Kiss Sixth Sense: Episodes 1-2


Kiss Sixth Sense: Episodes 1-two

Disney+ dropped the initial two episodes of the straightforwardly named Kiss Sixth Sense this week featuring what may perhaps be some of the strangest superpowers in K-drama history. Fortunately, the guidelines of this planet are set up immediately and do not look as well complex (however), so we can settle in and get straight to the action — and boyyy was there extra action than I was bargaining for.


We meet our heroine HONG YE-SOOL (Seo Ji-hye) at her workplace exactly where she operates virtually about the clock as the newly promoted PM of an marketing agency. But prior to we study about her perform, we get a extra curious moment exactly where she is in a position to predict the get started of a rain shower down to the second and tells us that it is her sixth sense.

As it turns out, any time her lips come in make contact with with a further person’s physique, she sees that person’s future. Are you prepared for this setup? In this instance, the lady who is about to slip and fall in the rain had earlier smacked her lengthy locks into Ye-sool’s lips in a crowded elevator. Therefore, the miraculous fortune telling on Ye-sool’s element, and the get started of a lot of eyebrow raising on ours.

We get Ye-sool’s backstory from an inner monologue and come across out her powers began when she was a kid and kissed the hand of her dying father. Given that then, any passing brush by the lips or complete-on kiss offers her a vision that “always comes correct,” even though she does not know when it will come about.

The sad element is that anytime she’s kissed somebody she loved, she’s observed their future… but not with her. With somebody else. To stay away from this, Ye-sool has vowed under no circumstances to kiss any person once more — going so far as to play sick and place on a mask to evade make contact with with a boyfriend. Of course, this leads to the similar outcome she is attempting to stay away from: break-up. Regardless of whether she sees the guy’s future and dumps him preemptively, or tries not to see his future and gets ditched for lack of intimacy, she’s doomed either way.

Given that this is dramaland, exactly where the accidental kiss-o-meter is off the charts, avoiding make contact with is not an choice. Cue our male lead CHA MIN-HU (Yoon Kye-sang) who is Ye-sool’s boss and seeming adversary. What we know about him so far is that even though he yells a lot and Ye-sool thinks he hates her, he also worries about her overall health, supports her in her new part, and even compliments her perform by the finish of Episode two.

When 1 of their industrial sets (in an ad for a mattress, no much less) gets rained out and the two have to go clean up in the downpour, a classic trip-and-fall kiss onto mentioned mattress leads Ye-sool to see their future — gulp — with each other.

And what a racy future it is. In a blurry vision she sees them enter an apartment, knock more than a potted plant, and retain kissing like crazy persons till they hit the bedroom. Yowza. Though they’re undressing, she notices a deep scar on his back that later, in a requisite shirtless scene, we see does not presently exist on Min-hu’s physique.

This lack of continuity tends to make Ye-sool doubt her vision of the future. Not only does she really feel intense dislike for this guy (so, how could this come about?!) but also he does not have the scar (so, it cannot be him, appropriate?). That is, till he gets mentioned scar.

The group is operating a pop-up occasion for the mattress organization they’re carrying out the ad for, and every little thing is going effectively — virtually as well effectively. Then, a random homeless guy causes a disturbance. Ye-sool gets knocked backwards off the set, and Min-hu catches her — hence acquiring the corner of a set piece jabbed in his back… at the quite place of his future scar.

This catch is in juxtaposition to an earlier scene exactly where Min-hu let Ye-sool fall down some stairs, even even though he was in distance to assistance her. What changed considering that then? Nicely, the accidental kiss.

We gradually study that Min-hu is super sensitive to sensory inputs like sights, sounds, and smells (in truth, he’s taking a barrage of medicines to tamp down the discomfort from sensory overload). At the pop-up occasion, he had asked for the set to be reinforced prior to the disturbance occurred. It is not clear if his additional-sensory powers just allow him to far better predict dangers, or if he also has premonitions of his personal, but by way of a further character we come across out that when he kisses somebody he gets “sick.”

OH JI-YOUNG (Lee Joo-yeon), our probable villain and definite misdirection for our female lead, is the actress starring in the mattress industrial. She clearly has a issue for Min-hu, mentions that they kissed in the previous, and says she desires to do it once more. Min-hu says it wasn’t actually a kiss and that their lips just touched final time (sounds like a recurring theme for him).

Ji-young goes to Min-hu’s apartment, like the forceful second lead female that she is, and notices that he’s sick like he was immediately after their “kiss.” She demands to know who he’s kissing now, but Min-hu shows no interest in her and ushers her into the elevator to leave. Though we do not know precisely how kissing impacts him, we do know some thing has changed in his attitude toward Ye-sool considering that their lips touched.

At the hospital exactly where Min-hu is acquiring stitched up immediately after his fall, Ye-sool discovers that she and Min-hu have the similar medical doctor (Tae In-ho) who, as it turns out, is a pal of Min-hu from higher college who knows about his skills/sensitivities. The medical doctor asks Ye-sool to drive Min-hu house, but he passes out in the automobile prior to they arrive, and Ye-sool has to piggyback him upstairs (good to see the common-old piggyback ride with the roles reversed).

After inside his apartment, Ye-sool realizes it is the location from her earlier vision and we get a totally fleshed out (pun intended) make-out scene. Ye-sool (like me) desires to see extra and leans in for a further kiss even though Min-hu is passed out — except he opens his eyes just prior to she gets a likelihood, and that is exactly where we finish for the week.

I was worried about how kitschy Kiss Sixth Sense would be, but I have to say it is exceeding my expectations so far. Though it feels a tiny predictable and there are absolutely extra tropes on the way (any person else acquiring a attainable childhood connection vibe linking their skills?), it is packin’ some really serious spice.

I’m seeking forward to seeing how these two make their way to every other and, also, how every of them will create as they do. At the moment, the stakes are not as well higher (but we’ve however to meet our second male lead) and the premise could possibly not make total sense, but it is undoubtedly entertaining. I feel my sixth sense could possibly have been off on this 1. Surprisingly, I’m hooked.

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