Woori the Virgin: Episodes 7-8


Woori the Virgin: Episodes 7-eight

Our major lady goes via a period of heartbreak, but her melancholy worries her infant daddy, who desires her anxiety-absolutely free and healthful for the sake of their infant. As his attentiveness grows, will a romance blossom? Or will their exes — and all the drama that comes with them — force our (major?) couple to stay strictly platonic parents-to-be?


Immediately after breaking up with Gang-jae, Woori does what a lot of individuals do post-breakup: cries in the darkness and reminisces about the superior occasions. Gang-jae calls mid-waterworks, and we flashback to a point earlier in their connection, and — not going to lie — I certainly located my Group Raphael stance wavering a wee bit when Gang-jae changed his name to “my warm springtime” in Woori’s telephone.

When Woori continues to wallow in her sorrow, the rest of us snap out of our momentary funk thanks to the comedic interjection of Ye-ri. She keeps forgetting that Woori is pregnant and unable to do something, nicely, enjoyable — no consuming sashimi or drowning her sorrows in soju. Ye-ri, feeling helpless, laments that she does not know how to cheer up a broken hearted pregnant lady. (FYI: The extra screen time Ye-ri gets, the extra I’m convinced she is my spirit animal.)

Woori’s despondent mood is palpable, and Raphael quickly notices her listlessness throughout the consultation with their lawyer NAM HYUNG-WOOK (Jung Dong-geun) in preparation for their lawsuit against Jin-hee. When Woori is out of earshot, Sung-il explains that she broke up with Gang-jae, and she’s been gloomy ever due to the fact.

Raphael is specially concerned when he learns that she’s been skipping meals, so he hires some fancy chefs to cook a private meal for Woori and Ye-ri, who is very excited to reap the advantages of becoming the third wheel and mood killer in Woori and Raphael’s (at present unromantic) connection. He also arranges for Ye-ri and Woori to commit a relaxing day at a spa, but Woori leaves when she learns that Raphael was the monetary backer of their small excursion.

Raphael learns that Woori left the spa, so he waits outdoors her household to make certain she returns safely. Gang-jae, who has been carrying out his personal lurking nearby, seems from the shadows, also, like a creepy ex-boyfriend stereotype who can not let go (oh wait). Gang-jae acts jealous, but Raphael assures him that, though his care extends to Woori, he’s just worried about the infant. (Positive, if you say so, Raphael.)

The subsequent time we see our quickly-to-be parents, they’re gawking at Hyung-wook and Jin-hee’s lawyer (and ex-boyfriend) simply because — in a twist straight out of Telenovela 101 — they are identical twins! There’s also some undesirable blood involving the two of them, and as they face off against every other, they devolve into a verbal sparring match. Hyung-wook argues that Jin-hee’s negligent actions resulted in a enormous error, which led to Woori and Raphael’s discomfort and suffering.

Woori clutches her belly, and Raphael actions in to calm the lawyers simply because he senses that Hyung-wook’s words have produced Woori sad. Afterwards, Raphael admits that he now understands why she was hesitant to sue Jin-hee. Yes, the physician produced a enormous error that disrupted each their lives, but to get in touch with their infant a error now that they’ve selected to retain it feels morally incorrect. The infant is a present, not an accident, and he agrees to drop the case if that is what she desires.

Meanwhile, Gang-jae has a pity celebration with Na-hee and their boss. As he pounds back soju, his boss chides him for screwing up, but Na-hee requires the higher road — regardless of her apparent crush — and tells him to attempt and speak points out with Woori. So the subsequent morning, when he’s extra sober, Gang-jae is waiting outdoors Woori’s household.

He’s quickly confrontational, demanding an explanation for their breakup, but Woori does not want to elaborate on her factors. He raises his voice, and Woori scolds him. Not simply because he’s yelling at her, but simply because he’s subjecting the infant to his damaging power.

