Our Blues: Episodes 13-14


Our Blues: Episodes 13-14

Relationships are challenging, and individuals are complex. Even the greatest of good friends can hurt every single other, and the sweetest partners can break hearts. Although it could be much easier to pretend almost everything is all correct in the moment, our characters find out that if they want a healthier connection with the ones they enjoy, then often challenging conversations are needed to heal wounds and develop.

EPISODES 13-14 WEECAP: Mi-ran &amp Eun-hee Young-ok, Jung-joon &amp Young-hee

Mi-ran’s quick stop by to Jeju stirs up Eun-hee’s bottled feelings, but alternatively of addressing these troubles, she continues playing the element of the loyal buddy. Unaware of their developing rift, Mi-ran tidies up Eun-hee’s home in the morning and casually flips by way of her diary because she believes there are no secrets involving them. At initial, the entries are practically nothing a lot more than mundane sales logs, but Mi-ran sits in shock when she reads the most recent web page exactly where Eun-hee describes her as a selfish, two-faced brat.

When Eun-hee comes house from function, Mi-ran greets her buddy with a smile, and Eun-hee goes along with the ruse regardless of her frustrations. Later that day, as Mi-ran assists Eun-hee get prepared for their class reunion, Mi-ran asks if she ever hurt her. Eun-hee lies about becoming fine, so Mi-ran tells her that she loves her and drops the subject.

At the celebration, Mi-ran and Eun-hee recreate their higher college dance routine, but the guys intervene and push Eun-hee out of the way. Resigning to the sidelines, Eun-hee grabs a drink by herself, and Myung-bo’s wife joins her to badmouth Mi-ran for searching down on all of them.

Mi-ran measures out to get some finding out supplies for Ok-dong and finds Myung-bo drinking alone at a park. Although she keeps him firm, Myung-bo admits to Mi-ran that he is going to divorce his wife. As a divorcee, she advises him to speak factors out initial, so Myung-bo shows her the bruises and scratches on his physique as nicely as his broken toenails. He tells Mi-ran that his wife has delusional jealousy and has been physically abusing him for years.

Mi-ran comforts her crying buddy, and in that moment, Myung-bo’s wife witnesses them collectively and grabs Mi-ran’s hair. When Eun-hee comes out to verify on them, she promptly jumps in the fight and hits Mi-ran on the back to cease her. Enraged, Mi-ran twists about and slaps her buddy across the face. Clutching her cheek, Eun-hee stares back speechless, but Mi-ran walks away.

At house, the two good friends sit at the table — each sides fueled with unspoken grievances — and their feelings clash. Eun-hee blames Mi-ran for earlier and distrusts her explanation of Myung-bo’s predicament. Feeling betrayed, Mi-ran repeats what she study in Eun-hee’s diary and tells her that her words hurt her for the reason that they came from the particular person who knows her the greatest.

Mi-ran asks once more why Eun-hee is mad at her, but her buddy refuses to speak about the previous. Lashing out, Mi-ran calls her disloyal and provides her a possibility to reduce ties with her. When Eun-hee stays silent, Mi-ran provides to do it for her and leaves the home.

After Mi-ran is gone, Eun-hee realizes how a great deal she has misunderstood her buddy, and the factors she after saw as Mi-ran’s blessings have been her personal assumptions. As an alternative of the town star, Mi-ran was a passing breeze, and Eun-hee notices how small Mi-ran really has. She sees the traces of her buddy left behind in her home and decides to go to Seoul to confront her.

Eun-hee visits Mi-ran’s shop as a guest, and although acquiring a massage, she lastly tells her about the incident from final year. She believed Mi-ran only regarded as her as a pushover and a maid, so Mi-ran corrects her: she was in no way her maid, but she does feel she is a pushover. Explaining her comment, Mi-ran says that everybody in her life is embarrassed of her for becoming divorced, and the only particular person who tends to make her comfy is Eun-hee.

Eun-hee asks why she is a disloyal buddy then, and Mi-ran says that Eun-hee really should have been truthful with her if she was loyal. They each recognize how a great deal the other suggests to them, and as Mi-ran massages her back, Eun-hee grasps the depth of her confession. Even with a loved ones, husbands, and a daughter — factors Eun-hee does not have — the only particular person who really knew her was Eun-hee. Likewise, Mi-ran fills that exact same hole in Eun-hee’s life, and the two good friends reaffirm their friendship.

Although there are larger troubles in their connection that nevertheless will need to be discussed, they are clearly headed in the correct path, and the show tends to make it clear that each Eun-hee and Mi-ran want to repair their friendship. It is correct that Mi-ran can be selfish and inconsiderate, but she is also generous with Eun-hee, not just materially but also emotionally.

