Love All Play: Episodes 9-10


Really like All Play: Episodes 9-ten

The return of a prodigal athlete shakes up our heroine, who was just obtaining the self-confidence to get back on her feet. And despite the fact that she has the unwavering help of a smiley and great boyfriend at her side, points are having rocky.


A query popped into my head as quickly as I hit play on Episode 9, and it is nevertheless plaguing me. The query is this: what in the globe does/did Jung-hwan see in Joon-young!? She tends to make her return to the plot (and the nation) this week, and she’s definitely, positively unlikable. Like, in each way.

She’s a total brat to the parents that adore her, she snaps orders at her tiny brother lengthy living in her shadow, and as we’ll see later on, she’s equally awful to Jung-hwan. And of course to Tae-yang — that goes with no saying. Fundamentally, there’s no a single she’s good to. And I’m supposed to really feel sorry that her drunken snowboarding injury wrecked her profession as an athlete? Sorry, but I’m straight outta sympathy suitable now.

It all gets off to the uncomfortable start out we all anticipated when Joon-young and Tae-yang accidentally run into each and every other at the tournament. Tae-yang straight away begins to cry, but this exchange ends with Joon-young storming off and saying, “Let’s not exchange pleasantries” and that she does not want to see her once more. Very good, I do not want to see her either.

Regrettably, we see a lot of her, very first creating her return to her parents’ property and sniping at everybody and almost everything. She’s especially annoying towards Tae-joon — as if she does not care about their parents’ overt favoritism of her — and she tells him if he’s sorry for her, to spend for her grad college, to let her reside in his Seoul apartment, and, lastly and crucially, do not get close to Park Tae-yang and do not ask why.

Poor Tae-joon is maintaining his cards suuuper close to his chest — and has been for about 3 straight episodes now — but man, it is got to be having to him.

Joon-young is quickly speaking to the press (effectively, kinda) and aims to get a job coaching the national group. Most of her fellow athletes are psyched to see their well-known “noona” back, but her return has a bunch of ripple effects by way of the tight-knit badminton globe.

1 of these is that a new antagonist emerges — he’s JUNG YI-DEUN (Lee Min-jae), a player on the national group who has an ego the size of New Jersey and appears to reside to reduce Jung-hwan down to size.

Now, I’m not saying Jung-hwan does not want some sense knocked into him, but Yi-deun drops the information that Joon-young has returned suitable through their match — meanwhile, the Yunis players had been attempting with all their could possibly to avoid him from obtaining out till following the game.

Jung-hwan, of course, does not have a great deal mastery more than his feelings, but exactly where he annoyed me in preceding weeks, I’m genuinely beginning to really feel for him. For starters, he’s just began to open up to Yoo-min and they’re so cute with each other! Effectively, that gets place on hold when Joon-young comes back. He seeks Joon-young out in her neighborhood only to uncover the secret that Tae-joon is her tiny brother. Wow, so handful of people today know this, it nevertheless baffles me.

It comes as no surprise that Joon-young will barely speak to him, and shrugs him off. So the boys wind up drinking with each other and we’re treated to some pink cheeks and hilarious whiney exchanges like this:

Jung-hwan: “Why is Joon-young your sister?”
Tae-joon: “Exactly.”

And then the much more sobering truth:

Jung-hwan: “Does Tae-yang know?”
Tae-joon: “If she did, do you feel she’d date me?”

When Jung-hwan lastly gets to speak to Joon-young a single-on-a single, she’s especially hateful. When he asks why she by no means answered his endless emails more than the final 3 years, she fundamentally says that she hates him, simply because he knows the truth of what occurred, and she desires to neglect it. Jung-hwan cries, and Joon-young appears as b!tchy as ever. The exchange ends with Jung-hwan asking yourself why he’s even broken-hearted by her, and I cannot agree much more.

Significant to note, even though, some unidentified person is filming this exchange — at the finish of the episode we see the video getting uploaded, and the netizen comments start out flooding in. So, the effectively-kept secret identified only by 4 people today is a secret no much more.

I’ve been placing off the roughest aspect of Joon-young’s return, and that of course is how it impacts our heroine. Following all, Jung-hwan is not the only a single obtaining awful encounters with Joon-young. She fundamentally torments and humiliates Tae-yang at each likelihood she gets, and as the episodes progress, we witness Tae-yang gradually breaking down. It is not that a great deal entertaining to watch.

