Again My Life: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


Once again My Life: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

Opinions on Once again My Life are polarized, but no matter which side you are on, you have possibly been eagerly anticipating the conclusion. Effectively, the finish is right here, and our time traveling lawyer lastly confronts our major negative guy.


Picture watching a chess match, but as an alternative of the competitors moving the chess pieces on the board, they’re verbally calling out their moves to 1 a different. That is what the final couple of weeks of Once again My Life have felt like to me due to the fact — I swear — half the scenes for this drama have been of males sitting across a table from other males (and sometimes ladies), obtaining conversations to purposefully offer exposition. Simply because they have to clarify for the audience how trading stocks and taking more than a business will weaken our villain, who appears impervious to every little thing.

1 of my most significant gripes with this drama has been the pacing, which somehow manages to rush by way of the exciting bits when becoming excruciatingly sluggish when it comes to the actual systematic take down of our final boss. So with only two episodes left, I was expecting — hoping, seriously — that all the anticipation would lastly culminate in an ending that was a thrill-ride from start off to finish. Alas, that was not the case, and our final two episodes lagged in the starting, as newly appointed chief prosecutor Seok-kyu pulls Hee-woo from Seok-hoon’s case.

Of course, Hee-woo just diverts his consideration and sources to the Bando Bank investigation and promptly gathers the witnesses and proof he desires to bring down Tae-sub’s cash man. Seok-kyu, who is — unsurprisingly — nevertheless on Group Hee-woo, publicizes that PARK DAE-HO (Hyun Bong-sik) is wanted in connection to their ongoing case against an illegal loan shark small business. Dae-ho goes into hiding with the intention of faking his death, but Tae-sub sends his hitman out to kill Dae-ho for realsies. Hee-woo shows up just in time to rescue (and arrest) Dae-ho.

With that case fairly significantly wrapped up, Hee-woo is totally free to tackle his subsequent opponent: Seo-yeon, the lady Tae-sub has sent to honey trap Hee-woo. It is a different comparatively uneventful case for Hee-woo due to the fact he knew she was up to no superior the moment he saw her. A lobbyist with an arms dealing side-small business, Seo-yeon is a different familiar face from Hee-woo’s former life. She, also, died from a suspicious suicide a mere day ahead of the prosecution was going to go public with their investigation of Tae-sub, and shortly thereafter, Seung-hyuk also died from a supposed drunk driving accident.

Hee-woo tends to make a deal with Seo-yeon: her life — due to the fact Tae-sub will kill her as soon as he finds out she’s undertaking small business with other shady people — in exchange for providing KIM JIN-WOO (Kim Young-hoon), Ji-hyun’s male counterpart, a staged voice recording of Hee-woo admitting he was teaming up with her to break the law. Extra on that later, but first…

Sang-man officially purchases JQ Building, and Tae-sub — as Hee-woo predicted and feared — is eager to meet with Sang-man privately. Not wanting to place Sang-man in danger, Hee-woo shows up to the meeting as an alternative of Sang-man and prematurely reveals that he’s been plotting to take down Tae-sub. Not only does this entirely ruin the element of surprise that Hee-woo had going for him, but he also exposed 1 of his vulnerabilities: Sang-man, who at that really moment is cornered on a rooftop with the hitman and Jin-woo.

And this brings me to a different gripe I have about this drama: as far as cat and mouse games go, this 1 — rather frankly — sucks. In order for a cat and mouse dynamic to be exciting, the two players need to have to take turns outwitting every other. 1 is in continual pursuit, when the other evades capture. Tae-sub, having said that, is a mouse who does not know he’s becoming pursued. He cannot go head-to-head and match wits with a cat he does not know exists, so the majority of this drama’s conflict has felt much less cat and mouse and far more like a mouse who has been effectively avoiding Hee-woo’s traps.

I cannot aid but wonder how significantly greater our hero-villain dynamic would have been had Tae-sub at least recognized or suspected that an individual was out to get him. So, when Hee-woo stupidly laid all his cards on the table and announced that he’s been plotting to bring down Tae-sub, I was curious to see if the reveal would make their dynamic far more exciting.

Regrettably, I was so preoccupied with my curiosity that I forgot to really feel sad when Jin-woo and the hitman threw Sang-man off the roof of the creating. Sang-man attempted to record their conversation and corner them into admitting they had been acting on Tae-sub’s orders, but they saw by way of his subterfuge. Miraculously, Sang-man survives the fall, but he’s in a coma.

Now that Tae-sub is conscious of Hee-woo’s agenda, he wastes no time isolating Hee-woo from most of his good friends and colleagues. Hee-ah hasn’t gone anyplace, even though, and she and Hee-woo nevertheless move forward with her company’s acquisition of JQ Building — due to the fact that is what the comatose Sang-man would have wanted. Min-soo is also nevertheless lurking about, but even even though the drama desires us to think he’s a negative guy now, it is unconvincing.

As a prosecutor, Hee-woo has really tiny energy to take down Tae-sub, so he decides to resign and develop into Tae-sub’s political revival. His final act as a prosecutor, having said that, is to reduce off 1 of Tae-sub’s metaphorical limbs: Jin-woo. Hee-woo releases the pictures he took of Jin-woo meeting with Seo-yeon (to retrieve the staged voice recording) to the media, which ties him to a recognized arms dealer.

