Seohyun changes Na In-woo

Might 31, 2022May 31, 2022

Seohyun alterations Na In-woo’s fate in new promos for Jinxed at Initially
by tccolb

New posters and a video teaser have been released for KBS’s Jinxed at Initially, featuring our fish-out-of-water heroine Seohyun (Private Lives) and our unlucky hero Na In-woo (River Exactly where the Moon Rises).

The fantasy romance has Seohyun in the part of Seul-bi, the goddess of fortune. She can see the future of any individual she touches, but obtaining this capacity forces her to reside isolated from other individuals. Usually the dreamer, even though, she remains vibrant and spirited in all situations. And with this optimism, she tends to make her way down to the mortal realm and tries to adjust the fate of a single human man.
Na In-woo plays the human named Gong Su-kwang, whose life has been hit with misfortune just after misfortune and he’s extended resigned himself to his fate . With poor luck continuously following him about, it is hard to not be pessimistic about his life. But when Seohyun abruptly seems in front of him a single day, he begins to open his heart to hope after once more.

The newest video teaser starts with Seohyun and Na In-woo walking by means of the neighborhood streets and stopping to play games at the neighborhood amusement park. A lady asks them, “How did the two of you meet?” and Seohyun replies, “It was like destiny.” With twinkling music in the background and rose petals showering our two leads, the captions study: “It was a fateful encounter for somebody.”
We then reduce to Na In-woo waking up from a nightmare and he mutters to himself, “Shake it off, shake off the poor luck from the dream.” In the sequence that follows, we see his day turn from poor to worse and the appearing captions inform us: “It was the starting of misfortune for somebody else.”
Na In-woo’s buddy explains to Seohyun how Na constantly attracts poor luck. But when Seohyun gets kidnapped by a group of guys in suits, Na heroically shows up and saves her. In gratitude, she utilizes her powers and vows, “From now on, you are going to be a man of excellent fortune! I’m going to make that take place for you.”
Jumping to the drama’s title card, Na In-woo narrates that the premiere is Wednesday, June 15. We then return to him with Seohyun in the car or truck. Leaning out the window, Seohyun sighs, “Ah, I’m craving alcohol,” and the teaser closes on Na’s shocked, “What?”
Directed by PD Yoon Sang-ho (River Exactly where the Moon Rises) with scripts penned by screenwriter Jang Yoon-mi (Cheer Up Mr. Lee, Luck-important), KBS’s Jinxed at Initially premieres June 15 in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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