Red Heart: Episodes 9-10


Red Heart: Episodes 9-ten

The stakes escalate, as all our players struggle to hold on to what they worth most. For some, that suggests tightening their grasp on the marionette strings in their hands for other folks, that suggests scrambling desperately to keep away from losing what small manage they have.


Jung melts into Tae’s kiss for a moment, but she comes to her senses and pushes him away. She reminds Tae that by saving her, he’s primarily supporting Gye-won also.

Even so, Tae’s performed with suppressing his feelings he vows that he’ll discover a option, so she must in no way try to die once more. Moved, Jung goes in for a tearful kiss. And yet another, and yet another, and they wind up spending the evening collectively.

Deeply shaken by Jung’s reversal of their energy dynamics, Gye-won tells a visage of Jung’s late father that he’s in no way felt this powerless prior to.

Gye-won reveals the purpose he’s so fixated on getting manage more than the country’s king — beneath the reign of the prior tyrant, Gye-won had to see the decapacitated heads of his close friends staked along the path to the palace. Ugh, that is horrifying.

Gye-won’s determined to in no way bear witness to such tyranny once more, but it virtually sounds like he’s attempting to convince himself that the ends justify the suggests.

It is disturbing, and virtually sympathetic, to see how substantially Gye-won’s trauma has warped his point of view. His globe has been shaped by violence and vengeance to the point that he’s convinced all the things Jung has performed to date was all for the sole objective of laying the groundwork for her revenge — he refuses to even entertain the possibility that she may have been genuinely altruistic in assisting her village.

I assume the most intriguing aspect of Gye-won’s character is that he is not unaware of the monster he’s turn into. On the contrary, he explicitly admits that he knows he’ll be condemned for his actions — but to him, that is nevertheless preferable to getting a tyrant for a ruler. It is not that he’s amoral, but that he’s prepared to be immoral in the eyes of other folks to uphold his personal moral code.

In but yet another cunning plot, Gye-won provides to release the imprisoned bamboo crafters and clear the name of Jung’s father, but there’s a catch. Posters claiming that Jung’s father was framed, and that Gye-won was the true culprit behind the assassination of the late queen, have been place up all more than the scholars’ village.

As such, Gye-won requests for Tae to open a formal investigation into the matter, being aware of complete nicely that he will have to divulge the complete truth in performing so. All along, Jung has despised Gye-won for murdering the queen and framing her loved ones, but Gye-won points out that the queen’s death protected Tae from becoming deposed — so who definitely stood the most to achieve from her death? And who is her correct enemy?

Jung’s unwilling to think it, but Tae knows she deserves the truth, and admits it to her. Additional than something, even though, Jung’s hurt by the realization that Tae had been maintaining this beneath wraps, and that he probably would have continued burying the truth if not for Gye-won’s intervention.

Nevertheless, Jung knows Tae’s sincerity much better than any individual, and his show of humility by way of engaging in manual labour with the prevalent farmers is adequate to reaffirm her faith in him.

Jung meets Gye-won privately to give him her answer — she chooses not to take vengeance on her enemies, so as to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. Vowing to in no way turn into a person like Gye-won, Jung asserts that she will keep by Tae’s side and shape him into a excellent leader. It is primarily the very same purpose as Gye-won’s, except she approaches it from optimism, whereas he views it by way of pessimism.

Gye-won has small to no faith in Tae’s potential to be a excellent ruler, but Jung’s response has confirmed herself a worthy queen in his eyes. With the assistance of Tae and Gye-won, along with the queen dowager and the state officials, Jung is officially crowned as queen-to-be.

Meanwhile, Yeon-hee is understandably hurt to be passed more than in favor of Jung, but there’s even additional difficulty brewing. Realizing that Jung bears a resemblance to the bamboo box merchants that as soon as paid her a take a look at, it dawns on Yeon-hee that Gye-won’s so-named niece is an impostor.

Yeon-hee is not the only 1 feeling threatened by Jung. Fueled by a monk’s ominous divinations, the queen dowager has begun to worry that Gye-won may possibly replace her with Jung, now that she has outlived her usefulness.

All this leads to what appears like a partnership amongst the two ladies on the surface, in which Yeon-hee provides the justification for the queen dowager to oust a queen she does not like. Even so, the queen dowager is 1 step ahead — she’s hired mercenaries to kill Jung, so as to frame Yeon-hee and Minister Jo for the crime.

Fortunately, Jung’s saved in the nick of time by each Tae and Gye-won. Jung’s sensible adequate to recognize a trap when she sees 1, and she realizes that behind Yeon-hee, there’s a person additional effective who orchestrated the assassination try.

By way of an interrogation, Minister Jo learns of the queen dowager’s involvement, and he informs Gye-won as such — but Gye-won counters that with Yeon-hee’s servants at the scene, it is clear who men and women will view as the most probably culprit. Neither side refuses to back down, and Minister Jo poses an ultimatum to Gye-won — he ought to choose a side amongst Jung and the queen dowager.

Gye-won does, and it is just as the queen dowager feared. He urges her to leave the capital of her personal will, prior to Tae finds out about her scheming.

Gye-won claims that he’s performing this to safeguard her, but the queen dowager is nevertheless mired in her worry of abandonment. Rather than heed his assistance, she sets the palanquin on fire, determined to stay in the palace.

It was sad to watch the queen dowager’s downward spiral, and I wonder how substantially of the monk’s prediction was a self-fulfilling prophecy fed by her insecurities. Her actions are inexcusable, but Gye-won’s remedy of her has place her by way of so substantially discomfort and loneliness that I discover myself feeling sorry for her.

The drama seriously dialed up the melo these two episodes (as if it wasn’t dramatic adequate currently!) and when I’m not very a fan of how substantially our two leads cry, I’m enjoying the political machinations. Possibly I’m nevertheless not very invested in the really like line, but I’m certainly extremely intrigued by the depth of our characters and the layers underneath just about every tactic.

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