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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for much more (or agonizing when there was no much more), and what produced you want to throw your remote by means of the screen? Time to weigh in…



At present covering: Enjoy All Play

My Liberation Notes: Oof, final weekend’s episodes practically killed me. They have been beautifully accomplished, and the time-jumping and editing produced it even much more so, but my heart was not ready for any of that, and it hit rather challenging. I felt like my heart was becoming steamrolled and then reversed more than, so by the time we got to the ending scenes with Mi-jung and Gu, I gobbled up these smiles like nobody’s company.

Shooting Stars: Haven’t watched this week’s episodes but but I will need anything cute and silly badly all my other dramas (ahem, Liberation and Enjoy All Play) have been so sad and heavy.

Kiss Sixth Sense: With my beloved Yoon Kye-sang and Kim Ji-suk right here, there’s no way I couldn’t tune in. And the two premiere episodes have been kinda just what I anticipated: a standard setup, seriously higher production worth, and the guarantee of kisses to come. For a drama that had to set up a lot of “fantasy” components, they did it in a enjoyable way, and for some explanation I’m relieved I enjoyed the drama as significantly as I did — particularly with my disappointment level more than Welcome to Wedding Hell (do not bother, people).



At present covering: Once again My Life, Woori the Virgin

Showtime Starts!: I discovered my interest dwindling a small bit this week as the plot ditched the murder-of-the-week pattern in favor providing much more precedence to the possessed serial killer that is operating loose. Even though the romance — and Cha-woong’s jealousy — have been amped up, I missed seeing our cop-magician duo pairing up to resolve a new case. The bowling scene sort of produced up for it, although.

Shooting Stars: Element of me feels like the drama jumped the shark a small bit by possessing the housekeeper turn out to be a stalker fan, but I have otherwise been entertained by the bits of suspense her character has added to the plot. Not positive that I’ve enjoyed it to the point that we will need to consist of a second vengeful character, but perhaps it will all come collectively in the finish. I’m honestly anticipating our couple’s romance going public much more than something else mainly because I’m curious to see how the firm will react to and manage the inevitable scandal.

The Sound of Magic: I’ve only watched the initial episode of this one particular so far, but I like it. I’m not commonly a fan of musicals or the imply girl trope, but this one particular is drawing me in with the visuals — each the cinematography and the actors. (Hellllllloooooo, Hwang In-yub!) I’ll finish this one particular, but I could possibly pace myself. It hasn’t rather grabbed me sufficient that I want to spot it at the leading of my priority list and binge although all six episodes in one particular sitting, but we’ll see. That could possibly modify soon after yet another episode.

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