Welcome to Wedding Hell: Episodes 1-3 (First Impressions)


Welcome to Wedding Hell: Episodes 1-three (Very first Impressions)

KakaoTV’s most up-to-date drama is right here, and Welcome to Wedding Hell is like an actual blast from the previous. With an old college really feel, a straightforward plot, and mediocre production all about, I’m not precisely positive what to make of this drama.

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My favored Lee Jin-wook is a desperate and bloodstained one particular (a la Nine: Nine Time Travels and Bulgasal: Immortal Souls), but a rom-com about finding married? Prepared to attempt.

Nonetheless, Welcome to Wedding Hell does not really feel like a fresh take on a couple in their 30s deciding to marry, and hitting obstacles on the way. Rather, it feels like a drama from a decade ago — the sort exactly where characters speak aloud to themselves in the bathroom for our advantage, exactly where the only way the plot progresses is with the leads speaking to their buddies at random places each day, and exactly where there’s normally a portion of you that cannot overlook you are watching individuals act. But excellent and production worth aside, it was nonetheless strangely watchable?

We meet our happily dating couple correct out of the gate: the smiley and sweet hero SEO JUN-HYUNG (Lee Jin-wook), and our overthinking heroine KIM NA-EUN (Lee Yeon-hee). They’ve been with each other for a handful of years, and we get some cute flashbacks to their college days when Jun-hyung attempted to hit on Na-eun with some ultra cheesy choose-up lines.

Very first and foremost on Na-eun’s thoughts correct now is marriage, and when we very first meet her in the present, she’s eagerly observing all the married couples about her, dreaming of that for herself. And whilst her need to get married to Jun-hyung is not only sweet but totally affordable (I imply, that would be me as well), what’s troubling is that for a person in her 30s she appears unable to basically have adult conversations with him.

But it is not totally her fault. We get insight on Na-eun’s position with the support of her two operate buddies, who provide solicited and unsolicited tips all about guys, marriage, revenue, and so forth. And Na-eun is so green and naive that she essentially requires their jaded worldviews as gospel, and then requires all that back to her partnership with Jun-hyung.

This appears to be the key way the plot moves along, and soon after 3 episodes it occurred to me that if Na-eun got some distinct buddies, she wouldn’t have any misunderstandings with Jun-hyung at all. And therefore, there would be no drama. (That is not to say her buddies do not provide some very good tips as effectively, it is just that Na-eun cannot look to field it at all.)

The very first plot point exactly where we see this in action is Na-eun, hungry for marriage with her great and devoted boyfriend, and attempting to broach the topic with him. Rather than bring it up naturally and see what he says, she’s crippled by the warnings from her buddies — namely, that marriage will not ever take place unless the man wills it so.

So, Na-eun tiptoes about the notion of marriage (at some point shouting out the word in aggravation in the middle of a fancy restaurant date) and does not like what she finds. Jun-hyung avoids, coughs, sputters, and at each and every turn, he appears to be ignoring all nuptial discussions.

But we’re not left considering Jun-hyung is a jerkface for as well lengthy — it turns out, he’s been hatching an elaborate proposal occasion which Na-eun practically ruins a number of occasions due to her misunderstandings and overthinking. In the finish, the proposal is a results, and Jun-hyung very good-naturedly says their practically-ruined evening will make for a superior story one particular day. And therefore they’re blissfully engaged.

The proposal was the concentrate of the very first episode, and in the second episode, we move to the subsequent hurdle for our couple: the official meeting of their parents. Right here, it is far more of the very same. Warnings from Na-eun’s buddies, and her overthinking how their parents will interact with every single other, tends to make the formal dinner so considerably far more awkward than it requires to be.

In spite of the unnecessary pressure, our couple is genuinely cute with each other. They’re supportive, understanding, and clearly in enjoy. And Na-eun is not the only one particular who requires negative and/or hugely subjective tips from her buddies — Jun-hyung does the very same with his set of pals (even though with a tiny far more maturity and capability to contact out BS), which leads us into the subject of Episode three. What are they going to do about their finances?

Right here, once again, a straightforward conversation amongst Na-eun and Jun-hyung about their salaries, savings, and price range for the wedding could have created every thing straightforward. Rather, they each strategy the subject with their opinions colored by the jaded tips of their buddies.

Na-eun and Jun-hyung devote most of the episode dancing about conversations about revenue, till at some point, Na-eun comes clean, and the episode ends with a far more straight-forward conversation about how they really should be open with every single other with regards to their economic circumstances. Can you guys just speak and say what’s on your thoughts, alternatively of considering other peoples’ thoughts? Even Na-eun recognizes how considerably power she is wasting worrying about points that have been just in her head.

Anyway, soon after 3 episodes of the very same basic format, I’m expecting this to repeat as we progress by means of the drama. Correct now, soon after wobbling about and at some point functioning their way by means of every single concern, our couple appears to come across every single other in the finish, and land on their feet. Although the drama tends to make you from time to time query how these two have managed to negotiate the adult globe therefore far, it is clear each of their hearts are in the correct location.

I’m left not precisely positive how I really feel about this drama, even though. Lee Jin-wook’s eye smile and the quick episodes support points along, but there’s practically nothing specifically compelling about the setup or the writing. The drama feels like a thing that could have worked okay a number of years ago, but now, it is outdated — and not in the charming way I was hoping (for the reason that then I’d be all in).

On paper I really should enjoy this — I’m a sucker for “old school” dramas, from the cookie cutter format to the predictable writing and cheesy moments. Welcome to Wedding Hell has all these components, but it is somehow missing the charm of a drama from ten-ish years ago that may have completed all the very same points. Ordinarily I come across these sorts of dramas comforting and entertaining to get lost in (in spite of the cheesiness), but for some purpose this one particular is not pulling me in. Even with Kim Mi-kyung playing however one more epic drama mom.

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