Mi-ran was hurt following reading the diary, but her initial response was to recognize Eun-hee’s feelings and make amends. She in no way queries or belittles Eun-hee’s feelings, and only grew frustrated with her when she refused to address their trouble. Mi-ran desires to apologize for hurting her for the reason that she knows how immature she can be at occasions, and her capability to enjoy wholeheartedly is what tends to make her a superior buddy to Eun-hee regardless of her faults.

Although I feel Eun-hee had just about every correct to be mad at her buddy following the prank, it appears that her anger also stemmed from jealousy. Decades of individuals comparing them as the princess and the maid brought on a lot of resentment to pile up. It wasn’t till she heard how everybody definitely saw Mi-ran that Eun-hee realized that they weren’t so distinct following all. Even even though Mi-ran looked carefree and beloved, she was also lonely and misunderstood.

In essence, Eun-hee was hurt by Mi-ran’s words a lot more than the prank itself for the reason that she believed her buddy looked down on their friendship. She began to feel Mi-ran saw her as a maid like everybody else, and alternatively of communicating her feelings, she constructed a wall about herself to steer clear of a lot more heartache. She only saw the error of her way when she discovered that no 1 definitely understands Mi-ran the way she does, and it reminded her of the reality that they are good friends no matter what other individuals may possibly feel.

I’m glad that out of all the stories, these two got the clearest content ending. Friendships are hardly ever the concentrate of stories, in particular involving adults, so it was good to see a complicated portrayal of 1 involving two females that did not revolve about guys. From starting to finish, this arc was about Eun-hee and Mi-ran and even if the road ahead has a handful of bumps, I feel this time they’ll be capable to navigate it improved collectively.

Saying goodbye to Mi-ran, the show returns to Young-ok and Jung-joon’s story… with a new face added to the mix: Young-hee, her twin sister who has Down syndrome and schizophrenia. Young-hee at the moment lives in a house with other individuals like herself, and it is been two years because Young-ok has observed her.

Young-ok tries her greatest to push her sister out of her life as she enjoys her budding connection with Jung-joon and gets closer to the other haenyeos following sharing her secret. Factors look to be searching up for her till she receives a text from Young-hee’s caretaker, explaining how Young-hee wants to keep with her although they renovate the home for a week.

Unable to hide her sister from Jung-joon, Young-ok breaks up with him prior to they can meet, but Jung-joon does not take the news nicely and thinks she is pushing him away for the reason that he talked about marriage. Exasperated, Young-ok makes it possible for him to stick to her to the airport exactly where she picks up Young-hee, and Jung-joon is shocked to see her.

On their way house, Young-ok stops for a bathroom break for her sister and reluctantly introduces her to the other individuals. Although some of them fail to hide their surprise, Choon-hee and the vocal haenyeo (the 1 who wanted Young-ok gone the most) stand up for her and make certain no 1 says something negative about her sister.

Jung-joon comes by to speak with Young-ok once more and reintroduces himself to Young-hee adequately this time. Leaving her sister with the other individuals for a moment, Young-ok requires Jung-joon aside for a private chat and tells him that their connection is no longer entertaining. He tells her that he will not bring up marriage once more but explains how life can’t constantly be “fun.”

He does not recognize why they have to break up when they nevertheless enjoy every single other, but Young-ok says that all her previous boyfriends have been like him at initial. Even so, they got tired of her and Young-hee, and Young-ok refuses to be hurt once more like prior to. She thinks he really should run away although he nevertheless can, but Jung-joon grabs her hand and refuses to let go. He tells her that she underestimated him and will prove to her how a great deal he loves her.

The omnibus format could not be for everybody, but personally, I enjoy the way the show highlights the numerous stories and lives of its characters just about every week. There’s a lot more chance to discover side characters this way and give them depth for the reason that the audience gets to see distinct elements to them as they interact with new groups of individuals.

For instance, Myung-bo could have been a further background buddy, but the show provides him a story and highlights the reality that anybody can be a victim of abuse. The vocal haenyeo is not just an unreasonable antagonist but an understanding grandmother with an autistic granddaughter. It is for the reason that of characters like them that the planet of Our Blues feels lived-in.

I’m searching forward to Young-hee’s introduction to the story, and I trust the show to deal with the subject of disabilities with care. There have been currently a handful of subtle hints from the show depicting the struggles of individuals with disabilities and their households in a society that is generally unaccommodating, and I do not feel they will vilify Young-ok or Young-hee for the sake of drama. Hopefully, factors will function out for the sisters, and perhaps Young-ok can lastly obtain a location she can get in touch with house.

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