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Yumi’s Cells returns for season two with enjoy in the air for Kim Go-eun and Jinyoung
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A new video teaser has been released for the second season of Yumi’s Cells, which will be launching on TVING in just more than one particular week.

Choosing up exactly where the final season left off, our heroine Kim Go-eun (The King: Eternal Monarch) is back in the central function of Yumi and is only beginning to really feel prepared for romance. In spite of her reservations, although, Cupid’s arrows are now firmly pointing at co-worker Bobby – played by Got7’s Jinyoung (The Devil Judge) – who also returns in this new season.

The newly released teaser starts with Jinyoung asking, “Can you wait a bit for me?” and the cells go into group rallying mode. He remarks afterwards, “It feels good, you waiting for me,” and in the subsequent sequence we see him continually pop up subsequent to Kim Go-eun at perform. Kim can not cease pondering about him, remembering that he stated, “If I meet an individual, I’m going to delight in spending time with just the two of us,” and her guard cells are performed for when Jinyoung calls her fairly.
Even though pleased by the consideration, Kim Go-eun tells herself that she can not give her heart to Jinyoung and tries to steer clear of him at perform – not even obtaining on the elevator with him. 1 inner cell humble brags that she’s undeserving of his enjoy and Kim tries to hold back a smile as she grumbles, “These circumstances are so really hard for me.”
We then jump to a perform dinner, exactly where Lee Yubi (You Who Forgot Poetry) wonders why Jinyoung does not go on blind dates. She and Mi Ram (Income Game) lean in for his response, but he basically says that he’s not positive. As Kim Go-eun gulps down her beer, one particular of her cells curses that Lee’s in no way been a support.
Upon returning to the workplace, Lee Yubi happily reports that Jinyoung ultimately agreed to be introduced to her buddy and it is a sobfest for the cells. But Jinyoung tends to make one more request to Kim Go-eun saying, “If it is not uncomfortable for you, please wait for me.” The teaser then comes to a close with Kim operating back as her cell cheers her on.
On the production side, we’re in the dependable hands of the initial season’s writers, Song Jae-jung and Kim Kyung-ran. PD Lee Sang-yub also returns as the director, sharing the perform this time with PD Joo Sang-kyu. Season two of Yumi’s Cells premieres subsequent week on June ten.

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