Premiere Watch: Doctor Lawyer, Why Her?, Cleaning Up

June two, 2022June two, 2022

Premiere Watch: Medical professional Lawyer, Why Her?, Cleaning Up
by missvictrix

We have 3 new shows premiering this weekend — and you believed the weekend schedule had ultimately quieted down, correct? Incorrect! We’ve not only got So Ji-sub and Seo Hyun-jin with new dramas, but also a quirky comedy from JTBC to prime it all off.

Medical professional Lawyer

Time slot: Friday-Saturday
Broadcaster: MBC
Genre: Drama, legal, health-related, thriller
Episode count: 16
Causes to watch: There’s a thing about So Ji-sub I just enjoy, and often will, so when he’s starring in Medical professional Lawyer as the eponymous medical doctor-turned-lawyer, how can a girl refuse? Dramaland loves its stories of physicians. And its stories of the courtroom. And its stories of wronged heroes. Hey, why not sandwich all these points collectively? The outcome is Medical professional Lawyer. Also starring Shin Sung-rok and Im Soo-hyang, the drama is written by the screenwriter who brought us Class of Lies (really really great, for a coldish crime show), so here’s hoping the doctoring is painless and the lawyering is pro bono.
Why Her?

Time slot: Friday-Saturday
Broadcaster: SBS
Genre: Drama, legal, romance
Episode count: 16
Causes to watch: As soon as once again, it is the cast that is pulling me in, and I can not inform if I’m additional excited to see Seo Hyun-jin in this strong part (and red dress), or if I want to see Hwang In-yub and Bae In-hyuk as our law students. I’m a sucker for these cat and mouse sort of dramas, exactly where the energy struggles are fierce, and the stakes are super higher. Heo Jun-ho appears a worthy nemesis (and acting foil) for Seo Hyun-jin, so I feel it is just a matter of the writing getting powerful sufficient to pull all the moving components collectively. Fingers crossed.
Cleaning Up

Time slot: Saturday-Sunday
Broadcaster: JTBC
Genre: Drama, comedy, crime
Episode count: 16
Causes to watch: From the PD that brought us Mr. Queen, we have the story of 3 cleaning ladies who go rogue and start out insider trading with the information they glean through their day jobs. Our cleaning ladies are played by Jeon So-min, Yeom Jung-ah, and Kim Jae-hwa, so it is certain to be a hoot. Or it had much better be a hoot, with such a entertaining premise. Then once again, K-drama remakes (this one particular of a UK show) have been hit or miss, so it will be exciting to see how considerably this one particular is K-dramafied. Bonus: Na In-woo and Lee Moo-saeng also star.
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