Our Blues: Episodes 15-16


Our Blues: Episodes 15-16

Loving a person is not usually quick, and from time to time aspects outdoors of your manage can have an effect on your partnership. No matter whether it is society’s double requirements or a stroke of poor luck, our protagonists understand that life can be cruel and unfair even to sort and diligent individuals. Although they attempt to steel themselves from discomfort and heartache, in the finish, to genuinely really like suggests becoming vulnerable, as well.

EPISODES 15-16 WEECAP: Young-ok, Jung-joon &amp Young-hee Choon-hee &amp Eun-ki

Young-ok and Jung-joon adjust their lives to Young-hee for the duration of her quick stop by, and contrary to his 1st reaction, Jung-joon welcomes her with warmth and kindness. Nonetheless, Young-ok warns him to sustain a bit of distance given that, ultimately, Young-hee will have to return to the care facility and reside apart from them.

Whilst hanging out and enjoying some drinks with her close friends, Young-hee and Young-ok get into an argument and dredge up old wounds. Young-hee remembers the day her sister abandoned her in the subway, and the revelation leaves the other individuals speechless. Masking her personal shock with indifference, Young-ok tells Jung-joon that they have skilled worse days than this.

In bed, Young-ok asks to see her sister’s drawings if she is an artist, but Young-hee keeps her notebooks a secret. She pretends to sleep to stay away from extra of Young-ok’s queries, so Young-ok whispers goodnight to her and apologizes for leaving her on the subway. As soon as her sister is asleep, Young-hee gets out of bed and draws her.

Young-hee goes about taking photos of the Jeju residents for her drawings, but Young-ok tells the other individuals that her sister is lying about becoming an artist when a couple of of them make requests. Right after their excursion, they stop by the beach, and Young-hee wonders why Young-ok is sitting by herself rather of playing with the group. Young-ok tells her sister that she likes becoming alone which is also why she enjoys diving. Young-hee asks if she likes the ocean mainly because she is not there, but Young-ok does not answer her. Oof…

The 3 of them head out for lunch, and at the restaurant, a young boy stares at Young-hee and mocks her. Although Young-hee tells him to quit, the boy continues his taunts, so Young-ok confronts the parents and asks them to discipline their son. When the kid refuses, voices are raised, and the parents direct their complaints at Young-ok’s table. Jung-joon measures in when the husband gets confrontational, and the employees intervene to cool off each parties.

On the stroll household, Young-hee brings up the concept of living in Jeju with them, and Young-ok yells at her for mentioning such a ridiculous concept. That evening, Young-hee stays outdoors to give her sister some space and paints with the supplies Jung-joon purchased her. Attempting to act as a mediator, Jung-joon cautiously broaches the subject of living with Young-hee, but Young-ok shoots down his suggestion.

Young-ok explains to Jung-joon what life is like for them and the hurdles they face. Developing up, schools denied Young-hee admittance, the nearest specific education solutions was as well far, and individuals stopped the constructing of 1 in their neighborhood. Even if Young-ok desires to reside with her sister, that dream is impractical. She tells him that Young-hee understands every thing as nicely, and even now, she is listening to their conversation and crying. Overwhelmed with feelings, Young-ok says that life feels so unfair, but she knows that her sister will have to really feel even extra frustrated than her.

Jung-joon requires Young-hee to his spot for a round of drinks, and for the 1st time, she shows a person her drawings. He asks when she created all of these, and Young-hee tells him that she drew anytime she was lonely and missed her sister. Holding back his tears, Jung-joon says that Young-ok will really like these, and he assists her title her artworks and sign them.

The subsequent day, Young-hee is prepared to leave prior to her sister can inform her to pack and scolds Young-ok for becoming late. Right after sending her sister off, Young-ok hangs out at Jung-joon’s bus and finds her sister’s artworks hanging on the walls. There are pictures of every person from Jeju, but what catches Young-ok’s eye are the quite a few drawings of her, ranging from her childhood to the present.

The most up-to-date paintings are pictures of Young-ok at the beach, and she can no longer hold back her sobs. She crumples to the floor, and Jung-joon waits patiently outdoors. Sometime in the future, Young-ok asked how her sister discovered to draw so nicely, and she told her that she drew anytime she missed her. At the time, she did not know how to respond mainly because she was as well afraid of the answer that may adhere to.

