetheless comparatively new adequate to have benefited from much more contemporary cinematography types and avoided the clichés of the early 2000s that are each a bit distracting and cringeworthy a lot of years later. Even so, I would say City Hunter has aged far better than some of its much more current genre counterparts (and if this sounds like I’m throwing a small shade at the lately concluded revenge drama Once more My Life, it is simply because I am.)

It is also worth mentioning the good fighting and action choreography, which is not only exciting to watch, but will stick with you years later. I’m hunting at you spoon scene. (If you know, you know.)

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