Shooting Stars: Episodes 11-12


Shooting Stars: Episodes 11-12

It is the dark evening of the soul this week exactly where friendships and relationships are place to the test, as a single rumor spirals into a wildfire that drives our characters to their breaking point.


A image of Eun Si-woo hugging Tae-sung outdoors his apartment hits the online, sparking connection rumors. Fortunately, only her back view seems in the image and the PR group is in a position to quell the rumors and threatens legal action – straight out of the playbook of each Korean entertainment agency these days. Lol.

At initial, Han-byeol and Yoo-sung believe the image was uploaded by the housekeeper. But then, at the filming place, when Da-hye notes that Tae-sung appears to be obtaining a difficult time mainly because of the rumors, Yoo-na’s other manager, KANG MIN-KYU (Lee Han-ik) hides a sinister smile. We recognize him as Tae-sung’s former manager and the guy we saw at the gravesite final week.

But speaking of legal action, Ki-bbeum gets sued for publishing a false write-up – no thanks to her annoying boss who mistook a singer’s wedding invitation to be that of a further actress bearing the identical name.

Naturally, Soo-hyuk’s workplace is Ki-bbeum’s subsequent port of contact. There, she finds out the lawsuit was filed by his brother (in a exciting cameo by Lee Sang-yub), who just so takes place to be the actual fiancé of the actress.

Fortunately, the lawsuit is dropped, and Ki-bbeum gets to score a right exclusive of the actress’s engagement to a “handsome prosecutor.” And if this is how the drama desires to couple Soo-hyuk and Ki-bbeum, I’m all for it. She has currently began meeting his loved ones members anyway. Heh.

Han-byeol visits the housekeeper to return the necklaces she sent to the PR employees, and the housekeeper taunts her for considering she’ll normally be specific to Tae-sung. Though the housekeeper is delusional, Han-byeol can not assist feeling insecure about her location in Tae-sung’s life. But Tae-sung is speedy to choose up on these feelings, and reassures her that he’ll normally appreciate her.

Yoo-sung is also speedy to choose up on the awkwardness among him and Ho-young, who has been avoiding him because her confession. He tells her he will take his time to believe about his feelings, and she promises not to “run away” from him going forward. Phew!

A blurred out image of a StarForce ID card is uploaded to Tae-sung’s creepy anti-fan website, and Han-byeol mentions to Yoo-sung that the ID could belong to a former employee. Yoo-sung quickly thinks about Min-kyu and goes to confront him.

At the identical time, Tae-sung is becoming mobbed by reporters outdoors his property demanding to know the connection among him and Si-woo, whose identity has now been revealed. He has a panic attack and collapses, but Han-byeol and Soo-hyuk arrive just in time to protect against the rabid reporters from harassing him any additional.

Though Tae-sung recuperates, the agency tries to figure out a program of action. Si-woo desires to inform the truth about their mother-son connection, but she holds back for Tae-sung’s sake and wonders if it was incorrect of her to return to Korea. Excuse me, ma’am, do you nevertheless need to have to ask?

But as it turns out, Si-woo returned mainly because she’s losing her memories and desires to apologize to Tae-sung prior to she loses it all. I locate this arc pretty disappointing and I do not know if I’m supposed to really feel sorry for her, or for Tae-sung, whose life keeps obtaining far more difficult.

At least Tae-sung has men and women on his side — like Ki-bbeum who writes an write-up in his help (earning a thumbs up from Soo-hyuk), Da-hye the fangirl who goes guns blazing at the hate comments, and Jung-yeol who catches TaeByeol in the middle of a hug, and pretends to go back to sleep quickly. Lol.

But there are far more men and women against Tae-sung, like the director – and crew – of his drama. They’ve place his shooting schedule on hold in repsonse to hundreds of netizen criticizing Tae-sung and sharing absurd theories about his appreciate triangle with “lawyer D” and Si-woo, who he supposedly has an African kid with. *Facepalm*

At this point, I just want to scream! Aside from the reality that we’ve circled back to this African nonsense, do not these netizens know simple biology? How can an Asian man have an African kid! To no one’s surprise, even though, Ki-bbeum’s boss marinates in all the craziness, and eggs his employees on to create far more inciting articles.

It is refreshing to see Ki-bbeum ultimately stand up to her boss on the thoughtlessness of the media, and then knock back a couple of drinks with Soo-hyuk soon after a stressful day’s operate. Make this ship sail, dear drama gods.

When a image of Yoo-sung selecting Si-woo up from the airport is sent to Tae-sung, he chooses to trust Yoo-sung, rather of suspect him. But when Yoo-sung tries to convince him that admitting his mother-son connection with Si-woo is the finest way to place an finish to all the speculation, Tae-sung feels betrayed. He lashes out at Yoo-sung for becoming just like the other managers who place organization more than the feelings and welfare of the celebrities in their care.

Yoo-sung is understandably hurt by this, and for an individual who has been such a rock and a Mr. Repair-It for other individuals, this is the initial time I’ve noticed Yoo-sung appear so crushed. But for a adjust, it is good to see Ho-young give him the help he requires and play the aspect of becoming a rock he can lean on – each actually and figuratively – and this is my preferred scene of the week!

Min-kyu is not apologetic for plunging Tae-sung into this mess, and he believes Tae-sung deserves each bit of it mainly because he didn’t show up to Yoon-woo’s funeral. He also accuses Han-byeol of not safeguarding Yoon-woo – some thing she admits to, and then says they suffered for it. Who are the “they”?

We wrap up this week’s episodes with Eun Si-woo at a press conference about to make a major announcement, but we have to wait till subsequent week to hear what she has to say, alongside the mystery of what ever occurred with Yoon-woo.

As if this week wasn’t depressing sufficient, Jae-hyun and Yoo-na have broken up, Dae-soo is now alone on set, and in an art mirroring life circumstance, actor Yoo-sung gets supplied the part of a man in an unrequited appreciate! Seriously, when will the misery finish?

At this point, it feels like the drama has forgotten that it is supposed to be a rom-com and has dived into melo territory. This is not what I signed up for, so can we get back to the light hearted rom-com aspect, please?

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