Red Heart: Episodes 5-6


Red Heart: Episodes five-six

As our young king’s worst fears come correct, he’s faced with an not possible option: to let harm come to the lady he loves or to let all of his meticulously laid plans come crashing down. Meanwhile, the lady in query has to navigate the new identity that has been thrust upon her.


Tae and Jung are equally devastated to recognize each and every other in the palace and to recognize what this signifies. For Jung, it is that the man she’s loved for so lengthy was the crown prince, the son of the man who had her whole family members executed – and he under no circumstances told her.

For Tae, it is that all his efforts to shield Jung have gone to waste, and now he has to select involving his like for her and his fight against Gye-won.

And that, at least for now, appears to be precisely what Gye-won desires. Extra than just attempting to safe his hold more than the throne, he’s testing Tae’s priorities. Will Tae, like his father, do something and almost everything in his energy to shield his beloved, even if it signifies sacrificing energy? Or will he sacrifice like to retain manage?

Fortunately, Gye-won does not appear to know Jung’s correct identity but, but his scheme of possessing Jung play the component of his niece is a risky a single. And, just as Tae feared, it nearly straight away puts her in danger.

A servant lady who virtually raised Gye-won’s true niece knows straight away that Jung is not her, and her confused protests raise adequate inquiries that Tae is forced to take some sort of action.

Whilst the servant is punished for lying and in the end requires her personal life, it is undeniable that at least some of what she stated was correct. And there’s a basic way to verify: if Jung is who Gye-won says she is, she’ll have a mole on her stomach.

Gye-won craftily proposes Tae confirm her identity himself, leaving Tae with two alternatives: he can either expose Jung as an imposter and lastly have a concrete purpose to oust Gye-won, or he can affirm Jung as Gye-won’s niece, as a result saving her life but also solidifying Gye-won’s position.

Tae agonizes more than this option, but in the finish, he tells Jung he’s decided to abandon her. By which he signifies he’ll say she’s Gye-won’s niece, and he’ll treat her precisely as he would if she actually had been: coldly and cruelly.

And he does. A great deal to Yeon-hee’s gloating delight, he indulges her and snubs Jung each and every public opportunity he gets. Temping as it may be to hate Yeon-hee, although, I mainly really feel sorry for her. She has no notion of something going on behind the scenes, and completely believes that Tae loves her. She’s in for a rude awakening at some point, and I envision the fallout will not be quite.

As significantly as Tae and Jung attempt to ignore it or will it to disappear, their like for each and every other is not uncomplicated to get more than. The turning point comes when Jung learns that Tae had come to her for comfort on the day his father died – proving that his feelings for her had been much more than just pity or feeling accountable for her life becoming ruined.

She finds him alone on a bridge that evening, and his quick concern more than her tearful face only confirms what she’s guessed. There, she lastly agrees to do what he’s been begging her to do considering that the evening they recognized each and every other: to leave the palace.

With the assistance of his trusted eunuch, they devise a strategy for her escape. For the duration of the upcoming feast, she’ll have a veiled stand-in attend in her spot even though she slips out his secret library tunnel and his eunuch guides her out of the palace.

The strategy functions beautifully: when they meet with the Queen Dowager to strategy the feast, Jung volunteers to oversee fireworks – which will develop the great distraction – and Tae “grudgingly” agrees but insists she put on a veil so he does not have to appear at her.

But there’s a single variable no a single counted on: Jung’s faithful buddy, Ddong-geum, who has gotten herself planted in the palace in an work to assistance her escape. As quickly as Jung sees her, she realizes that Ddong-geum is the planned decoy and will have to stay behind in direct danger as soon as the switch is found.

She can not let that come about – in truth, her reaction is significantly the similar as Tae’s was when he saw her in the palace – so when Gye-won’s eunuch spy ambushes Tae’s eunuch just outdoors of palace grounds, he’s flabbergasted to obtain that the “servant girl” becoming escorted out is just that.

And when Tae is coerced into lifting Jung’s veil for all to see, he’s dismayed to obtain Jung herself seeking back at him and declaring that she’s determined to survive by becoming queen, soon after all.

I admit, I under no circumstances for a moment doubted that it was basically Jung beneath that veil. So the dramatic buildup to the reveal wasn’t practically as tense as it seemed to want to be. Having said that, it was satisfying to see Gye-won so unnerved that he was operating by means of the palace, breathless and perhaps even frightened, to see for himself if Jung actually had escaped.

Till now, Gye-won’s manage more than the throne has felt so total, so unshakeable, that our leads seemed to have slim possibilities – if any at all – of ever outsmarting him. But this week presented us with a new view of him, and probably some glimmer of hope that he is not unbeatable.

His hints of a romance with the Queen Dowager is an fascinating layer to his character, and may possibly be a single region of weakness for Tae to target later. But I’m also intrigued by his wife, who occasionally seems sympathetic to Jung’s plight and other instances appears just as prepared to kill for energy as her husband.

So even though I do not doubt that Gye-won would sacrifice like for energy, I do wonder if, in some capacity, like may possibly but lead to his eventual downfall.

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