tvN Links Yeo Jin-gu with Moon Ga-young in new promos

June 1, 2022

tvN Hyperlinks Yeo Jin-gu with Moon Ga-young in new promos
by tccolb

tvN’s upcoming Hyperlink: Consume, Like, Kill is nearly upon us and new promos have been released ahead of the fantasy romance’s premiere subsequent week.

The story has Yeo Jin-gu (Beyond Evil) in the function of chef Eun Kye-hoon. As a kid, he had the strange capacity to “link” with one more individual, enabling him to study their feelings. But when his twin sibling mysteriously disappeared, his hyperlink capacity vanished as nicely. Speedy forward to the present, eighteen years later, when Yeo all of a sudden finds himself linked to Moon Ga-young’s (Correct Beauty) feelings.
Moon plays temp worker Noh Da-hyun and is initially unaware that Yeo can tap into her feelings – nor do the two characters know every single other. But probably due to the re-emergence of his hyperlink capacity, Yeo feels as if his previous is signaling to him and he’s drawn back to his old neighborhood exactly where he lost his twin – the similar neighborhood exactly where Moon now lives.
In the new posters, we get a appear at our supporting cast: Grandma Yeh Soo-jung (The King of Tears, Lee Bang-won) and Mom Kim Ji-young (Monstrous) as nicely as Constable Song Deok-ho (Tracer) and Sergeant Lee Bom-sori (Justice).

The newest teaser is a preview of the initial episode and begins with Yeo Jin-gu all of a sudden feeling linked to Moon Ga-young. Standing just before her amid the crowded street, he explains in voiceover, “Even if we’re far apart in distance, the feelings really feel so vivid. It has began once again. It is been eighteen years.” We then jump to Yeo meeting with Lee Seok-hyung (Juvenile Justice) and the two choose to open Yeo’s restaurant in the Ji-hwa district.
A shocked Moon Ga-young sees Yeo Jin-gu across the road from her window and she remembers him asking, “Would it be discourteous to ask which neighborhood you lived in as a kid?” Moon demands to know if Yeo followed her all the way right here and is suspicious when he suggests playing rock-paper-scissors. When she rejects the fragrant scarf he gifts her, Yeo tries in vain to protest his innocence.
Throwing out a box of different things, Moon Ga-young confronts a dumbfounded Yeo Jin-gu. “If you send me 1 far more weird point or show up in my vicinity once again, I’m going to report you and make positive that you get a criminal record for it! You are a perverted stalker!” We then reduce to Moon walking property alone at evening and acquiring attacked by the true stalker. The teaser then comes to a close on a worried Yeo Jin-gu who senses that one thing has occurred.
Directed by PD Hong Jong-chan (Juvenile Justice) and co-written by Kwon Do-hwan and Kwon Ki-young (Suspicious Partners), tvN’s Hyperlink: Consume, Like, Kill premieres June six in the Monday-Tuesday slot.

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