Tomorrow: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


Tomorrow: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

It wasn’t adequate that we took a journey into the previous final week and discovered about our reapers and their connection. In our final week, that previous comes complete circle to the present, and it is a finale complete of connections, closure, and some additional tears for superior measure.


Maybe it is simply because we have met so several characters along the way, and cried with them and more than them, that this drama appears so substantially longer than its actual run. If you told me we’d just produced it via a 24-episoder, I would think you.

Soon after the tragic Joseon romance among Ryeon and Joong-gil that we discovered about final week, we’re left with the identical query as Jun-woong, who fortunately asks it for us: but does Joong-gil recall?! The answer is no. His memories of Ryeon have been sealed up, and even though it normally only requires 1 reincarnation for a soul to get more than previous discomfort, Joong-gil’s burden is so good that we’re told he brought his discomfort with him (a theme we’ve heard a lot of, and that fits beautifully right here).

But all that tragic backstory does not signify substantially unless it comes complete circle, and certainly, it all does, and it is a busy finale week. Initially, we meet our Danger Management group as they embark on their final (for us anyway) case, and we take a dive into idol hell with them.

Our singer-actress is RYU CHOI-HUI (Kim Shi-eun, extended time no Appreciate Alarm!), and we see her struggles to place on a pleased face and fight for her achievement although the netizens and press brutally attack her at every single turn. She’s identified for speaking the truth and not playing along with the fakery — so satisfying when we see her performing this — but although it is proper, it tends to make her life a living hell. Ultimately, all the stress from the outdoors globe to kill herself for wrongs she didn’t do begins to get to her.

Hilariously, Jun-woong knows this idol properly — considering that she “got him through” his military service lol — but genuinely, it is Ryeon that is getting the important menboong. This idol is a individual deeply beloved from her previous: the faithful pal and servant that died defending her throughout that horrible stoning scene.

Ryeon, at this point, has reached the location we’ve observed each Jun-woong and Ryong-koo get to: exactly where all guidelines and regulations go out the window, simply because they’re determined to save the individual who was so valuable to them in the previous.

It is right here that Ryeon butts heads with Joong-gil, whose rancor against these suicidal humans reaches an all-time higher: he’s identified out that Ryeon also committed suicide in her previous life, but no additional than that — but — simply because the Jade Emperor warns him she promised somebody she would in no way inform him about his previous. Who is that individual? His previous self. Chills!

Try to remember the reaper assure that Ryeon signed so several episodes ago? Joong-gil puts it to use although Ryeon is attempting to save Choi-hui, and the girl winds up having hit by a auto although Ryeon was in the incredibly act of saving her. Joong-gil is at peak anger/cruelty right here, but he’s about to get his personal menboong moment later on.

Ryeon is furious more than not getting in a position to cease Choi-hui’s suicide try, and even though she survives, Ryeon goes rogue — and her rogue actions make Ryong-koo’s look tame. Although it is somewhat gratifying to watch her punish terrible persons, it gets risky fairly swiftly, and quickly all of Jumadeung knows about Ryeon going off the wall, and there’s an order for her arrest.

A sudden villain seems from hell — DIRECTOR HA (whoa I didn’t even recognize Park Hoon for a second) — a Mephistopheles-sort character that feels like he flew out of Faust with his glamor and trickery. He’s determined to bring Ryeon back to hell. The drama kicks into complete gear right here, with the soundtrack and the speed of the plot kicking up, and the tension at an all-time higher.

The Jade Emperor is (seemingly) furious more than Ryeon’s behavior, and transfers Ryong-koo back to Sales, and Jun-woong back to the dreaded Editing group. Will they take this sitting down, behind a desk? Nope. The boys act like they’re going along with it, but there’s a program in location to saved Ryeon.

Right here, Jun-woong’s understanding of Ryeon and Joong-gil’s previous is what brings every thing complete circle, and to the climax of our whole drama. He confronts Joong-gil, saying he’s the only 1 who can support Ryeon, and challenges him with The Query that alterations every thing: do you even know why you hate these who commit suicide so substantially?

