Red Heart: Episodes 7-8


Red Heart: Episodes 7-eight

Secrets are revealed, and the ensuing fallout pushes every single of our principal characters into a corner. Will they pick enjoy, or energy? And is it ever achievable to have each?



Jung vows to Gye-won that she’ll earn the king’s affection, but we all know she currently has. So when she pays Tae a go to in broad daylight “simply to see his face,” it leads to a private moment in which Jung confesses her enjoy for him.

Tae says the words back, and even though he clearly indicates it as well, there’s discomfort fraught in his gaze. However once again, Tae asserts that his enjoy pales in the face of what he will have to do the lady he requires is not Jung, so she ought to quit attempting to tempt him beneath Gye-won’s orders. Oof, the way Tae cannot meet her gaze as he tells her all this…

Needing justification to push forward with the queen’s choice, Gye-won seeks the queen dowager out with a request — to vacate her position. We see this scene juxtaposed with a single from the previous, in which Gye-won asks her to turn out to be the then-king’s concubine, and tears fall from each their eyes.

In the present, the queen dowager points out that it would be as well suspicious for her to all of a sudden fall sick out of nowhere. Providing up a smaller, sad smile, she requires quite a few actions back, tipping herself towards the lake.

All along, Gye-won has been painted as somebody who would willingly sacrifice enjoy for energy, but for after his feelings win out. He races towards the queen dowager in a panic, grasping her hand and falling into the water with each other.

Afterwards, it is played off as a mere accident, even though Tae is clearly suspicious of the entire matter. In any case, the queen dowager’s absence leaves the internal court clear, and the two concubines are pushed to step up.

Of course, that sets the stage for calculated internal strife. After the scandalous news of palace servants taking sides and fighting reaches the ministers’ ears, it is not extended ahead of they’re beseeching Tae to pick a queen.

Tae catches on rapid, even though. With the assist of his trusty eunuch, he immediately finds out that Jung’s court lady orchestrated the conflict that began at the supplies workplace.

Tae heads to Jung’s quarters to confront her, and immediately after sending her servants out, Jung ultimately confesses that she does not want to survive alone once again. In spite of losing her complete loved ones ahead of, this time, she’ll make positive to safeguard the folks that entered the palace for her sake.

In the meantime, the conflict escalates. A royal loved ones member was caught getting intimate relations with a court lady, which sparks debate amongst the scholars and the royals more than regardless of whether he ought to be exiled or merely place on probation. Tae’s damned if he does, and damned if he does not.

With all this turmoil unfolding in the background, Jung tends to make a bold and shocking selection — she reveals to Gye-won that she is the deposed crown princess, extended believed to be dead.

It is fairly a bit of brilliant timing Gye-won cannot oust her now with out threatening his personal position and losing his grasp on his ambitions. Jung declares that from this moment on, she’ll threaten him — the tables have been turned.

Meanwhile, the seeds of conflict are also sowed amongst Gye-won and his son Nam-sang. Upon obtaining out that Nam-sang relayed Jung’s suggestion to the scholars, which place Jung’s path to the throne in a precarious position, Gye-won declares that he will have to crown the future king himself.

Of course, that is met with protest from Nam-sang, who points out his energy-hungry father’s arrogance. Gye-won erupts in anger, screaming at his son and hurling his sword to the floor.

Seeing his father in a new light for the 1st time, Nam-sang is clearly shaken, and tears cloud his eyes as he realizes just how deeply his father’s morals (or lack thereof) conflict with his personal.

Regrettably, Gye-won is not fazed a single bit by his son’s dissent. Gye-won hatches a plot to poison Jung’s tea, but the queen dowager virtually becomes collateral harm (till Gye-won arrives just in time to snatch away her cup).

It is clear Gye-won feels threatened by Jung, who’s clever sufficient to comprehend that he was behind the plot that framed her loved ones. She’s no pushover, and she’s determined to stand her ground against Gye-won’s treachery.

Gye-won is not pulling any punches, even though, and he quickly finds out that Tae’s trusty eunuch was accountable for saving a young Jung and hiding her away in the village she grew up in.

That sends Gye-won to confront Tae in a rage, but Tae points out that Gye-won is equally culpable — he submitted a traitor’s daughter for the queen choice course of action.

Proper on cue, Jung enters the area, declaring herself to be the former crown princess. To the shock of each males, she names Gye-won as the individual who saved her back then. Accusing Gye-won of treason, Jung entreats Tae to turn her into the State Tribunal and investigate the matter adequately.

Whoa, that is a single move I didn’t see coming. Jung managed to set all the pieces in location correct beneath Gye-won’s nose she’s currently gotten all the folks involved in her rescue to corroborate their stories and pin Gye-won as the mastermind.

Tae understands that this indicates Jung will also be executed, nonetheless, which tends to make him reluctant to act. Privately, Jung reassures Tae of her conviction she would rather die for his bring about than reside forever on the run.

Gritting his teeth by means of his tears, Tae vows to honor her sacrifice and rise as Joseon’s accurate king.

The heart desires what it desires, even though, and Tae ends up apologizing to Yeon-hee and walking out on their consummation evening. He heads straight for Jung alternatively, obtaining her gazing out forlornly more than the lake. Overwhelmed by enjoy and longing, he pulls her into a kiss, consequences be damned.

I’ll be sincere, Jung’s sacrifice didn’t fairly land for me the way it was intended to. Coming this early in the story, I feel it was fairly apparent it wouldn’t operate out the way she hoped. (If a drama actually dared to kill off its heroine halfway by means of, I’d commend it for its bravery, even though I envision it’d also incite a lot of angry viewers.)

Now that a very good deal of the cards have been laid out on the table, I’m anticipating Gye-won’s retaliation. He’s undoubtedly not going to take this humiliation lying down, and with feelings operating higher on each sides, it appears like the fight’s only going to get uglier.

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