Love All Play: Episodes 11-12


Enjoy All Play: Episodes 11-12

With the truth ultimately out in the open, almost everything begins to alter, and it is a painful road for, nicely, every person. But regardless of this getting a further depressing week in our drama, I’m hopeful that as some time passes and hearts heal, we can come across our characters in a happier location. And by that I imply with our OTP eloping and living their greatest life. Hey, a girl can dream, proper?


If we believed final week was rough, we had been incorrect, simply because this week it is time for the reveal that we’ve been dreading. And no one’s been dreading it like the guy that has to do the revealing.

As our episode opens, we meet every person navigating the chaos of the truth behind Joon-young’s accident. Tae-joon narrates that, “What was bound to get out ultimately gets out,” and we see the chain of events that led to the video getting released on-line: Yi-deun took the video, then lost his telephone at a Computer bang, and the particular person who located it also located the video and uploaded it.

As Joon-young has usually feared, she gets mocked for covering up the truth and loses public sympathy. She’s upset her reputation is lost, and continues to mope and treat every person about her poorly. Jung-hwan’s really like for her continues to baffle me, and he tells her she can use him anytime. It is such a romantic gesture — but it is clear Joon-young does not care about him any longer, and more than the course of the episode, poor Jung-hwan himself ultimately accepts it. But initial he beats Yi-deun to a pulp and gets himself kicked off the national group.

Meanwhile, Tae-yang is nonetheless AWOL right after the incident with Coach Joo. Our group captain (who genuinely shines this week) approaches Tae-joon and tells him to speak Tae-yang into coming back considering the fact that he knows they “have a factor going on” (which he then requires back as a joke, suuuuure).

Tae-yang may return, but the breaking news and its ramifications are of course major to the moment she has been aching for and dreading at the very same time: she can ultimately come clean. A single evening on a stroll with Tae-joon, she tells him he has no notion what it is like to stroll about carrying a bomb in your pocket. Uhh.

He does know, of course, and he tells her this, but also does not want to reveal his secret however (he’s placing off the inevitable outcome, and who can blame him). As an alternative, he goes into swoon mode, and when Tae-yang jokes if his secret is a child, he says, “No, I’m going to have a child with you!” and then proceeds to propose to her, half joking and half really serious. (They genuinely need to just elope with each other and escape this whole mess!)

Regardless of the warnings from the national group coach (who does not want to be additional humiliated), Tae-yang ultimately posts the truth of what occurred on her SNS. And just like that, almost everything modifications. And however does it? The burden has come to light, but she’s nonetheless guilty, miserable, and unforgiven.

Regardless of possessing to cry in generally each and every other scene these days, I am genuinely loving Park Joo-hyun’s overall performance right here. None of the tears or angst really feel melo — it is all very raw and believable, and that is why it is so damn sad.

It is rather telling that at her lowest moment, Tae-yang finds her way back to the mother that abandoned her, and it is a further rough scene. I’m not going to lie — when Tae-joon burst in and dragged Tae-yang away, I was relieved.

Tae-yang is so made use of to self-flagellating that it is acquiring painful to watch — and Tae-joon is the only character that appears to know and intuit what she’s going to do, what she desires, and how she will punish herself subsequent. He brings so significantly assistance and light and warmth to her, and she desires each and every bit of it, regardless of her protestations. When Tae-joon says he loves her and will be about as extended as she desires him, she says: “I know you really like me simply because I’m overwhelmed by your affection.”

Lastly, for the duration of a further evening meetup, Tae-joon blurts out to Tae-yang that he’s Joon-young’s small brother, and she requires it just like we may count on (i.e., like a further bit of happiness she should give up simply because of her crimes).

They’re nonetheless with each other technically, but Tae-joon knows it is all going to come to an finish quickly. Nonetheless, he just floods her with really like and assistance. He buys treats and then asks Young-shim and the other girls on the group to hang out with Tae-yang to cheer her up. He begs the coach to maintain Tae-yang on, considering the fact that she has nowhere else to go. And when Jung-hwan calls Tae-yang outdoors for a private chat, he’s not even a minute behind, lingering in the background to watch out for her. (Can he get much more excellent?)

As I watched the episodes this week I felt like I was waiting for them to break up in each and every scene, and each and every time we got by way of a scene with no it, I felt like rejoicing. When we ultimately get there, even though, it is saaaad. Tae-yang — regardless of Tae-joon’s request — can not even appear him in the eyes to break up and does the complete factor with her eyes shut and tears operating down her face.

If ever there was a couple that necessary each and every other, it is this one particular. And right after seeing the iciness of Joon-young, the awfulness of her parents, and even getting so disappointed by Tae-yang’s adoptive father — gosh, eloping never ever sounded like such a logical escape from this nonsense. As Tae-joon keeps saying, it was an accident. They all require to move on. And also, the plot desires to move on, simply because I want my smiley Tae-joon back, and I want him to be with Tae-yang forever so they can have their babies with each other.

The final reveal that desires to be created is Tae-joon telling Joon-young that he loves Tae-yang. When he does so, she receives it with her usual smirk, and says she currently knew. As it turns out, the final time she met with Tae-yang right after her social post hit the press, Tae-yang told Joon-young herself.

Joon-young does not give forgiveness, but she says she does not want to believe about it — or Tae-yang — any longer and that they need to reduce ties. This leads to Tae-yang saying how difficult it will be… and we all know why. She’s loved Joon-young, she loves Tae-joon, and that affection in itself creates a big conflict for her. She tells Joon-young she’ll break up with Tae-joon, and that is how Joon-young meets her small brother’s confession: “Did she break up with you however?” Gosh, she’s just so cruel.

Speaking of Joon-young’s cruelty, Jung-hwan ultimately realizes it himself, and appears to have his final conversation with her. While he’s also hit rock bottom like every person else at this point, he tells Yoo-min to wait for him till the spring. Their exchange, and Yoo-min’s protectiveness of him, is certainly adorable.

Is this foreshadowing of what we’ll get from our other couple, also featuring an athlete at rock bottom and a particular person who cherishes them? Fairly please? This may be one particular drama exactly where I’m okay with a time jump, considering the fact that it is clear Tae-yang desires time to heal, and she and Tae-joon require to come across a way to be with each other forever regardless of their crappy I-really like-you-but breakup. Everybody deserves improved, such as us.

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