Film Review: End of the Pale Hour (2021) by Hana Matsumoto

Regardless of the reality that she began her profession as an actress and now largely directs Television series, Hana Matsumoto nonetheless manages to direct the occasional function, with “Dadadada Seventeen” becoming her most renowned perform as of now. Her most up-to-date film is primarily based on the novel &#8220Akegata no Wakamonotachi&#8221 by Masahiko Katsuse and appears like a common Japanese romance, just before it is revealed as some thing a bit far more “unusual” than 1 would count on.&nbsp

&#8220End of the Pale Hour&#8221 is screening at Nippon Connection

The story starts in Tokyo in March, 2012, exactly where the nameless protagonist is about to graduate from university and has just been invited to a gathering of “winners” who have received job presents from effectively-identified corporations. Although there, he meets a nameless lady, who, a couple of moments later, invites him to have a drink with her. He leaves the celebration, meets her at a nearby park, below the shadow of a sculpted blue whale and straight away falls in adore. A couple of days later they commit the evening collectively and their partnership officially starts, cemented in a getaway in a resort hotel. A bit later although, she breaks make contact with fully, leaving him shattered. All the when, the young man also has to face the reality of corporate Japan, especially considering that his placement in the “general work” division is nothing at all he was hoping for. By means of all his troubles, the only 1 who stands by his side is a buddy and colleague, Ishida&nbsp

Hana Matsumoto directs a film that functions in 3 levels. The initial 1 is the romantic story, which primarily contains all the adore-at-initial-sight cliches, but with two twists. The initial 1 is the plethora of sex scenes, which, though do not exhibit a great deal nudity, are pretty sensual in their presentation, in an uncommon strategy for Japanese cinema. The second is the disappearance of the girl, which presents a sense of mystery and also permits Matsumoto to discover the concert of grief and coping with, when the revelation of what occurred, adds one more notch to this intriguing strategy to the entire romance.&nbsp

The second element is corporatism, and how the entire factor operates, especially for newcomers, with the “caste” program inside the enterprise the young man starts functioning, and the strictness to ridiculous guidelines as the bending of the stamping, highlighting this reality in the most eloquent matter. That the young man is disappointed pretty much from the starting, with his sole solace becoming the girl and Ishida, is an element that overlaps the two levels, considering that he manages to cope appropriate till the girl disappears from his life. At the similar time, that Ishida follows a fully diverse path in the similar enterprise from starting to finish, also highlights this level, whose presentation is equally realistic and entertainingly dramatic.&nbsp

The third level contains a music promotion of sorts, with the scenes that appear like music videos identified right here aplenty, in an element that is attractive, especially to these who like the music of the rock band Macaroni Empitsu, who have penned the theme song, but also extends the duration of the film to 116 minutes, unnecessarily.&nbsp

In addition, that the film lags in common becomes apparent a quantity of instances, with a quantity of scenes that either final for also lengthy or are unnecessary, with some of the music video ones becoming the most evident in that regard. As such, the editing emerges as slightly faulty, each in this regard, and also on the reasonably slow pace, that strips the film from most of the tension it could exhibit.

On the other hand, the acting is on a really higher level. Takumi Kitamura as the young man highlights each his enthusiasm and his disappointment with eloquent measure, when Yuin Kuroshima is great as the “one in charge”. In addition, a confronting scene emerges as 1 of the most impactful in the film, also highlighting the chemistry of the two, which is, although, evident all through. Lastly, Raiku as Ishida is pretty convincing as the “ultra-cool” buddy, with his look assisting the most in that regard.&nbsp

In addition, Yuta Tsukinaga’s cinematography captures the different places with artistry and realism, when the music video sequences and the presentation of the park are pretty memorable.&nbsp

“End of the Pale Hour” has its difficulties, especially concerning its pace and duration, but emerges as an fascinating film in the finish, for its story, comments about the corporate planet, and acting.&nbsp



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