Showtime Begins!: Episodes 9-10


Showtime Starts!: Episodes 9-ten

We get lots of improvement this week, each in studying about the previous and in moving our leads’ partnership forward. But the killer is closing in, and the previous has currently began bleeding into the present.


The Complete Moon Killer – and the spirit who possesses him – has recognized Cha-woong and vows revenge for what occurred two,000 years ago. But prior to he catches up, our leads get a little respite to concentrate on a further pressing matter. Namely: romance.

Cha-woong has not only figured out his personal feelings, but he’s prepared to act on them, even going so far as to beg his rival magician to teach him a magic trick involving a ring that the magician boasts has a one hundred% achievement price at winning women’s hearts.

That completed, he buys a ring and prepares to confess his feelings to Seul-hae. But, of course, she’s currently on a sort-of date with Hee-soo. Spotting the pair getting into a bowling alley, the young female shaman YE-JI (whom I confess I’ve avoided mentioning till now mainly because she annoys me to no finish) calls Cha-woong there, hoping he’ll make a decision to give up on Seul-hae as a outcome.

Becoming that they’re in a bowling alley, the 4 finish up difficult every single other to a game. Hee-soo bowls absolutely nothing but strikes, although Cha-woong sends all his shots straight into the gutter. (And the ladies do not look to get a turn at all?)

That is when the ghosts step in. All of a sudden, Cha-woong’s gutter balls begin jumping back onto the lane and knocking down all the pins, and Hee-soo’s shots take sudden turns into the gutter or come to sudden stops.

Hee-soo’s jaw drops decrease and decrease by the second, but Seul-hae knows what’s up, and glowers at Cha-woong disapprovingly.

Afterward, Hee-soo steers Seul-hae off to a café so he can confess. She gets giddy as usual when he compliments her, but when he admits he’s identified for a although that she likes him, some thing offers her pause. All of a sudden, all she can believe of is Cha-woong, and she asks Hee-soo for time to believe factors more than prior to she agrees to officially date him.

Of course, Cha-woong spots them by means of a window, and believes he’s lost his likelihood. That sends him into such a heartbroken slump that he styles a dramatic finale for his magic show featuring actual snakes, knives, and a depressing ending that he insists is the pinnacle of artistic expression.

Luckily for his assistants, that notion gets tabled, mainly because the murderous spirit arrives on the scene. Hee-soo and Seul-hae are referred to as to investigate the internet site of a triple murder, and Seul-hae recognizes all the indicators of the Complete Moon Killer’s handiwork.

She brings the Basic to view the crime scene, and he’s capable to see precisely what occurred there and to confirm that it was certainly the similar killer and the similar spirit from ten years ago.

When the search goes on, we study some essential pieces of data. Seul-hae’s previous-self was a princess, and each she and Cha-woong expertise dreams about their previous-life partnership. The evil spirit was at a single time in appreciate with the princess, and blames Cha-woong each for “stealing” her from him and for sealing him away the very first time.

The Basic also tells Cha-woong that the spirit could opt for to possess a various host at any time, and that it does so by means of blood – so he cannot get wounded anyplace close to the spirit. Yikes, that is undoubtedly foreshadowing.

Meanwhile, Hee-soo’s father spots the Complete Moon Killer by likelihood, and panics to understand he’s nonetheless alive. Pathetically, on the other hand, his chief concern is safeguarding his image. As proof mounts that this is the similar killer, he confesses to a disgusted Hee-soo that he’s terrified of his incompetence coming to light, right after he’s place so considerably work into creating up connections and accolades.

Every little thing he did connected to that case – from “stopping” the killer himself to taking in his deceased partner’s orphan – was to advance his personal position. Now, his only purpose is to take out the Complete Moon Killer quietly, prior to the news gets out.

Hee-soo’s father reaches out to a make contact with with a significant criminal network to comb the streets for the killer, but when his subordinates corner mentioned killer, they’re conveniently overpowered. Only a single is left standing for Seul-hae to apprehend, and all he can inform her is that the killer talked about Cha-woong’s name.

In a panic, Seul-hae rushes more than to Cha-woong’s residence to make confident he’s okay. He is, thanks to the Basic, who’s purchased them some time by facing off against the evil spirit in an epic duel.

Each spirits have been left severely weakened and need to have to replenish their power. The Basic does this by retreating into his painting, but the evil spirit will need to have to feed on much more victims who have these particular channels to heaven.

Fearing for Cha-woong’s security, Seul-hae decides she’ll have to stick close to him and preserve watch. She calls it a stakeout, but it amounts to moving into his residence for the time getting. And considering that he does not have a single guest bedroom in that ginormous residence of his, he insists on letting her use his bedroom although he sleeps on the couch.

He also thoughtfully prepares a surprise birthday celebration for her. But she’s so weirded out by the sight of him carrying a cake and serenading her sweetly that she assumes he should be possessed (obtaining been warned that an individual possessed by a spirit will act in extremely uncharacteristic techniques) and attacks him with pepper spray.

Poor Cha-woong has to be rescued by the ghosts, but after they clarify almost everything, the celebration goes on, and Seul-hae appears extremely touched by it all.

But the killer is nonetheless out there, and he finds Seul-hae although she’s out on patrol. Realizing she’s getting tailed, Seul-hae bravely confronts him, recognizing precisely who he is. He’s hardly fazed by her nerve or her fellow officer’s taser, but when he gets a very good appear at Seul-hae’s face, he freezes. The spirit is so stricken to recognize her that he flees to procedure the discovery elsewhere.

Now it is Cha-woong’s turn to worry for Seul-hae’s security. As every person gears up for the imminent confrontation, Cha-woong tasks his ghosts with detaining Seul-hae in his residence although he heads off to face the killer alone.

I come across it refreshing the way we’re gradually studying about the previous timeline rather than obtaining it all dumped on us at after. Each new flash we get each builds on what we currently know and offers us new data that puts almost everything into higher point of view.

I also appreciate that, much more and much more, we’re seeing Cha-woong’s dorky side come out (him providing Seul-hae a tour of his space had me in stitches). It broke my heart when he concluded that, each in this life and the earlier a single, he’d been the result in of all their complications, mainly because it is a further reminder that the arrogant, closed-off, selfish Cha-woong is just an image he utilizes to safeguard himself from additional hurt – when in reality, he’s a significant ol’ softy who completely just desires to appreciate an individual who’ll appreciate him back.

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