Her reaction appears a bit excessive — pregnant girls do not will need to be treated with kid gloves and the infant is nonetheless the size of a gummy bear — but her anger is a reflection of her altering priorities. Immediately after she faints (once more) and Raphael and Gang-jae escort her to the hospital, the true concern and nature of their breakup becomes apparent: Woori desires to be the baby’s mother — not a surrogate — but Gang-jae’s feelings towards the infant have not evolved with hers.

Gang-jae throws himself into his perform, and he and Na-hee stake out a shipping yard, waiting for their most current lead to pan out. The container that they’re tracking arrives, and out actions a mysterious man who — along with his bag of (perhaps) raw drug components — was smuggled into the nation. Gang-jae and Na-hee comply with him to — exactly where else? — Diamond Healthcare Foundation, but they drop sight of the man when he enters a recovery area and mysteriously disappears.

Back in Gold Diggerville, Ma-ri nonetheless refuses to extract her harpy claws from Raphael, and she and her mother attach themselves solidly to Duk-bae by reminding him that they are (supposedly) wealthy and nicely-connected. With him on their side, Ma-ri is promoted to director, and Duk-bae constantly goes head-to-head with Raphael more than the divorce. If only Duk-bae had carried out his due diligence — like any decent chaebol patriarch when his heir brings household a lady — and figured out Ma-ri is a huge fat (currently married) liar.

Speaking of Doo-pal, Ma-ri and Mi-ja nonetheless have him hog-tied to a chair with an excessive quantity of plastic wrap. (Uh, any person else concerned about his bathroom scenario? A lot of time has passed…) He sweet talks Ma-ri into cutting him loose, but he quickly turns violent and knocks her unconscious. As soon as once more, Mi-ja subdues him, this time with a taser.

Ma-ri may well have located a way to leverage herself and stay in Duk-bae’s superior graces, but Raphael is developing emotionally additional and additional out of her attain — not that they had been ever close to commence with — the extra time he dedicates to Woori and the infant. He requires her to a prenatal yoga class, fully unaware that it is a couples class for mommies and daddies. Fortunately, the health club rents out garments (ew!) and Raphael is in a position to participate in all the awkwardly intimate stretching workouts.

He also accompanies her when she meets with Jin-hee to forgive the sincerely apologetic physician. Her saintly behavior causes Raphael to see her in a new light — or perhaps that is just the light becoming provided off by her blinding halo. He sees the halo a second time when Woori interrupts Raphael’s most current fight with Duk-bae to announce: “I will only give Raphael the infant if he divorces Ma-ri.” She can not in superior conscience send her infant to reside with a mother that cheats and lies, and she scolds Duk-bae for not becoming extra trusting in Raphael.

Duk-bae is correctly silenced, and not extended just after that Raphael dreams of his previous kiss with Woori. The dream freaks him out, and he avoids Woori the subsequent day — unable to face her or the feelings that have began to rise to the surface. But, of course, when a hazardous moped driver nearly hits Woori, he overcomes his shyness and considerably rescues her. Cue: soft light and slow-motion cinematography that builds to an nearly-kiss.

Sung-il is also struggling to hide his feelings for Eun-ran. She’s now dating JUNG HYUNG-SIK (Ahn Shin-woo), and despite the fact that Sung-il tries to seem cool and collected — the opposite of a bumbling jealous idiot — he fails spectacularly. Even when he arranges a double date to show he’s a hot commodity and entirely not hung up on her, his program to come out seeking like the superior man flops when Sung-il’s date, actress CHOI MIN-AE (Yeon Min-ji) begins to fangirl more than Hyung-sik, a renowned Olympic Judo athlete.

Despite the fact that Hyung-sik is impressive and has as numerous followers as Sung-il, Eun-ran appears only objectively impressed by Hyung-sik. He’s fantastic on paper, but there’s no visible spark involving them. She’s clearly working with him to attempt and get more than her feelings for Sung-il and keep away from complicating Woori’s life (even extra).

