Love All Play: Episodes 13-14


Enjoy All Play: Episodes 13-14

Hold onto your hats, the cuteness is back! Right after about 3 weeks of torturing us, the tide is turning. Characters all of a sudden study how to be sort and forgiving, and there’s a rose-colored light at the finish of the tunnel.


Healing is the name of the game this week, and when half of it is not genuinely fleshed out adequate to my liking, I’m not going to complain, simply because I choose characters that are not one particular-dimensionally hateful and as an alternative can study to move on from their self-centered feelings.

The very first bit of healing we get is with Tae-yang and her father. He’s ultimately acknowledging the poor father he’s been towards her, and when the two of them clean out the bedroom he shared with his deceased wife, they each agree to move on. It appears to function, as well, simply because later on Tae-yang’s father even has a daughter brag-a-thon with Coach Lee. (Their daughters are wonderful, but it is not challenging to see who’s the improved father. Anyway.)

The subsequent bit of partnership healing is in between Tae-yang and Jung-hwan, and this was possibly the most satisfying, exciting, and believable, for me. Now that Jung-hwan’s been in a position to move on from Joon-young and all the anger he held against Tae-yang, it is understandable that he seeks his old friendship with her. She’s generally been very good to him, and in spite of him acting like a tool, we have observed him advocate for her a lot as well — so, yay!

The two shake hands and then go back to how they have been 3 years ago — what we’re told was a cute bickery friendship, and then we see it in action, and it is just as satisfying as we want. Now that Jung-hwan has located some peace, he’s also providing the plot a tiny bit of comedy — and cuteness — no matter if he’s teasing Tae-joon about “our Tae-yang,” secretly gunning for the Park twin coupling, or ultimately operating up the courage to make it official with Yoo-min. Woot, a new couple!

Speaking of couples, we concentrate a lot on our secondary and supporting characters this week, which I want the drama had completed a lot more of earlier on. The Yunis group members are every single colorful and fascinating I would have liked to get a lot more of their stories and a tiny much less of the angst-fest we’ve just been by way of, but I’ll take what the drama provides us.

And so we get a lot of cute group scenes – and a lot of couples exposed. Sung-shil and Ji-ho’s two-year partnership is revealed (I just appreciate them, ack!), and we even invest some time with the group captain Seung-woo and his 15-year crush on Young-shim.

Their story is fairly bittersweet, considering the fact that they have such a powerful bond, but have been under no circumstances in a position to turn out to be the wonderful pair they could have. The two share a sweet embrace soon after Seung-woo’s retirement, and it is like their story picked up all the bittersweetness of the drama, so that in turn, we could get back to the cuteness of the major couple.

Tae-yang and Tae-joon invest some time apart and pining for every single other. Right after Tae-yang’s two-week “punishment” for the brouhaha of the previous, she returns to the group, and the dorm, and the drama generally pulls all the stops, providing us just want we want: Tae-yang and Tae-joon attempting to resist every single other, but pushed (and drawn) collectively at every single offered moment.

The group finds out they’re dating (but not that they’re broken up), when Joon-young finds out that they’ve broken up — all thanks to Jung-hwan, who’s now completely on Group Tae-yang. Here’s exactly where points get a tiny iffy.

Tae-joon spends time with Joon-young for generally the very first time ever, and soon after a very good chat and some extended-standing feelings aired out, the two look to be on the very best terms they’ve ever been. It is weird and semi-infuriating, even though, that Joon-young acts shocked that the Tae-joon and Tae-yang broke up, asking her brother, “You broke up simply because I gave you crap about it?” Uh, girl, you have been generally evil incarnate for the final couple of weeks. Why are you acting so good now?

Joon-young is acting good, and she instantly notices that one thing is up with Tae-joon’s knee and whisks him to the hospital. It is not a undesirable injury but a huge flare-up, and he requirements bed rest for a couple of days. It is the best “alarm,” even though, to reveal to Joon-young (and whoever else is paying consideration) how a great deal Tae-yang cares about Tae-joon. At this point, it does not even look to bother Joon-young any longer, and she tends to make it uncomplicated for Tae-yang to stop by him undisturbed.

I am not genuinely certain what triggered such a transform of heart for Joon-young, but I’m not complaining, simply because the hospital scene we get as a outcome of this is generally the magic that K-dramas are created of.

Tae-joon, whose injury is supposedly excruciating, tells Tae-yang he didn’t even know it hurt, considering the fact that the hurt of not getting her was all he could really feel. *Swoon* They stare at every single other in longing, and I’m drinking up every single moment. Ultimately, Tae-joon does the factor, and jumps up from the hospital bed and grabs Tae-yang for an embrace. Yessssss.

The two have been dancing about every single other considering the fact that the breakup, very first attempting to keep away from the other, then realizing they can not, then just admitting that it is challenging for them to all of a sudden cease caring for the other. Tae-joon says that that is what a breakup is… but of course, neither of them really want the breakup that seemed so crucial not as well extended ago, and the hospital hug tends to make that a lot more than apparent.

Back to our theme of healed relationships, our other critical one particular (are we on healed partnership #four now?) is in between Joon-young and Tae-yang. They share a heartfelt and teary scene exactly where they come to have an understanding of every single other. I appreciate it, and I want them to be pals once again, so I’ll place aside the feeling that is nonetheless lingering: what triggered Joon-young to transform her heart? 3 years of anger and hurt have disappeared in 3 weeks, and one particular conversation with Tae-yang’s father does not look like adequate. But it is okay, simply because the outcome is what we’re soon after, correct? (Also, the wonderfulness of getting Tae-joon and Jung-hwan spying on this meetup haha!)

Tae-joon returns to the dorm soon after jumping up and down like a crazy individual in the hospital to prove to his medical professional that his knee is now fine. With permission to play in the upcoming tournament, he has a one particular-track thoughts: to play mixed doubles with Tae-yang.

She does not know this but, and had begged the other Yunis players not to pair with Tae-joon so he could rest his knee as an alternative. But when the two have an evening tryst and Tae-joon says he’s been cleared to play, his confession that he’s dying to play with her is generally the similar factor as a confession of appreciate.

And just like that, the Park twins are back in company as doubles partners. I can not wait to have them play collectively in the upcoming tourney… and the inevitable outcome, which is sudden ecstatic kisses on the court. Come on, Show, we’re suffered adequate, and we deserve it. And so do the Park twins. On towards happiness!

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