Of the stories as a result far, this felt the most bittersweet mainly because the situation amongst the two sisters is some thing beyond their manage. No quantity of communication or compassion will repair the inherent issues in their predicament mainly because the obstacles that deter them exist on an institutional and societal level. Although Young-ok acts aloof and sometimes callous to Young-hee, she loves her and sees her as a exclusive person with her personal set of challenges and gifts. She thinks life is unfair mainly because no matter what she or Young-hee do, they are set up for failure and undue judgment. She’s condemned for “abandoning” her sister if she leaves her at the care facility, but when she requires her out to locations, individuals stare and grumble about them. In essence, as extended as Young-hee is only Young-ok’s “responsibility,” individuals are fine with them, but as soon as they enter social spaces, individuals see their variations as an inconvenience.

The show does fall back on some unfavorable language surrounding Down syndrome which does not support the general message to destigmatize disabilities, but even with this hiccup, I enjoyed this arc and the sincere portrayal of their struggles. Young-ok is neither romanticized nor vilified for taking care of her sister in her personal way, and Young-hee’s identity is tied to her disability but not consumed by it. The show tends to make it clear that Young-hee is a fantastic lady who is considerably extra thoughtful than individuals give her credit for, and her really like for Young-ok is evident by means of her art. Even if it tends to make her lonely, Young-hee respects her sister’s need to have for solitude, and in turn, Young-ok realizes the sacrifices her sister tends to make for her, as nicely.

The other most important pair this week introduces a new character to the show: SOHN EUN-KI (Ki So-yoo). This tiny girl is the daughter of Choon-hee’s youngest son, which also tends to make her Choon-hee’s only grandchild. Eun-ki lives in the mainland with her parents who adore her, and they each function difficult to save sufficient income to move to Jeju.

However, tragedy strikes the content loved ones when Eun-ki’s dad gets into a car or truck accident 1 day at function, and he has been unconscious for a month. In order to make ends meet though taking care of her husband, Eun-ki’s mom switches jobs and wants a person to watch Eun-ki for the duration of the adjustment period. Hence, she turns to Choon-hee for support and promises to return in two weeks.

Eun-ki finds her new atmosphere strange, and like most kids her age, she cries to express her feelings. Her grandma turns out to be pretty distinctive from what her dad described her as, and Choon-hee’s no-nonsense attitude leaves tiny space for childish imaginations. Each grandma and granddaughter have a hard time understanding every single other, and every single day the two of them bicker more than tiny items.

Unaware of her son’s accident, Choon-hee wonders why her daughter-in-law would leave Eun-ki in Jeju, and her suspicions worsen when yet another lady at the marketplace asks if they abandoned their kid. Choon-hee shouts at the nosy lady when she comments on her cursed fate — she lost her husband and kids — and the fight causes Eun-ki to cry.

Choon-hee requires her outdoors to calm down, and seeing Dong-suk at his truck, she orders him to babysit. Like a game of hot potato, Eun-ki gets passed along to all the individuals operating in the marketplace from Ho-shik to Jung-joon, and her mood brightens as she realizes that every person right here knows her dad and calls her grandma the boss.

Eun-ki ends up on the beach exactly where she plays with yet another girl her age, but their friendship is quick-lived as the other girl describes them each as abandoned kids. Eun-ki throws sand in her face, claiming that her parents will come back for her, and at household, she gets scolded by Choon-hee for fighting.

In the evening, Ok-dong notices Choon-hee wrestling with her doubts and advises her to get in touch with her daughter-in-law to ease her thoughts. Although it is only a quarter previous nine, Eun-ki’s mom does not answer her telephone, and we see her at the hospital, watching her husband be resuscitated. Of course, Choon-hee has no way of understanding this, and she begins to wonder if they genuinely abandoned Eun-ki.

Whilst I realize why Eun-ki’s mom is unwilling to share the poor news with Choon-hee, I consider this is a predicament exactly where understanding would be improved than staying ignorant. Death and grief are painful items, but operating away from them is a fool’s errand. Even if the truth may crush her, I consider Choon-hee would choose seeing her son regardless of his existing state than becoming left alone to wonder in agony about what is taking place. In the terrible (but seemingly most likely) likelihood that her son dies, Choon-hee must be offered time to be by his side as nicely.

It is clear that Choon-hee has skilled deep sorrows, and I can currently inform that the coming arc will break my heart mainly because losing a person is 1 of these items that by no means gets less complicated. Fortunately, she and Eun-ki make an adorable pair, and the tiny miscommunications and reconciliations amongst them are entertaining to watch. It adds a good air of lightness to the show, which I’m confident will be considerably required in the coming episodes.

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