But, of course, this drama is all about creating Woori’s life hella convoluted, and the subsequent hurdle she has to overcome is an onslaught of misguided Catholics who think her virgin pregnancy and (non holy) saintliness will generate miracles. Members of her church and neighborhood get started in search of her out, hoping that a single hug from Woori will support them conceive a youngster or remedy an illness.

Woori traces the strange rumor back to her church, exactly where her priest has nominated her for commendation. To celebrate the momentous occasion, a further member of her church started passing out buttons depicting Woori dressed as the Virgin Mary, and from there the spread of misinformation started.

When at church, a crowd of miracle seekers commence to encroach on Woori’s individual space. She’s jostled, but Raphael swoops in to rescue her, twisting his ankle in the approach. Woori and her loved ones accompany him to the hospital, exactly where Grandma — a further member of Group Raphael — appears on with figuring out eyes.

Raphael also accompanies Woori to her subsequent ultrasound appointment. The fetus has grown huge sufficient for them to discern facial options and hear its heartbeat, and Raphael is so overcome by emotion that he reaches instinctively for Woori’s hand as he starts to cry. He’s very embarrassed, but Woori approves of his paternal instincts and assures him that his reaction is understandable.

From the other side of the waiting area, Grandma is appreciative of his reaction, also, but Eun-ran thinks his behavior is overkill. Effectively, if Eun-ran sneaking off to give Gang-jae some of Grandma’s soup didn’t make it clear sufficient, I consider it is now secure to say she’s on Group Gang-jae. (Booooooo! Hissssssss!)

Ma-ri learns from her assistant — who is wearing a Virgin Woori badge — that Woori has develop into a rumored miracle worker. Ma-ri then recommendations off a shady vlogger whose reputation is nearly as undesirable as his crudely marker-drawn mustache. The vlogger starts harassing Woori and her loved ones, and his videos lead to other miracle seekers to loiter outdoors their household.

In the midst of the vlogger’s harassment, Duk-bae summons Woori to his workplace. He tries to persuade her to be extra accepting of Ma-ri, simply because he — regardless of becoming a single father himself — scorns the thought of Raphael raising his youngster with out a mother. Woori coolly reminds him that the infant is developing in her womb. She is the mother. (You inform ‘em, girlfriend!)

Despite the fact that Duk-bae is astonished, he sees that her resolve is unwavering, and so he summons Ma-ri to break the news to her. He hates to drop her monetary connections, but the infant is (surprisingly) extra critical to him. Duk-bae tells her divorce Raphael.

Ma-ri panics and tries to persuade Woori to modify her thoughts, but Woori is adamant that Ma-ri is unfit to be a mother. Not to mention, Woori’s judgment may be slightly swayed by her personal developing romantic interest in Raphael, which also began to manifest in her dreams.

Ma-ri’s encounter with Woori leaves her fuming, so she seeks out her mother, who is nonetheless babysitting Doo-pal. His plastic wrap shackles have now been replaced by a net of chains. A bit overkill, but at least they are extra bathroom friendly.

Ma-ri storms in and cuts off the tv, which upsets Doo-pal simply because Sung-il (as his Mask of Want character) was in the middle of provided an absurdly detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to choose handcuffs working with a paperclip, and Doo-pal was attempting to comply with along. (Say what you will about the ridiculousness of Ma-ri’s complete story arc, but this meta scene had me in stitches, specially when I imagined the drama-inside-a-drama’s dialogue was the outcome of a handcuff PPL — kinky, but certainly fitting for the show.)

When the ladies turn the Television back on, the essential scene is more than, and Doo-pal has a hissy match. Ma-ri, who is currently riled up just after her encounter with Woori, goes crazy and threatens to destroy Woori. Mi-ja appears on, seemingly proud that her daughter has evolved from a simpering nail biter into a violent ball of rage.

