Anime Review: Millennium Actress (2001) by Satoshi Kon

“A star is born” is 1 of these prevalent phrases we typically use or study confirming the status of particular folks thought of to be beyond our attain. There is an exciting parallel involving the worshiping of stars, musicians, actors or artists, and the status of gods or icons in ancient myths and globe religion. Offered the status of the cinema screen or the stage of a concert becoming slightly above the crowd appears to confirm the notion of a group of folks whose performances, creations and general persona offers them god-like qualities, a type of becoming untouched by time or culture, which is far more than clear provided the worldwide admiration for people today like Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley. This so-named “star-phenomenon” is the foundation of acclaimed director Satoshi Kon&#8217s 2001 function “Millennium Actress”, which tells the story of a Japanese actress whose quest to search for her lost like, has influenced her status amongst pop culture, producing her a star whose significance withstands criteria like time and location.

&#8220Millenium Actress&#8221 is screening at Nippon Connection

Immediately after lots of attempts to schedule an interview with renowned actress Chiyoko Fujiwara about her operate and legacy, Television reporter Genya Tachibana and cameraman Kyoji Ida lastly handle to be invited to her dwelling. Even even though she has starred in a plethora of well-known characteristics and played a main part in manifesting the reputation of Ginei Studios, who has lately gone bankrupt, she has retired 30 years prior and lived a reclusive life, rejecting new roles and scripts as effectively as other presents from journalists, stressing the extraordinary chance Tachibana now has. As he and his colleague are welcomed by Fujiwara and her maid into their dwelling, the reporter opens the interview by providing her a important he believed she had after lost for the duration of the shooting of a film. The item and the memory it triggers lays the foundation for Chiyoko to start her story, which starts for the duration of her childhood in the Sino-Japanese War, when she helped a dissident attempting to escape the police.

Days go by and lastly the political activist is prepared to leave, but not with out saying goodbye to his savior, telling her about the significance of the important he carries with him, which will open “the most significant thing”. At some point, the authorities catch wind of the doable place of the dissident, but the man escapes however once again, leaving behind his important as the only memory Chiyoko has of him. As borders involving reality and fiction start to blur, with Tachibana and Ida accompanying Fujiwara on her quest to Manchuria, exactly where she hopes to obtain the strange man and an answer to the significance of the important, she also finds her way into acting as her initial project offers her the likelihood of starring in a function set in Manchuria. Despite the fact that her search proves unsuccessful, Chiyoko&#8217s dream of becoming an actress comes accurate, and she believes that with her rise to fame the man she after saved could 1 day see her on the huge screen and come to her after far more.

In lots of techniques, “Millennium Actress” can be thought of a companion piece to Kon&#8217s 1997 function “Perfect Blue”. Each stories deal with the star-phenomenon, albeit from contrasting angles, and when “Perfect Blue” emphasizes notions of obsession, depression and schizophrenia which can be traced back to the notion, “Millennium Actress” regards the star as some type of accumulation of dreams, hopes and longings, in lots of techniques an idealized version of a particular person&#8217s or even a nation&#8217s history which only the thoughts of a filmmaker can come up with. Apart from the general colour scheme and themes, the character of Chiyoko shares rather a couple of similarities with Mima Kirigoe from “Perfect Blue” as each females&#8217s status as stars make them seamlessly “cross over” to several layers of time and location, and even take other people today with them as we can see with Genya and Koyji becoming aspect of Chiyoko&#8217s account of her life, her several roles and stories. On yet another level, the audience experiences a comparable sensation when 1 is absolutely immersed into the fantasy presented on the screen. All through his profession, Satoshi Kon has constantly searched for that precise connection, that metaphor for the encounter of seeing yet another globe which, in its most intense type, bends time and location resembling Alice&#8217s exploration of the rabbit hole in Lewis Carroll&#8217s timeless story.

Whereas “Perfect Blue” explores the darkness of stardom, “Millennium Actress” is each a like letter to filmmaking and the several developments inside the Japanese film sector. Despite the fact that the starting of the story shows the bleak sight of the demolished studio, evoking the thought of the destroyed illusion with its plethora of costumes and props scattered on the ground, Chiyoko&#8217s status as a star, the numerous characters she has played re-constructs the illusion or the dream in all its glory. In the course of the story we, comparable to Tachibana and Ida, encounter the several stages of Japanese film, with several references to iconic moments in film history, such as Ishiro Honda&#8217s “Godzilla” and Akira Kurosawa&#8217s “Throne of Blood”. At the identical time, the film appears to come to be a reflection of the historic reality and a doable vision of the future, with Chiyoko starring in a science-fiction function and exploring the universe, which is soon after all the location exactly where stars belong.

In the finish, “Millennium Actress” is a superb function by Satoshi Kon, a story about the magic of making illusions and the encounter of becoming absolutely immersed with a film. Its animation, richness in themes and likable characters confirm its director&#8217s status as 1 of the top figures in animated characteristics, but also beyond, as Kon&#8217s creativity and like for the medium becomes all the far more apparent.



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