Showtime Begins!: Episodes 11-12


Showtime Starts!: Episodes 11-12

We dive deep into the previous this week to understand how our leads met their fate in their former lives. It is very a shift from the prior episodes, but it appears the only way to correct what went incorrect all these years ago is to 1st recognize how it went incorrect.


Although Cha-woong and the other shamans confront the Complete Moon Killer, Seul-hae pleads with the ghosts who have barricaded her in Cha-woong’s residence. Realizing they will not budge, she pretends to give up and then sneaks out the window.

She arrives just as the evil spirit is overpowering all 3 shamans. She tases him, but he just tosses her aside and once more lunges for Cha-woong – who’s zoned out, reeling from additional previous-life flashbacks. Just as he goes in for the kill, Seul-hae throws herself in front of Cha-woong, and in the exact same moment, the two are encased in what appears to be a force field.

Cha-woong, eyes glowing vibrant blue, is controlling it. With newfound supernatural energy, he incapacitates the spirit, forces it into a bottle, and seals it with a talisman. The host physique wakes up bewildered and frightened, and flees.

But the strain of all that power absolutely drains Cha-woong. He falls unconscious, and even though the other individuals rush him to the hospital, he flatlines.

3 issues take place as a outcome of that fateful evening. The 1st is that Hee-soo receives a tip about the Complete Moon Killer, chases him down, and apprehends him, winning widespread acclaim for placing a correct finish to the killer’s rampage.

Subsequent, Seul-hae is mysteriously granted the capability to see and hear ghosts. And just when I was beginning to feel Showtime may well have taken a fascinating but saddening turn and have the rest of its run be Seul-hae functioning with Cha-woong’s ghost to resolve crimes, we understand the third outcome: Cha-woong is nevertheless alive – but in a deep, dream-filled sleep.

3 months go by, with Seul-hae hunting immediately after the ghosts and spending hours in Cha-woong’s hospital space. Then we jump inside Cha-woong’s dreams, wherein he’s reliving his previous life as Higher Priest Poong Baek in the court of Princess Cheon-hwa (Seul-hae’s previous-self) and her father.

Up to this point, we – and Cha-woong – have only noticed flashes of this story, disjointed and out of order. But now, we get the complete image.

Although Poong Baek possessed remarkable energy, all that energy was due to his Sacred Mirror, a present only to be utilised for fantastic, by no means harm. Cheon-hwa openly adored him, and even though he loved her in return, he held back from expressing his feelings due to his lowly upbringing.

Choi Geom (now our Common spirit) was Cheon-hwa’s bodyguard and Poong Baek’s fantastic pal. Seeing their mutual pining, Choi Geom revealed to Cheon-hwa that Poong Baek retreated to a private cave when his feelings got also robust to handle, exactly where his secret confessions of like actually produced flowers bloom. Awww I like him.

When Cheon-hwa confronted Poong Baek in the cave, he lastly admitted that he’d attempted not to like her, but failed. She kissed him, causing the final of his protests to falter, and then she went straight to her father, who by this time had currently wholeheartedly agreed that he wanted Poong Baek for his son-in-law.

But, as we currently know, their story didn’t progress happily from there. The prince of a neighboring – and far additional effective – kingdom took a single appear at Cheon-hwa and decided he had to have her. So he pressured her father into agreeing to an arranged marriage as a peace treaty. And yes, he’s HAE CHEON-MOO (Lee Dong-hwa), the man who would develop into the evil spirit plaguing our leads in the contemporary day.

Cheon-hwa begged Poong Baek to run away with her, but he couldn’t bring himself to endanger her or forsake his duty by provoking war. And Cheon-moo wasn’t completed with him. He fabricated proof that Poong Baek was sending military secrets to an enemy kingdom, earning Poong Baek a flogging and exile.

Cheon-hwa escaped the palace to obtain Poong Baek and return his confiscated Sacred Mirror. But Cheon-moo was hot on her heels, and Poong Baek broke the sacred guidelines by employing the mirror’s energy to fight back, hoping to invest in Cheon-hwa’s escape.

The expense of breaking the guidelines was his life. As Poong Baek’s strength faded, Cheon-hwa threw herself in front of Cheon-moo’s sword. Stricken with grief, Poong Baek utilised the rest of his energy to tear Cheon-moo’s spirit out of his physique and imprison him in a bottle, writing the talisman on it with his personal blood.

With their dying breaths, Cheon-hwa and Poong Baek promised to meet once more someday, and he vowed to like her as she deserved.

Only immediately after the entire story plays out does Cha-woong awake in the hospital and obtain Seul-hae at his bedside. Although she frets more than him, he’s speechless with joy and sorrow, now understanding how meaningful it is that they’ve located every single other once more.

Cha-woong wastes no time in creating fantastic on Poong Baek’s two,000-year-old vow. He expresses his feelings for Seul-hae each and every possibility he gets, even embroidering a handkerchief for her just as Cheon-hwa did for Poong Baek. But though she appreciates the gestures, she’s also actually weirded out by the truth that he’s creating their existing life all about their previous a single. Which, fair.

Understanding the previous also offers Cha-woong a new viewpoint on Choi Geom, but this viewpoint is not a fantastic one… since he was the a single who presented the “evidence” of Poong Baek’s supposed treason.

He did it to safeguard his younger brother – the actual traitor – and when he located Poong Baek and Cheon-hwa dead, he took his personal life out of guilt. Alternatively of moving onto the afterlife, he was tasked with creating issues correct.

But lest we feel the previous is lastly place to rest, there’s in fact a single additional outcome of the evening the Complete Moon Killer was caught. Hee-soo didn’t just arrest him he killed him. Just after the spirit of Cheon-moo lured Hee-soo there and possessed him rather.

It was absolutely an intriguing decision to devote most of these two episodes totally in the distant previous, stalling the present in the method. And now I have a issue: I loved Poong Baek and Cheon-hwa way additional than I anticipated, and I’m devastated that they didn’t get a possibility at a pleased life collectively.

Although I can appreciate the present-day second possibility to an extent, Seul-hae was correct – she’s not Cheon-hwa, and he’s not Poong Baek. And the story of the princess and the higher priest will stay a tragedy no matter how Seul-hae and Cha-woong’s story plays out.

Two issues I can get behind, even though:

1) Considering that we’re operating with previous lives reconnecting, I loved the detail of Cheon-hwa’s faithful maid who died assisting her escape getting Seul-hae’s present-day pal and roommate. I normally like seeing fated connections that are not romantic, since platonic or familial bonds can be just as robust and specific.

two) I’m prepared to see Choi Geom to earn his centuries-overdue redemption and for them all to get rid of Cheon-moo for fantastic.

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