Meanwhile, back at Diamond Healthcare Foundation, Gang-jae refuses to drop the case of the disappearing drug smuggler. He’s determined to break down the walls — even with out a appropriate search warrant — to uncover the man’s hiding spot, but Raphael stops him prior to he can illegally destroy house.

Gang-jae tries to convince Raphael to let him do a small demolition, but Raphael is against it. In the course of their debate, an unintentional series of stomps and claps performed by the guys triggers a hidden trap door, which leads Gang-jae down a further rabbit hole — figuratively and actually. At the bottom of a slide, Gang-jae finds a mainly empty area with plastic covering the walls. In spite of the serial killer vibe of the area, Gang-jae and Na-hee are in agreement that the space was made use of in Chairman Kim’s drug smuggling operation.

Raphael overhears them speaking about Chairman Kim, but they will not divulge any info about their investigation. So Raphael asks Duk-bae if he’s familiar with a criminal named Chairman Kim, and he responds by asking Raphael to be extra particular. (Hah!)

At Woori’s household, members of the press have began to collect outdoors. Raphael presents to place her and her loved ones up in a hotel, but Woori declines. She intentionally contacted the press to get in touch with consideration to the vlogger’s in depth record of harassment and discredit him. The reporters converge on the vlogger, and the police show up. From inside a squad auto, Gang-jae makes use of the PA speaker to make an announcement and disperse the crowd.

Grandma invites Raphael to join them for dinner, but prior to he and Woori can join her inside, they are stopped by an ajumma who is desperate for a miracle to save her sick grandchild. Woori and Raphael stop by the youngster, and despite the fact that the ajumma knows she’s grasping at straws, she asks Woori to hug the youngster. Just in case, you know?

Woori humors the lady, but privately she feels undesirable, figuring out that she is not in fact a miracle worker. Raphael comforts her, explaining that she may well not be blessed with divine powers, but she did bring the youngster a miracle in a round-about way simply because he is going to use his influence to uncover the most effective medical doctors and spend for the child’s remedy.

In the approach of thanking Woori for her kindness, the ajumma refers to Raphael as Woori’s boyfriend, and the not-rather-a-couple have a further awkward moment. But we all know at this point they each type of secretly like the thought.

Just before we make any extra progress with our major couple, even though, a further unexpected romance blooms. Grandma has herself a beau, and their romance is of the adore-at-initial-sight range. When he brings her flowers, she cries with happiness simply because it is the initial time in her sixty-nine years that she’s ever received a bouquet.

There’s just a single little catch to their romance: Grandma’s new boyfriend is Hyung-sik’s father. I can not wait to see the explosion when Grandma and Eun-ran understand they are dating a father-son duo.

Raphael continues to be a sweet-infant-daddy-but-not-however-boyfriend and escorts Woori to all her appointments, but throughout their most current auto ride he pulls more than to watch the sunset. The moment is undeniably comparable to their previous kiss that each of them obtaining been dreaming about.

Raphael tries to capitalize on the romantic moment, but he fumbles to uncover the words for his confession. Woori, caught up in the similar magic and believing that she’s dreaming once more, leans in and… she kisses Raphael!

Yesssssssss! The Group Raphael ship has sailed! Unless… you do not consider it will turn out to be a further dream just after all? Even with six episodes left, it nonetheless feels a tad early in the plot for them to get collectively, thinking of Woori’s current breakup and how early Woori nonetheless is in her pregnancy.

At the pace we’re going, the complete show going to take location throughout her initial trimester and then skip to the actual birth close to the finish. I do not know about you all, but I’m type of hoping to see the connection dynamics modify and evolve with her pregnancy as the drama leads up to the birth. In all honestly, Woori has been a bit also saintly for my tastes, so I’d like to see her nine months pregnant, miserable, and losing her metaphorical halo at everybody who crosses her the incorrect way.

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