Lee Yoo-young schemes with Insider Kang Haneul to take down Heo Sung-tae

May well 26, 2022May 26, 2022

Lee Yoo-young schemes with Insider Kang Haneul to take down Heo Sung-tae
by tccolb

With the premiere now two weeks away, JTBC’s Insider has been releasing additional promos featuring our major cast: Kang Haneul (When the Camellia Blooms), Lee Yoo-young (The Lies Inside), and Heo Sung-tae (Red Heart).

The central character is taken on by Kang Haneul, a judicial apprentice named Kim Yo-han who gets sent on a unsafe undercover mission. When infiltrating gambling dens to crack down on corrupted prosecutors, an unexpected wrench gets thrown into his plans and Kang ends up in jail. There, he plots to get revenge on the men and women who turned their backs on him.
A single individual who provides to assistance Kang Haneul is Lee Yoo-young. Her character, Oh Su-yeon, is a lady of lots of faces and is properly-regarded in the business enterprise globe for her competence and achievement. Partnering with Kang Haneul, they agree to come to be every other’s swords and safe a win-win predicament for each of their objectives.
Their major challenge comes from Heo Sung-tae, who plays the ambitious prosecutor Yoon Byung-wook. By covering up white collar crimes, he’s constructed a network of wealthy sponsors who gave him the edge to rise up in his profession. But when Kang Haneul gets also close to the truth, Heo personally gets involved in order to get rid of Kang.
The supporting cast involves Kim Sang-ho (Rookie Cop), Moon Sung-geun (The Fantastic Shaman Ga Doo-shim), Kang Young-seok (Military Prosecutor Doberman), and Heo Dong-won (Sell Your Haunted Home), who are all showcased in the newest poster.

The newly released video is a teaser of the drama’s title sequence. Even though it largely capabilities Kang Haneul, the concentrate is on the story’s major themes and plot points, such as duality, justice, and games. The captions introduce the actor names, Kang Haneul, Lee Yoo-young, Heo Sung-tae, and Kim Sang-ho. The text also introduces the writer, Moon Man-se, and the director, PD Min Yeon-hong. The video then closes on the empty prison corridor as the lights flicker off 1 by 1.
JTBC’s new action-suspense Insider premieres June eight in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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