Hee-woo intended to use the scenario to have Jin-woo flip on Tae-sub, but Jin-woo would rather jump from a rooftop than betray his boss. Tae-sub is very emotional following Jin-woo’s death, and his reaction is a stark contrast to his state following his son’s death in Episode three. It is a pity the drama didn’t discover their partnership far more so that we could have anticipated the effect Jin-woo’s death would have on Tae-sub. Prior to this scene, Tae-sub has treated the majority of the people today about him as even though they had been expendable, so how was I to know Jin-woo was any various?

Which brings me to a different concern I have had with this drama’s storytelling: far more time should really have been devoted to fleshing out the characters about Hee-woo and Tae-sub. Hee-woo, for his component, ran about at the starting of the drama collecting allies like they had been Pokemon, and he utilized them the identical way, by calling on them anytime he required a distinct move set to combat his opponent. (Han-mi made use of “press release”! It was super productive!). As a outcome, really couple of of the secondary characters left a sturdy impression on me, and I was in no way concerned about their wellbeing or how they may well be made use of against Hee-woo.

As for Tae-sub — up till Ji-woo’s death — all the people today about him seemed expendable and replaceable (case in point: Seok-hoon), so it in no way felt like any mixture of Hee-woo’s targets was going to trigger Tae-sub’s empire to topple. Alternatively of focusing so significantly screen time on how Hee-woo was creating a case against Tae-sub’s people today, far more scenes should really have been devoted to establishing how specific characters had been integral to Tae-sub’s good results and would lead to his downfall if removed from the playing field.

As soon as Hee-woo actions into the political arena, Tae-sub tries to slander Hee-woo’s reputation working with intel he received from Min-soo. Of course, the data was cautiously cultivated by Hee-woo, and in the midst of his declining ratings, Hee-woo announces his engagement to Hee-ah. Not only does her company’s backing give him the energy to stand on equal footing with Tae-sub, but Hee-woo makes use of the press conference to challenge Tae-sub to a televised debate.

Tae-sub accepts the challenge, and the two males face off on reside Television. The debate — if you can get in touch with it that — promptly becomes Hee-woo’s platform for publicizing all the proof that he has against Tae-sub, who manages to preserve his poker face and stay calm and collected when the cameras are on him. That facade crumbles right away immediately after the debate, even though, when Han-mi does a reside interview with Ji-hyun, who corroborates all of Hee-woo’s statements with her personal voice recordings of her private conversations with Tae-sub.

Her betrayal right away tends to make her a target for Tae-sub’s hitman. Yeon-suk and Hee-woo’s MMA instructor attempt to fight him off on their personal, but they are about as beneficial as punching bags till Hee-woo shows up and begins kicking some butt. I actually believed Hee-woo was going to beat the hitman to death, but no such luck due to the fact Ji-hyun stops him due to the fact — surprise! — the hitman is Ji-hyun’s older brother… and he has amnesia (*facepalm*). I imply, if she’d let Hee-woo hit him a couple of far more instances, he may well have reversed the memory loss which the hitman sustained when Tae-sub rescued the siblings from a fire when they had been young children.

The siblings have been indebted to him ever since… I guess? It is in no way totally addressed, like a lot of items. Like the truth that — in all the years given that the fire — Ji-hyun in no way bothered to reintroduce herself to him as his sister. Like the truth that alternate Ji-hyun was murdered by her personal brother, and that trauma created her a grim reaper and the freaking catalyst that instigated the entire plot of this drama. But yes, let’s not unpack or discover any of that.

Immediately after the hitman’s defeat, items wrap up anticlimactically. Tae-sub is alone and vulnerable, and we get 1 final scene with him exactly where he calls out for Ji-hyun and Jin-woo out of habit, but they are not there. I want we could have noticed far more character improvement like this all along, but sadly it is also tiny also late. Immediately after this, Tae-sub supposedly disappears, but a physique matching his DNA is later found in the ocean. Perhaps it is him, or possibly he faked his death. We’re not provided a clear indication 1 way or the other.

Ji-hyun willingly went to prison for her association with Tae-sub’s crimes and appears at peace with her choice. She nevertheless manages to appear spectacular in a prison jumpsuit.

Every person on Group Hee-woo is undertaking effectively, also. Sang-man wakes up from a coma, and it turns out Hee-woo and Hee-ah are really dating. They weren’t at the time of their engagement announcement, but they are now, and have prolonged their engagement when they date officially.

To apologize to every person for the shock their marriage announcement have to have provided them — due to the fact every person identified out by way of the news — they purchase every person in Hee-woo’s harem a trip to Bali. (Uh, where’s my trip to Bali? I should really be compensated, also, due to the fact I was just as shocked as every person else. They have zero chemistry!)

On a much less pleased front, there seems to be a different villain — and a probable sequel? — on the rise: Chairwoman Chun Ho-ryung (cameo by Bae Jong-ok). Our drama ends with her gathering all of Tae-sub’s former accomplices, who have avoided becoming punished for their crimes and are roaming freely, and promising to restore them all to their preceding positions.

She cackles maniacally like a comic book villain, and as we pan out from her conference area we see Hee-woo watching more than the city like Batman. Only, in contrast to Bruce Wayne, Hee-woo managed to save his parents. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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