Woori the Virgin: Episodes 5-6


Woori the Virgin: Episodes five-six

Just when you believed this drama couldn’t get any crazier, it ups the ante — but the child mama drama requires a back seat this week as we concentrate on daddies. 1 enthusiastically tries to insert himself into his newfound daughter’s life but fails to see her discomfort, though our daddy-to-be is nevertheless caught in his wife’s clutches and is displeased when his personal father sides against him.


Woori reacts to Sung-il’s paternity declaration ( a.k.a. his “Darth Vader impression,” as I’m referring to it in my head) with disbelief, but the longer Eun-ran remains silent, the guiltier she seems. Gradually, as the validity of Sung-il’s claim grows, Woori’s anger increases, and we flashback to see the extent of Eun-ran’s lies. Not only did Eun-ran claim Woori’s father died, but she also painted a image-ideal image of her deceased father — 1 we, the audience, have an understanding of to be as well fantastical to have been Sung-il. Unable to face Eun-ran, Woori packs her bags and goes to sleep at the workplace.

Though Woori escapes her mother, Ma-ri returns residence to hers soon after Raphael served her with divorce papers for the second time. Mi-ja is not pleased that Ma-ri didn’t stand her ground, so she punches Ma-ri in the eye and tells her to report Raphael for domestic abuse. When once more, Ma-ri does as her mother instructed, and when she arrives at Raphael’s workplace sporting a bruised eye, she’s accompanied by police officers.

When Raphael is released from police custody, he threatens to sue her in retaliation, but Ma-ri counters with, “What takes place if Woori finds out about this?” Raphael, feeling backed into a corner, drops the situation. Poor guy. Prior to these scenes, I located Ma-ri to be a dumb, amusing pawn in her mother’s gold-digging, but the way she blackmailed Raphael and accused him of domestic abuse was downright disgusting. She may possibly act like a simpering fool about her mother, but when she’s offered the chance to flex her personal villainous approaches, it is clear she enjoys getting the upper hand.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, the other father figure in our telenovela-drama (Sung-il) has decided to make up for lost time. In his eagerness, on the other hand, he fails to study Woori’s physique language, which clearly indicates she’s uncomfortable with his enthusiastic attempts to be a aspect of her life. She hesitates to accept his invitation to dinner, but soon after he stares at her hopefully for an excessively extended time, she agrees.

The private candlelit dinner is awkwardly intimate and reminded me of the Beast’s courtship of Belle in Disney’s animated retailing of the fairy tale. Except… rather of getting gauche due to the fact he’s a hideous creature with no social capabilities, Sung-il bumbles his way by way of fatherhood, probably defaulting to romantic gestures due to the fact his only relationships with females have been intimate, not paternal.

More than dinner, Woori is disappointed to find out that Sung-il is absolutely nothing like the father Eun-ran described. Sung-il wasn’t excellent at basketball or skilled in mathematics, and his “good looks” — which have helped Sung-il earn the most Instagram followers amongst his peers — are the outcome of plastic surgery. He also provides Woori a laptop, and she reluctantly accepts it soon after he repeatedly rejects her protestations.

Eun-ran is not pleased that Sung-il is inserting himself into Woori’s life, but he’s eager to be a father now that he’s conscious of her existence. He insists that he has a suitable to know the mysterious situations of Woori’s pregnancy, and Eun-ran lastly lets him in on the secret of Woori’s non-miraculous conception.

He’s outraged and right away storms into Jin-hee’s workplace to air his grievances — as her “uncle,” of course. Sadly, he interrupted Jin-hee though she was with a patient (and confirming the patient’s identity for the umpteenth time), and the patient secretly recorded Sung-il’s outburst on her telephone. But extra on that later…

Ahead of he faces the consequences of his public tirade, he shows up at Woori’s office… with flowers, which does absolutely nothing to dispel Ye-ri’s belief that he’s courting Woori. Sung-il may possibly have had the social awareness to hand Ye-ri the flowers at the final minute, but when he pouts that Woori hasn’t applied the laptop he gifted her, he unintentionally fuels Ye-ri’s belief that they’re secretly dating. Ye-ri, not wanting to be a third wheel, turns down his invitation to join them for lunch.

Sung-il makes use of their private meal as an chance to go over Woori’s “situation,” and he delivers his unsolicited suggestions: you must get an abortion. Woori does not appreciate his assumption that getting her biological father now grants him the suitable to advise her on such private matters. His opinion also dredges up insecurities, and so she asks him what he felt the moment Eun-ran lied that she’d gotten an abortion. He admits that he was “relieved,” and Woori draws a firm line in between them.

On leading of her personal father problems, Woori finds out her child daddy also may possibly have some difficulties of his personal. Namely a penchant for abusing his seemingly sweet and loving wife, who would nevertheless like to make the marriage perform. Woori is disgusted by this revelation till Raphael shows her the quantity of proof he has to prove Ma-ri is a crazy-pants adulteress.

