My Liberation Notes: Episodes 13-14


My Liberation Notes: Episodes 13-14

It is a rough week, people, so prepare yourselves. In spite of the funds and status, our returned club manager cannot shake thoughts of what he left behind. In his absence, unexpected tragedy strikes our family members, and they’re left to choose up the pieces as finest they can.


We jump back and forth this week in the timeline as we discover what’s been going on with our characters more than the previous 3 years. The episode opens in the present with Gu as Chairman Shin’s appropriate-hand man, managing the host club’s affairs and assisting shield Chairman Shin’s shady dealings from the police.

No additional is the quiet, nature-loving, relaxed Gu – now he’s the tense, exhausted, scaring-funds-out-of-young-girls Gu. He appears just as miserable as he did when we initially met him albeit considerably additional expensively miserable.

He nonetheless thinks of Mi-jung from time to time, and after, even calls his subordinate — who he appears to give random names to — Mi-jung. Gu ultimately cannot take it any longer and hops on a train back to Sanpo.

Ahead of obtaining out how that turns out, we jump back to appropriate immediately after he left to catch up with Mi-jung. On the surface, she appears to be undertaking properly. But she’s becoming reckless and taking unsafe walks alone at evening. Now she’s the a single facing off with wild dogs, wanting to bleed. While, she’s so badass the dog ends up operating away.

Mi-jung is angry and sad about becoming abandoned, but she tries to convince herself a person who ran from happiness is not worth it. Of course, that does not support considerably. Her capability to bottle issues up keeps her family members from being aware of how considerably she’s hurting. That is, till a neighbor asks Hye-sook about their lost dog. She’s naturally confused but appears like a person punched her in the gut when the neighbor says she caught Mi-jung sobbing about losing her dog final month.

Meanwhile, Chang-hee tends to make the bold choice to quit his job. When Ki-jung outs him about it to their parents, it leads to a different tiff with his dad. Chang-hee appears to get by way of to him a small this time, although, when he calls his dad out on his unfair remedy. Chang-hee could be lacking, but he’s by no means accomplished something terrible. Why cannot his dad acknowledge his really hard function and help his taking a break for a though?

Of the 3 siblings, Ki-jung is undertaking the finest, enjoying time with her new boyfriend. Hye-sook desires to meet him and manages to convince Ki-jung to let her observe stealthily. She sits behind them at a restaurant to catch a glimpse of Tae-hoon.

Hye-sook is clearly pleased with him and cannot support herself from approaching. She comes to the table and says she’s ordered them some additional meals, beaming at Tae-hoon all the though to his bafflement. Ki-jung is about to crawl below the table.

Then, we jump ahead once again to Gu. Soon after finding off in Sanpo and waiting at the train station for a though, he ends up going to Mi-jung’s property. He’s baffled when a strange lady comes out of the property and calls Je-ho “yeobo” (term of address for a spouse). WHAT?!

The family members images are down, and the kids’ rooms are empty. Je-ho says they all moved to Seoul. In a absolutely unexpected turn of events, Je-ho shares that Hye-sook died shortly immediately after Gu left. She took a nap a single day and didn’t wake up. Nooo! I did not see this coming. As if this family members wasn’t struggling adequate.

Poor Chang-hee is the a single who finds her. They all struggle to cope with her sudden death – it is clear she was the glue that held their family members collectively. Every person does their portion and tries to hold the property operating in her absence, which they comprehend is no quick feat.

Chang-hee, in distinct, actually methods up. He assists Je-ho out with function and appears immediately after him, creating confident he is not alone also considerably. They commence to develop closer, which is good to see.

As usual, Mi-jung keeps it all in though Ki-jung lets it all out. Mi-jung is quiet and stares at her telephone a lot. She reads old texts and tries to get in touch with Gu, being aware of it will not go by way of. But she’s not the only a single missing him. Chang-hee, also, wishes he could see Gu and speak to him about losing his mom.

Chang-hee at least has Hyun-ah by his side. He casually tells Hyun-ah they should really get married as they stand collectively just before his mother’s physique is cremated. It is not clear how considerably he suggests it – or how considerably Hyun-ah suggests it later when she casually says okay – but I am for this pairing.

Surprisingly, that is not the only proposal created in grief Ki-jung is as impulsive as ever and ends up asking Tae-hoon to marry her in the wake of losing her mother. I’m not shocked she asked, but I am shocked he says yes. Is not this a bit quickly? Yu-rim is nonetheless barely speaking to Ki-jung, so I’m not confident how this is going to function. I was hoping this romance would develop on me, but I’m nonetheless possessing problems finding behind it.

So, it appears, is Hyun-ah’s ex who is continuously teasing them. I adore the weird friendship amongst these 3. Chang-hee continues assisting take care of the ex in the hospital who comments that he normally felt like Chang-hee was a portion of their partnership provided how considerably Hyun-ah talked about him. Heh. They each deny something is going on, but the ex is convinced Hyun-ah has feelings for Chang-hee and tells him so.

Poor Mi-jung cannot catch a break and bargains with even additional nonsense from her awful boss. He’s been cheating on his wife and has the audacity to save his girlfriend’s name as “Yeom Mi-jung” on his telephone. His wife calls Mi-jung who has no issue telling her the truth (for the reason that she saw texts from her personal name pop up on her boss’s computer system) – he’s employing her name to cover his affair.

Mi-jung apparently has lengthy identified which colleague he’s been cheating with, but she’s kept quiet. Now that she knows they’ve been employing her name as a cover, she’s not possessing it, specifically immediately after she saw them becoming lovey-dovey at her mother’s funeral. She confronts her coworker and hits her in the back of the head with her purse. The lady has no issue hitting her back… and then suing her for assault.

Of course, the cheating couple lies to HR about what’s going on, and Mi-jung does not have proof. And the wife is now saying she by no means referred to as. Ugh. So it appears like Mi-jung may possibly have her contract terminated and also has to spend a settlement charge for assault.

Ki-jung finds out that Mi-jung took out loan to spend the settlement charge, and that leads to Mi-jung’s loan to her ex ultimately coming to light. Ki-jung berates her for not telling them sooner, but Chang-hee understands why she didn’t. He damningly notes, “When have we ever relied on family members?” Je-ho appears pained at that.

1 constructive immediately after the tragedy of Hye-sook’s death is that Je-ho ultimately begins to fully grasp how he’s produced distance in his family members. He relents and buys a automobile when Chang-hee says they will need a single, and they all take a family members trip to the beach.

In the present, Je-ho catches Gu up and then offers him Mi-jung’s quantity. Gu goes to the bar and cries though telling himself he’s not sad. But then… he truly calls Mi-jung! They meet up and, aww, they’re adorable with their not possible-to-hide smiles and awkwardness. Hard Gu melts away the moment he sees her once again, and he reverts to his playful, relaxed self.

Gu admonishes her for altering her quantity, but Mi-jung was tired of waiting for him to get in touch with. He tells her he missed her a lot, and the penultimate week ends with Mi-jung ultimately asking for his name, and Gu introducing himself as Gu Ja-kyung.

Soon after all the tragedy this week, I’m glad we ended with some lightness. I adore that Gu is the a single who reached out to Mi-jung this time it is good to see him taking the initiative for after. These two are valuable collectively and by no means fail to make me smile. He’d superior stick about this time. With every thing our characters have gone by way of, I’m rooting for delighted endings all the way about.

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