My Liberation Notes: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


My Liberation Notes: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

We’ve reached the finish of our story, but our characters’ stories are far from more than. Though it is not the sort of drama to give us happily-ever-afters, we do finish on a hopeful note. Some character arcs felt a lot more resolved than other folks which might’ve been intentional. This is a drama that is all about the journey, not the location. And what a memorable journey it is been.


We choose back up with Mi-jung and Gu rediscovering the comfort they shared, falling back into their habit of sharing whatever’s on their minds. Mi-jung and Gu continue seeing every other routinely, despite the fact that Gu hopes to portion methods ahead of he sinks additional and shows her the worst of himself. No matter who he becomes and how far he falls, he desires Mi-jung to know that he truly, genuinely likes her.

Gu’s alcoholism is obtaining so undesirable that even Chairman Shin talks to him about it, noting that it is now impacting his perform. He urges Gu to get enable ahead of it ruins him. Rather than going to rehab or obtaining a lot more therapy – it appears like he half-heartedly attempted that ahead of but didn’t make a great deal progress – Gu talks to Mi-jung.

He tells her that he drinks to quiet the voices of these from his previous who haunt him when he’s sober. His anger consumes and exhausts him, so he begins and ends the day drinking. It is also a kind of punishment, in no way enabling himself to be delighted.

Mi-jung can relate to his anger, understanding what it is like to exhaust your self by hating other folks. She’s spent so lengthy hating her ex that she now does not even want him to spend her back – she’d rather hold possessing an individual to blame and direct her anger toward.

She’d even planned on ruining his wedding, but ahead of she could do something, Gu referred to as and asked to meet. Mi-jung says it is like he was stopping her from hitting rock bottom, guarding her.

Gu does ultimately ask about Chang-hee, which is type of sweet. I really like the begrudging connection he has with him, like he’s an annoying small brother who he cannot enable but type of like. It appears Chang-hee has been undertaking very properly for himself. He’s now the owner of a comfort shop right after attempting and failing to begin a small business.

He even managed to spend off his father’s debt. Chang-hee didn’t want it to impact his dad’s connection with his new wife, so he worked tough to repay the loan. That leads to Chang-hee ultimately obtaining to hear his father compliment him and acknowledge his tough perform. Je-ho is nevertheless stoic, but he’s a lot more sensitive and forthcoming with his loved ones now.

Issues are going much less properly for the siblings on the connection front. Chang-hee and Hyun-ah not too long ago had a tough breakup. Chang-hee attributed their connection struggles to the reality that he’s undertaking properly – Hyun-ah wants an individual she can repair. Chang-hee ends it with the guarantee that, if she ever desires to come back and he’s single, they can attempt once again.

As for Ki-jung, she’s struggling in her connection with Tae-hoon. Sun-kyung and Yu-rim nevertheless haven’t accepted her, and the tension is infecting all the things. The couple decided to marry when Yu-rim is 20, but it is tough to say if they’ll be in a position to hold out till then. Though they really like every other, it is clear they each really feel like a burden to the other. In spite of that, they hold pressing forward.

Tae-hoon, particularly, appears unhappy and even depressed. He’s nevertheless feeling trapped, and the loved ones tension is weighing on him. On the vibrant side, the Liberation Club is back in small business! They meet up once again right after a lengthy time and reflect on what they achieved.

Even though the club lady feels a lot more liberated, Tae-hoon does not – absolutely nothing truly changed. Mi-jung argues that, even if not a great deal has changed, enlightening themselves about their personal problems is progress. They determine to hold meeting and continue striving for liberation. Yay! I really like this small group.

Mi-jung may perhaps not be completely liberated however, but she’s on her way. Right after reading her old diaries from childhood, she realizes that she’s generally had a lot more passion than she gave herself credit for. She appears so a great deal a lot more content material with her new job and her life in basic. She even manages to be civil when operating into her ex who ultimately apologizes and promises to spend her back.

Meanwhile, Chang-hee continues to enable take care of Hyun-ah’s ex Hyuk-soo who is barely holding on. In Hyuk-soo’s final moments, it is not his mom or Hyun-ah but Chang-hee who is by his side. Chang-hee notes that it is generally like this – he was there for his grandparents and his mother in the finish, as well. He holds Hyuk-soo’s hand and presents comforting words, sitting with him till he passes.

Chang-hee has observed a number of occasions that he generally appears to be in the appropriate location at the appropriate time. That as soon as once again holds accurate when he goes to attend an art history lecture but ends up in the incorrect area. He chuckles when he realizes it is a class for people today preparing for a funeral director license. Chang-hee smiles and stays for the lecture, seeking like he’s just perhaps discovered his objective.

Elsewhere, Gu offers with problems at the club. His perform hyung has racked up very the gambling debt, and his debtors come to the club to gather. Gu barely manages to fight them off, but his hyung requires the revenue and runs.

Gu puts into practice Mi-jung’s suggestions to welcome these who have wronged him rather than holding onto anger. He calls his hyung and admits he’s now one particular of the people today he curses when he’s sober, but he’ll welcome him back when they meet once again. Gu then requires his individual stash of money and heads out (to repay his hyung’s debt?).

In voiceover, Mi-jung reveals that she wrote in her Liberation Notes that her life is divided into ahead of and right after meeting Gu. (He agrees). As Gu walks along the street, he once again requires Mi-jung’s suggestions and notes the small items that make him momentarily delighted, trudging forward step-by-step with a smile. Mi-jung continues she feels lovable now, and her heart is only filled with really like. We finish on Mi-jung smiling brightly.

That is the finish?! I anticipated an open ending, but I’d hoped for a lot more resolution. Gu’s life is nevertheless a toxic mess, and he in no way got the enable he required. A single issue that bothered me was how lightly the drama treated his alcoholism. Gu had a critical and hazardous difficulty that expected therapy or rehab, not just a shift in point of view. Even though I loved his and Mi-jung’s connection, she shouldn’t have to be his therapy. It is not fair, healthier, or sustainable.

I also felt Ki-jung’s arc fell a small flat. Exactly where was her development? She nevertheless created thoughtless, prejudiced remarks and seemed to judge her worth by her connection status. Do not even get me began on that unhealthy connection with Tae-hoon exactly where no one particular looked delighted however, for some purpose, the drama seemed to anticipate me to root for them. I wanted a lot more for each Ki-jung and Tae-hoon’s characters.

On the other hand, I truly liked exactly where we left Chang-hee. I loved the unexpected move of him studying to develop into a funeral director, which is a excellent match for him. He seemed the most adrift of the siblings, and I’m delighted he discovered path.

And then, there’s Mi-jung who I loved from begin to finish. Watching her blossom into a happier, a lot more confident version of herself was so satisfying. By the finish, she’d let go of a lot of her anger and created area for a lot more really like in her life. And how excellent is it that her Liberation Club lives on, providing her and every of them the help to continue on their journeys?

Even though I cannot say I loved every of our characters’ endings, I did really like spending the previous eight weeks with all of them. It wasn’t generally an simple watch, but there was a raw beauty to witnessing these imperfect characters navigate the messiness of life and uncover their personal version of liberation.

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