He even located a witness — the sweet cleaning lady at Diamond Health-related — who can vouch that she saw Ma-ri with a black eye just before she met with Raphael. He understands that Woori desires a pair of loving parents to raise the small gummy bear, but even if he attempted to reconcile with Ma-ri, it wouldn’t suitable all of the wrongs.

Woori is impacted by Raphael’s earnestness and admires his determination to be a single father. She’s also reminded of her personal upbringing and the single mother who raised her — with some assist from Grandma, of course. The absence of her father may possibly have been noticeable at events like choir recitals, exactly where getting a tall father would have created it less complicated to spot her loved ones in the audience, but she did not develop up without the need of like.

Though he missed her childhood, Sung-il’s (ham-handed) affection and attempts to make up for lost time seem to be genuine, and according to Eun-ran, he’s often been an individual authentically sincere. It wasn’t him that actively pushed for Eun-ran to get an abortion. It was his scary, intimidating mother who dragged Eun-ran to the clinic.

Right after the video of Sung-il yelling at Jin-hee goes viral, a reporter catches him privately meeting with Woori, and Sung-il agrees to an exclusive interview in exchange for Woori’s anonymity. News that he has a secret like youngster causes his reputation — and quantity of Instagram followers — to tank, but he pretends that he is fine when Woori calls to verify on him.

Sung-il is not the only 1 going to bat for Woori, although. Raphael meets with Jin-hee to inform her, “You made this giant mess, so you must be the 1 to clean it up.” And so, Jin-hee posts a video explaining the context of Sung-il’s rant, and his quantity of Instagram followers skyrockets once more.

Though all of this craziness has been going on, 1 individual is noticeably absent in Woori’s help group: Gang-jae. KIM MI-YOUNG (Yoo Chae-eun) has been identified as the killer in the Diamond Health-related Foundation murder, and Gang-jae is determined to prove that she is somehow connected to Chairman Kim. But all his investigative perform and stakeouts have reduce into his potential to be there for Woori.

So when Raphael arranges for Woori and her loved ones — Sung-il integrated — to have a private screening of Eun-ran and Grandma’s residence film of Woori’s choir recital, Gang-jae is late, arriving just in time to see everybody walking out of the constructing — laughing, smiling, and seemingly not missing his presence. Cue: Gang-jae fading into the shadows as a wave of unfavorable feelings crashes more than him. (Dun… Dun… DUN!)

It comes as no surprise that he starts to show his jealous side, but Woori pretty much quickly picks up on his darkening mood. She holds his hand and shows him affection, even though the rest of her loved ones pays Raphael accolades.

The 1 individual Raphael hasn’t managed to charm, on the other hand, is his personal father. Duk-bae is keen to overlook all of Ma-ri’s faults and rewards her for her atrocious behavior by placing the title of a constructing in her name! Duk-bae’s acceptance of Ma-ri is massively inappropriate, so a great deal so that even Raphael is like, “You take her.”

The reality that Duk-bae — who’s currently an established cradle robber — seemed to take into account the concept was a bit ick, but am I weird for shipping the two of them, if only due to the fact it gets Ma-ri out of Raphael’s way of getting with Woori?

And just when you consider Ma-ri and her dear mama have reached peak train-wreck-that-you-can’t-appear-away-from, enter PARK DOO-PAL (Kim Sa-kwon), Ma-ri’s ex-lover, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband who’s nevertheless legally married to her. As with all of Ma-ri’s exes, he’s a true winner. I imply that with just about every ounce of sarcasm I possess, buuuuuut I can’t say that he and Ma-ri are not deserving of every single other.

As we find out about Ma-ri’s connection to Doo-pal, we also confirm what we’ve currently suspected: Mi-ja is into some shady sh!t. A flashback reveals that she was (is?) some sort of gang leader. Right after getting her guys beat Doo-pal to a pulp — though Ma-ri watched, btw — he got in a vehicle and drove more than Mi-ja, causing the injury that place her in a wheelchair.

Now that Doo-pal is out of prison and conscious of the small gold digging scam Ma-ri and Mi-ja have going on, he shows up at Mi-ja’s residence to blackmail her and Ma-ri. He desires cash in exchange for his silence. Ma-ri puts up a fight, but Doo-pal knocks her out. Mi-ja appears on helplessly though Doo-pal picks up a knife and looms more than Ma-ri’s unconscious kind with a murderous gleam in his eye, until…

Whack! A image comes down more than Doo-pal’s head, causing him to pass out. And who swung the image? That is suitable, it was Mi-ja, and she’s standing! On her personal! For the reason that apparently she’s been faking her injury this entire time, and not even her personal daughter is conscious of it.

Meanwhile, Woori and Gang-jae go on a glamping trip with each other to attempt and rekindle their partnership, which has been on the rocks ever because she was accidentally artificially inseminated. Even although they have to consume raw ramyeon and the rain causes their tent to collapse, all the small setbacks lead to bonding, and by way of a series of flashbacks, we see how a equivalent mishap brought them with each other. And it is undoubtedly not the meet-cute I was expecting. It was way much better.

