Shooting Stars: Episodes 9-10


Shooting Stars: Episodes 9-ten

Romance is on complete blast this week with content couples having collectively, and new really like triangles popping out of nowhere. But in spite of the seeming sunshine, clouds from the previous are starting to collect and threaten to rain on the parade of some of our characters.


We choose up from exactly where we left off final week, with Han-byeol operating off to meet with either Tae-sung or Soo-hyuk, and her fortunate date ends up being… no 1! Essentially, it is Tae-sung, but by the time she arrives, he is swarmed by a truckload of fans and she leaves – but not prior to calling Yoo-sung to come to Tae-sung’s rescue.

Han-byeol gets to have the dinner date with Soo-hyuk, and when he mentions that he’s not a “star in the sky” but an ordinary guy, it gets her considering.

Thinking about that she has dealt with Tae-sung in a strictly specialist manner considering that she confirmed his dating rumor, the know-how that he likes her tends to make her hesitant. But much more than the reality of his celebrity status which is beginning to hit her, she’s scared of having hurt once again.

Encouraged by Ki-bbeum to act on her feelings, Han-byeol marches more than to Tae-sung’s residence exactly where he reaffirms his really like for her, and they kiss! From a number of angles also!!! RIP, my screencap button.

But what’s a K-drama if the characters do not get interrupted whilst kissing? Jung-yeol, the captain of the TaeByeol ship, rings the doorbell and sends Han-byeol scampering away to hide. Lol.

Meanwhile, Jae-hyun and Yoo-na who have gone from reel to true kissing – and dating – also go from interlocking lips to interlocking fingers in every other’s hair when Dae-soo and Yoo-sung stroll in on them. I just can not with these two! And I really like that in each scenarios, it was the females who initiated the kiss.

As Tae-sung and Han-byeol settle into their new connection – initial awkwardness aside – Han-byeol is so giddy that she greets and smiles at all the Tae-sung posters on the street – one thing she couldn’t stand seeing earlier on in the drama. The feeling is so contagious that Yoo-sung catches on from an equally giddy Tae-sung, and he’s content for the couple.

That similar feeling tends to make Han-byeol turn Soo-hyuk down and fortunately, he’s cool about the rejection. But he has much more factors to be concerned about, like a leaked blind item about an unbelievable male couple: “national boyfriend and major star A” who just returned from a volunteer trip, and “lawyer D” who just moved subsequent door to A. This has to be the funniest subplot however!

The rumor sends the StarForce group into a state of shock (and me, into a hysterical match!). Soo-hyuk fields undesirable inquiries and calls from reporters, but he meets with Ki-bbeum who is tasked to get an interview with the boyfriend of the national boyfriend. Heh.

In addition to the scandal amongst his largest star and their lawyer, Ji-woo also scans an report on Eun Si-woo – Tae-sung’s mum – and we get a flashback to higher college Tae-sung when he tearfully begged Ji-woo to make him into a larger star than his mother. So that is truly how he accepted Ji-woo’s scouting to turn into an actor!

Si-woo runs into the suspicious housekeeper when she visits Tae-sung at dwelling and recognizes her as the wealthy madam from the mall. They get into a fight but Tae-sung requires his housekeeper’s side and tells Yoo-sung, who’s rushed more than, to get his mum out of the residence.

Meanwhile on her way out, the suspicious housekeeper runs into Han-byeol and requires note of her necklace – a present from Tae-sung. She recalls seeing it in Tae-sung’s closet and realizes he’s dating an individual from operate. Then she gets into a fancy automobile and is driven off. Okay, who is this lady? And why is she an active member of a Tae-sung anti-fan web-site?

Whoever she is, she’s unquestionably up to no superior, and Si-woo shares the similar sentiment as she tells Yoo-sung about her encounter with the housekeeper at the mall. This gets Yoo-sung and Han-byeol to dig into the housekeeper, and they sooner or later uncover out that she’s a crazy wealthy and obsessed fan who for some weird purpose enjoys acquiring highly-priced gifts for celebrities.

3 years ago, the housekeeper had purchased a restricted edition wristwatch for Tae-sung, but he had it sent back due to the fact he does not accept fan gifts. Offended by the rejection, she had wormed her way into becoming his housekeeper and fed him salty meals so as to turn into specific to him. What in the twisted logic is that?

She even sends all the PR employees the similar form of necklace that Tae-sung gave Han-byeol with a note to Han-byeol telling her that she’s not that specific. Aigoo! And it is not like they can sue her due to the fact technically, she didn’t do something illegal.

Sadly, the greatest they can do is file a restraining order right after all the trauma she has place Tae-sung by means of. Ugh! What occurred to suing her for emotional distress or some other legal jargon? Soo-hyuk ought to be in a position to come up with one thing!

Though Yoo-sung understandably feels undesirable for not catching on to the housekeeper sooner, his actor counterpart – who cleans up truly nicely by the way – harbors a crush on Ho-young, and he even offers her the similar head pat Yoo-sung offers her. Does “Yoo-sung” = head pat? It unquestionably has to be one thing in the name.

Anyway, a further head pat from Yoo-sung leads Ho-young to blurt out her feelings for him, and she ends up operating away leaving a confused Yoo-sung behind. It feels like the finish of the key really like triangle has signaled the starting of a further 1 with the Yoo-sungs and Ho-young standing on every of the edges. Heh.

More than dinner with Si-woo, Ji-woo – who takes place to be her former manager – mildly scolds her for barging into Tae-sung’s life, and tells her Tae-sung will have to have time to open up to her once again – if he ever does.

Though Tae-sung and Han-byeol love a morning collectively, a new character now stands at the gravesite they when visited to spend respects to their pal LEE YOON-WOO (Lim Sung-kyun). The young man swears to avenge Yoon-woo by generating Tae-sung spend for what ever it was he did. He then sends a cryptic message to a Tae-sung anti-fan web-site, and quickly afterwards, Tae-sung and Han-byeol’s phones commence to vibrate ominously…

Tae-sung truly can not catch a break, can he? Just when we consider we’re completed with the housekeeper from hell, a further trouble pops up. A aspect of me believed the housekeeper had one thing to do with their deceased pal, but the only connection she appears to have is getting a fellow (deranged) member of the creepy anti-fan web-site.

I will not contact it a disappointing twist, due to the fact the subplot highlights fan gifting, which is a common aspect of fan culture. I consider it is 1 of the causes some fans are incredibly obsessed and really feel entitled to the lives of their favored celebrities – which once again, is 1 of the downsides to getting a celebrity.

Though I didn’t uncover this week’s episodes as funny as final week’s, I got a lot of giggles from watching Han-byeol and Tae-sung act all giddy with a slice of awkwardness, like two teenagers newly in really like right after fighting all the time. I discovered the awkwardness quite realistic.

1 of my favored scenes was exactly where Han-byeol sent selfies to Tae-sung and conveniently realized that her skin was dry. Cue some skincare PPL, which was hilariously filmed like an actual industrial. It is 1 of these factors that shows the drama does not take itself incredibly seriously, and I hope they preserve up with that momentum till the finish.

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