Hwang In-yub believes in Seo Hyun-jin in new promos for Why Her

Might 25, 2022May 25, 2022

Hwang In-yub believes in Seo Hyun-jin in new promos for Why Her
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As we head toward premiere week, SBS has been pushing out extra promos for the upcoming Why Her? and we study extra about the backstory that ties our key characters collectively.

In the central part, Seo Hyun-jin (You Are My Spring) plays a lawyer who has sold her soul to the devil, in a sense, for the sake of survival and results. In spite of how a great deal she has changed considering the fact that Hwang In-yub (The Sound of Magic) final met her ten extended years ago, Hwang is ever loyal to Seo and vows to guard her.
Naturally, the drama’s significant terrible Heo Jun-ho (Snowdrop) is not about to just let Seo Hyun-jin get in the way of his master program. We also have a fourth player mixed in: Hwang’s fellow law student Bae In-hyuk (At a Distance, Spring Is Green).

The most current video teaser starts in the previous when a younger Hwang In-yub was out in the rain at evening, searching for an individual named Na-jung. Hwang calls for support when he finds the physique, but we reduce to him in prison exactly where he rages at a cowering Seo Hyun-jin, “You’re not going to listen or think what I say. So, get lost. I stated get lost!” Seo does not leave, even though, and reassures Hwang alternatively that, “By the way, I do think you.”
We then jump forward to the present-day Hwang In-yub who admits, “I actually missed you.” The appearing text screen reveals that Seo Hyun-jin was the only particular person who had believed Hwang in the previous. But now, ten years later, Seo sings a various tune: “I do not trust my customers. I trust myself to defend them.” To this, Hwang argues, “But Professor, you weren’t constantly like this.”
In the sequence that follows, we see Seo Hyun-jin struggling with trauma and busying herself with perform. We hear a lady calling Seo ruthless and inquiries what will even take place when she gets to the best. Seo tells her, “I’m just attempting to reside. If I do not do this, I really feel like I’m going to die.” An angry Seo Hyun-jin then meets with Heo Jun-ho to demand an explanation, “Park So-young. Did I kill her?” Heo retorts, “The persons say that it is simply because of you. The globe says it!”
Back at law college, Seo confronts Hwang In-yub about his behavior asking, “Why do you preserve crossing the line?” But Hwang just replies, “Because I be concerned about you. A lot.” We then flash back to his application interview, when the recruiter had asked why he wanted to attend law college. Hwang responds that, “There’s a particular person I actually want to discover,” and the teaser comes to a close on Seo Hyun-jin.
Premiering subsequent week on June three, SBS’s Why Her? is directed by PD Park Soo-jin with scripts penned by Kim Ji-eun. The drama follows Once more My Life in the Friday-Saturday slot.

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