I assumed that Woori and Gang-jae met by way of church, but they truly initial met when Gang-jae mistook her for a thief he and his companion have been tracking down. Startled, Woori dropped Grandma’s giant knife on the ground, and Gang-jae panicked when he saw the possible weapon. So he tased her.

Inexplicably, each of them have been right away smitten with every single other, but neither of them did something about it for two entire years. It wasn’t till Gang-jae heard a false rumor that Woori was signing up to turn out to be a nun that he located the gumption to confess. And the rest, you could say, was history.

Their partnership seems to be on the mend, but there is 1 smaller difficulty: Gang-jae is nevertheless maintaining the reality that he knew Ma-ri was an adulteress a secret from Woori. And when Woori finds out, she’s devastated, but not for the cause we’d anticipate. Rather, she feels guilty for getting to place him in a position exactly where he felt the will need to lie.

And speaking of liars, Ma-ri and Mi-ja do not know what to do with Doo-pal now that they have him tied up in the living area. They’re attempting to figure out their subsequent methods when Raphael shows up on the doorstep, getting followed Ma-ri to her mother’s residence to attempt and get her to sign the divorce papers. Doo-pal begins crying for assist, and Ma-ri is so desperate to retain Raphael from investigating the noise that she indicators the papers and grants him a divorce. Woo! Lastly!

Raphael’s newfound marital freedom has him further excited to be a father, so a great deal so that he’s eager to show Woori the nursery he’s constructed for the gummy bear. He proudly tells her that he personally picked out every little thing in the area, and if Woori had any lingering doubts that he would be a excellent father, they have been eradicated. I imply, who can resist that proud papa face of his? Not me, that is for positive.

Sung-il, on the other hand, has moved on from attempting to win more than his daughter to attempting to woo Eun-ran. At initial, she seems receptive to his interest, but she has second thoughts. As she explains to Sung-il, she does not have any extended-term dating encounter, and her personal track record tends to make her wary of attempting to rekindle a partnership with him. If they break up, they wouldn’t be the only ones impacted, and Eun-ran does not want Woori to get hurt as a consequence.

Eun-ran’s rejection of Sung-il transitions into Woori and Gang-jae obtaining dressed up to take couple images with each other. Though it is one thing Woori has often wanted to do with her boyfriend, she is faking her enthusiasm, and Gang-jae is not as intuitive to her feelings as she is to his. He fails to see that her eyes are brimming with tears and that her smile is forced till the cameraman points it out.

Woori rushes out of the photography studio, and when Gang-jae stops her, she tells him that she desires to break up — not only due to the fact of his lies, but due to the fact she has also complex his life with her unplanned pregnancy. (And the reality that she told him she wouldn’t hang out with Raphael on her personal, but then she did and lied to him about it. She fails to mention that in her break-up speech, although.)

He does not think she’s getting sincere, and so he demands that she appears him in the eye when she breaks up with him. As the rain begins to drastically pour about them, she returns the engagement ring and meets his eyes. Then she runs off, leaving him to appear soon after her pitifully.

As a member of Group Raphael, I would be lying if I stated that the break-up created me sad. Rather, all I can consider about is how each Raphael and Woori are free of charge to date every single other! Woo hoo! Gang-jae undoubtedly has his moments exactly where he seems to be a sweet and doting boyfriend, and these sides of him have been fairly heavily emphasized this week. And but, in spite of the intentional time offered to them as a couple, I discover myself in this odd position exactly where I somehow dislike them as a couple even extra than just before.

Though their meet-cute and courtship is each hilarious and sweet, it is also a subversion of the common rom-com romance, which ordinarily tends to function the construct-up to an official partnership, though overlooking what takes place soon after.

I’ll be the initial to admit that I’m a sucker for these sorts of stories and attempt not to appear as well deeply beneath the surface (where’s the enjoyable in that?), but as we see this week, Woori and Gang-jae’s fairy tale courtship is rife with communication problems, and nevertheless is. Each of them sat on their feelings for two years, and it took worry (and a misunderstanding) to prompt Gang-jae into action. And soon after 3 years of dating, they are only now sharing their version of events with every single other.

Their breakup is just as dramatic as the rest of their fairy tale, and I’m curious to see what takes place subsequent. I doubt this is the finish for either of our mismatched couples, but I’m weirdly invested in seeing Gang-jae spiral into darkness.

As a great deal as I want this drama to be a wacky romance story in between Woori and Raphael, I also want it to be Gang-jae’s villainous origin story. And if the literal shadows that retain crossing his face are any indication, I consider I’m going to get specifically what I want.

(P.S. I’m sorry for the delayed weecap, Beanies, but I took a small trip to see Monsta X in concert! The encounter was amazing, but it also involved a incredibly extended round-trip train ride with no wifi. *cries in Millennial*)

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