That query sends our incredibly wise Joong-gil back into his personal previous, for he knows there’s a lot buried there, and he has to uncover it. So he goes rogue on his personal, and makes use of the Sales Team’s dream device to check out his personal previous (which, considering that repressed, comes out by means of dreams and nightmares — or at least that is how it produced sense to me). Regardless, poor Joong-gil gets the ten-second replay of the story we just witnessed in Episode 14, and just like that, he knows every thing worth recognizing. *Sob*

There’s a bunch of action subsequent, as each the Ryeon and Choi-hui storylines escalate. Joong-gil measures (or is that snaps) in to purchase time for Ryeon as Director Ha approaches her to take her back to hell. Joong-gil requires all the punches like the hero that he is (squeeeeee), although Ryeon is in a position to have her moment with her beloved pal.

A great deal like all the other healing moments we’ve observed in the drama as a result far, Ryeon is in a position to give Choi-hui hope, and, additional importantly, is in a position to shield her with her personal life — as a result repaying what Choi-hui did for her a lifetime ago.

Whilst our reaper group cheers on Choi-hui (and Ryeon continues to intuit a future appreciate connection among Choi-hui and Jun-woong, which is cute but a bit rando), her mess is dealt with, every person is taught a lesson that demands 1, and our adorable idol enters the green zone.

Later, Ryeon muses if Choi-hui was the individual she was destined to save. But of course it becomes clear to her — and to us — that the individual that required saving was Ryeon herself. And, substantially like the wider message of the drama, we see Ryeon had to come to peace with her personal previous, pains, and alternatives, like all of the survivors we have discovered about as a result far.

A single of the peak sequences of the finale episode is the strange Jumadeung energy struggle that swiftly plays out. The Jade Emperor — sniffing out a takeover — is in a position to outsmart the treachery of Director Ha by utilizing all these tiny pieces of the puzzle, and getting them come collectively completely. It requires a deity certainly to have all that prescience.

The way the plot played out right here was fairly exciting (and I secretly want, once again, that we spent additional time in Jumadeung and significantly less with the case of the week), but the finish outcome is that Joong-gil requires on the “punishment” that was intended for Ryeon. The Jade Emperor skews it so that it looked like he was attempting to destroy the RM Group, but genuinely, we all know that evil is presently getting outsmarted, and in its location we have redemption for Ryeon and Joong-gil.

Joong-gil is imprisoned and demoted for a month, and throughout that time, Ryeon goes to see him. Certain the thread of fate among them is extended broken — and they each know it now — but there’s nonetheless a connection among them.

Joong-gil now understands not only Ryeon’s actions in the previous, but understands why the RM group is so significant, and why it is Ryeon’s heart to save persons from her incredibly personal fate. No 1 can argue with that, particularly Joong-gil, who’s skilled the agony initial hand, for lifetimes. When he referred to as her “Ryeon-ah” my heart pretty much burst. This scene among them is so sad and amazing. No words.

Fortunately, we close on a slightly lighter note. The RM group is saved, as is the Jade Emperor’s dominion in Jumadeung, and Ryeon has some requests: make their group permanent, upgrade their workplace, make Ryong-koo a manager, and give her additional group members. Mainly because she’s losing one…

Absolutely everyone recognizes the extraordinary work Jun-woong has place in, so the Jade Emperor releases him back to the Land of the Living — all without the need of any pomp and circumstance.

Jun-woong wakes from his coma, returns to his life, gets the corporate job he when dreamed of, and we even have hints that his fate just could be connected to Choi-hui soon after all (he keeps winning tickets to her concerts).

Jun-woong does not recall a factor, which is a tiny sad, but surely as it ought to be. Even so, old habits die tough — and Jun-woong’s loving heart is ever the identical. As the drama ends, we see him reaching out to a miserable and lonely coworker, befriending him, and basically saving his life. Ryeon, Ryong-koo — and Joong-gil! — appear on proudly. Jun-woong could have no clue who they are, but they’re hunting forward to operating with him once again in 50 years soon after he’s lived out his all-natural life.

And that is it, people! I identified it a satisfying ending that hit all the points I wanted, primarily based on what the drama was prepared to give us. Of course, if I had my druthers, I would have switched up the drama to possibly only 40% situations and the rest all the possible in the Jumadeung and previous storylines, but viewers can not be writers, and alternatively I’ll happily take the heartfelt moments of this drama and smile back on it fondly.

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