Short Film Review: Bird in the Peninsula (2022) by Atsushi Wada

Japanese animator Atsushi Wada, France&#8217s Miyu Productions, and Japan&#8217s New Deer&#8217s are behind &#8220Bird in the Peninsula&#8221 an animation quick that premiered at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival this February, exactly where it won a unique mention from the International Quick Film Jury.

&#8220Bird in the Peninsula&#8221 is screening at Vienna Shorts

The quick starts with a bird climbing a bamboo tree, prior to turning to a kid holding a dog and operating some sort of a heavy machinery, which is connected to a giant man sitting nonetheless. As the sound of standard Japanese organs starts, the scenery transfers to a sort of opening inside the woods, exactly where a group of boys are rehearsing a standard dance, below the tutelage of their master, who requires notes, utilizes his whistle to quit them, and corrects their movement, focusing on the hands of one particular certain boy who does not appear to be specifically great. His attitude is somewhat forceful. At some point, he requires his spot with the disappointment becoming evident in the kid. Abruptly a girl seems in the place, fascinated by the spectacle, but the drum player, who comes to frame along his fellow musicians, tries to protect against her from watching. The story then returns to the machine briefly, prior to going back to the rehearsal, exactly where a pigeon that transforms into an old lady, says one thing ineligible to the aforementioned boy, prior to transforming back once more. The boy runs in the woods soon after a dog, with the girl following him, although the blowing of the wind signifies that one thing uncommon is taking spot.

A bit later, the boy is in a compound of sorts, surrounded by dogs, one particular of which flies about. A man opens the door of a hut of sorts, and the dogs get in. The girl is peaking on what is taking place, witnessing the truth that the boy may well not be a great dancer, but is pretty great dealing with animals.

The setting then modifications totally with the organ players and the dancers performing in their official capacity and attire in a theater of sorts, with the entire globe ultimately crumbling and bending to their movement. The huge man and the machine segment seems as soon as once more, prior to a big animal of sorts tends to make its look in the theater. Lastly, his objective is revealed, just prior to the screen is filled with white birds.

Atsushi Wada directs a slightly experimental, dialogue-significantly less animation quick, which presents its various comments by means of metaphors and a somewhat iconoclastic strategy. That the globe of tradition, and basically Japan, is &#8220a man&#8217s globe&#8221 is presented eloquently by means of the notion of the girl, who can only peak on what is taking place, but never ever be component of it. A recurring sequence of her checking inside her pants also appears to recommend the exact same. The attitude of the teacher appears like an accusation towards educators, with his harsh behavior focusing on a detail, not managing to recognize the other talents of his student, basically producing him a pariah. That the boy appears to be in total resonance with the fauna and the flora highlights this aspect even much more. The machine that energizes the giant man finds its explanation in the finale, but could be perceived as a comment on how technologies destroys tradition, despite the fact that Wada&#8217s opinion on the matter is not precisely clear, due to the fact the tradition is basically appearing as man-consuming notion.

In terms of production values, Wada&#8217s art type is pretty intriguing, with the drawing of the largely circular characters seemingly exhibiting incredibly small detail, but in an practically uncanny way resulting in characters that are pretty intricate in their presentation. The animation aids the most in that regard, each in terms of person movement, but also in the quite a few sequences of morphing, which are pretty impressive although highlighting the truth that the entire narrative flows harmonically all through the 15 minutes of the quick, in a testament to Wada&#8217s operate in the editing division. The way the theater crumbles, the violence that ensues and the finale also highlight this strategy, although enriching the story with some incredibly entertaining components. Lastly, the standard music heard on a quantity of occasions fits the basic aesthetics as substantially as the person scenes it is presented in, in the most fitting style.

&#8220Bird in the Peninsula&#8221 is an outstanding quick, intricate in each context and presentation, and of the most exciting Japanese animations we have noticed outdoors the anime sector.



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