Again My Life: Episodes 13-14


Once more My Life: Episodes 13-14

So far, our hero has only faced minor inconveniences and setbacks in his quest for revenge, but he’s receiving also close to his arch nemesis and can no longer continue flying below the radar. As our negative guy starts to query his motives, some of our hero’s cautiously constructed alliances commence to crumble.


This week’s opening fight scene was entertaining, but it comes as no surprise that it was not the final showdown amongst Hee-woo and Tae-sub’s hitman. They duke it out, and whilst Hee-woo’s additional education has clearly paid off, he nevertheless manages to be shocked that the unscrupulous hired killer would use low-cost tricks and throw dirt in his eyes as a suggests of gaining the upper hand. Fortunately, the sound of police sirens in the distance scares our hitman away ahead of he gets the opportunity to kill Seung-hyuk or Hee-woo (once more).

Following the encounter, Hee-woo cleverly meets with Tae-sub and preemptively reveals that he’s the 1 who fought off the hitman. He lies that he’d followed Seung-hyuk to attempt and convince him and Gyu-ri to drop the case against JQ Building, but then the hitman showed up. Right after rescuing Seung-hyuk, Hee-woo claims he’s convinced his colleagues to cease their investigation, but now, he wonders aloud, “Should I pursue the monster that attacked Seung-hyuk… or need to I leave the monster alone?” It is a subtle way of Hee-woo saying he suspects that the hitman was sent by Tae-sub and is deferring to Tae-sub for how he need to proceed.

Tae-sub is impressed with Hee-woo’s intelligence and likes that he does not whine or beg like the other persons who align themselves with him, but he also finds it suspicious that Hee-woo in no way asks for something in return. A person as young and talented as Hee-woo need to have ambition, and the absence of it prompts Tae-sub to dig deeper into Hee-woo’s background. He instructs his persons to uncover a person inside the prosecutor’s workplace who can preserve a subtle eye on Hee-woo. That a person is Min-soo, but far more on that later.

Hee-woo may well have told Tae-sub that Gyu-ri and her group have dropped the JQ Building case, but that does not imply Hee-woo has abandoned his quest to bring down Seok-hoon. He only publicly placed it on the back burner. Behind the scenes, Hee-woo has Jin-yong stoke the political fires, but Jin-yong fears Hee-woo may well have crossed a line when he discovers that Hee-woo’s intent was to position Jin-yong to be the subsequent in line as leader of his political celebration. At the similar time, Hee-woo and Sang-man group up with Hee-ah, who has been acquiring up JQ Building stock below her bodyguard’s name.

Seok-hoon is appointed the subsequent prosecutor basic, and on the day of his confirmation hearing, Seok-kyu simultaneously holds a press conference and announces an investigation into JQ Construction’s wrongdoings. At Seok-hoon’s hearing, Jin-yong receives a notification on his telephone, and he interrupts to inform every person to tune into the breaking news report regarding the JQ Building investigation.

As anticipated, Seok-hoon’s reputation requires a dive for the reason that of his family’s crimes, but it is not totally irreparable — not but, at least. Tae-sub advises Seok-hoon to arrest his personal son (to demonstrate he will uphold the law even if his personal family members members are the criminals) and to shift the public’s consideration to a different scandal involving 1 of Jin-yong’s political rivals, which — consequently and according to Hee-woo’s strategy — sets Jin-yong to be the subsequent leader of his political celebration.

And Tae-sub’s scheme could possibly have worked… had Hee-woo’s allies not systemically exposed Seok-hoon’s corruption and ties to many crimes. Han-mi even held a press conference and announced that she is Seok-hoon’s illegitimate daughter. His public image hits rock bottom, and there’s no way of recovering from it. So when Hee-woo sits across from Seok-hoon in the interrogation area, lays out the proof against him, and reveals that he is Han-mi’s pal — the 1 who rescued her all these years ago — Seok-hoon resigns himself to his fate and confesses to his crimes.

Sadly, with Seok-hoon behind bars, Hee-woo loses an ally: Min-soo, who created a deal with Tae-sub. In exchange for becoming in a position to arrest the CEO of Mirae Electronics (the man who framed Min-woo’s father) Min-soo agreed to preserve a watchful eye on Hee-woo. In the interest of fairness, even though, Min-soo not only warned Hee-woo that he’d defected, but he also declared a truce till Seok-hoon was arrested.

So now Min-soo is supposedly Hee-woo’s rival, but… I’m not so positive about that. Yes, the drama has shown that Min-soo is intelligent and the only individual who can potentially outwit Hee-woo. And yes, meaningful camera angles and shifty eyes have recommended Min-soo has ulterior motives. But, is he definitely prepared to overlook Tae-sub’s — perhaps unintentional — negligence in his father’s case just for the reason that Tae-sub handed him the Mirae CEO on a platter? Certainly he’s far more filial than that, and I’m inclined to think that Min-soo will double-cross Tae-sub subsequent week.

I do not hate the concept of Min-soo becoming Hee-woo’s rival. In truth, I uncover it pretty intriguing compared to a lot of the other plot components that have been thrown at us. On the other hand, if that is the path the story is taking, I wished it had gone there earlier.

In the meantime, Hee-woo and Hee-ah continue forward with their collaborative buyout of JQ Building, which Tae-sub desires to personal so he and his persons can leverage it to acquire a controlling portion of Chunha Group (or anything like that). Sang-man — below Hee-woo’s directions — approaches JQ Building as a prospective purchaser, but Tae-sub’s lackey dips into his Bando Bank connections to borrow far more revenue and drives up the providing cost.

As an alternative of proposing a larger counter supply, even though, Hee-woo corners the director of the Economic Supervisory Service and convinces — blackmails — him to location sanctions on Bando Bank so that they sustain the equity-to-asset ratio, limiting the quantity of revenue that Tae-sub’s man can borrow to attempt and obtain JQ Building.

Even though Hee-woo has seemingly taken a giant leap forward in blocking Tae-sub from encroaching on Hee-ah’s organization, Tae-sub has not been idle. For 1, he recruits an appealing, profitable, and arrogant lady JUNG SEO-YEON (Lee Yeon-doo) to honey trap Hee-woo as component of some but-to-be-noticed-strategy to “leash” Hee-woo. And second, Tae-sub convinces Seok-kyu to be the subsequent chief prosecutor, but is Seok-kyu definitely on Tae-sub’s side, or is he just operating his personal angle to take down Tae-sub?

I guess we will uncover out subsequent week when this show ultimately comes to an finish and puts me out of my misery. Once more My Life continues to do properly in ratings, but my consideration has been steadily decreasing as Hee-woo’s revenge techniques turn into far more and far more entrenched in the corporate and political worlds. With only 1 week left, I need to be eagerly anticipating our villain’s impending downfall. As an alternative, I’m apathetic, and the only point inciting my curiosity is a wish to uncover out Min-soo and Seok-kyu’s accurate alliances.

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