Much more insight on her previous tends to make me want to hug her even much more — we see how she’s dealt with an pretty much total lack of enjoy and affection in her life, how that is produced her into the adult that she is, how she’s so made use of to shouldering points alone, and now, of course, the weight of the guilt she’s been beneath.

If the burden of guilt was beginning to develop into bearable — with her return to badminton and the help of the squishy Tae-joon — it all comes crashing down with the return of Joon-young, and it is positively palpable how all the progress she’s produced has been lost.

The group hosts a welcome back celebration for Joon-young, and in spite of Tae-yang’s assurances to Tae-joon that she wouldn’t go, go she does. Joon-young is as icy to her as anticipated, and the group picks up on it in two seconds even even though no a single genuinely knows what occurred in between them.

But it is when Tae-yang gets up and kneels in front of Joon-young that points get especially heartbreaking. We see how tormented Tae-yang is, asking for forgiveness, to which Joon-young counters, “Who mentioned you can be sorry?”

And later on, in a future exchange, the exact same sentiment continues, with Tae-yang crying, “Can’t you forgive me, so I can forgive myself?” and Joon-young, rather, telling her that she’s selfish and only thinks about herself. The scene ends with each girls crying, but there’s only a single I really feel sorry for.

In the middle of all these painful exchanges, we also discover about the moment exactly where it all went incorrect. In preceding flashbacks, Joon-young was sort towards Tae-yang and covered up the truth purposefully. But that all went to hell when, in a quiet moment in her hospital area, Tae-yang thanked Joon-young for maintaining the truth covered up. We see Joon-young shrink back, and that was the moment their friendship died.

It is awful, simply because from right here, it appears like a lonely orphan who was grateful to the pal she admired for safeguarding her. But to Joon-young, it was one thing else completely. As soon as Tae-yang finds out about how her “thanks” had been received, it sinks into her heart and begins to poison her even much more.

Her game begins to endure, and rather than help her, Coach Joo is just a further antagonist punishing her and tearing her down. If he had any insight at all he’d be capable to inform that she punishes herself a lot and does not want any assistance.

Fortunately, the Yunis group rallies about Tae-yang in a way that could possibly have seemed not possible a handful of weeks ago — the group captain stands up for her, Young-shim and Sung-shil massage her leg muscle tissues — it is all really sweet.

But, of course, the greatest supply of help for Tae-yang is the ever-great and lengthy-suffering Tae-joon. While Tae-yang expends a lot of power maintaining him away, our episodes this week are not with no some cuteness and a deepening of their bond.

Tae-joon is often there for Tae-yang in spirit, and tries to be there for her emotionally, but it is difficult for her to accept his help. In a especially sad exchange, she explains how she has to pretend to be okay, and how she’s only made use of to dealing with hardship alone.

In spite of her ghosting him, or placing on a content face, he’s nevertheless about watching out for her (or attempting to) and there are some great hug scenes this week — a single exactly where they each “recharge” each and every other, and a further exactly where Tae-yang lastly lets her feelings out, and goes to him for comfort.

Much more than that hug, scrumptious even though it was, Tae-yang asks if he desires to sleep with her… and so they do. It is bittersweet, even though, simply because even even though we know it is a gesture of enjoy and commitment in between them, Tae-yang is nevertheless so wounded at this point. And she does not even know who his sister is however.

In spite of feeling like I have a bunch of bricks on my chest from the sadness of this week’s episodes, I’m nevertheless enjoying the show a lot. I really like that it is prepared to appear at Tae-yang’s inner struggles so a great deal, and dig into the weight of guilt, which we do not see a lot of dramas do in this way.

It was also intriguing that the male lead camera seemed to shift — or is shifting — towards Jung-hwan. He seemed like a help character early on, but now he’s really got much more plot going on than Tae-joon has. (I’m dying for him to place Joon-young in her spot and grab Yoo-min rather, in front of everybody.)

When I’m dreading the reveal that is nevertheless however to come, and all our primary couple has however to shoulder, I’m hopeful that it will not be as well lengthy-lasting. Each Tae-yang and Tae-joon have battle scars that make them uniquely suited for each and every other, and there’s no resolution I’ll accept apart from a single exactly where they sail off into the OTP sunset with each other. Just a handful of much more waves very first!

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