Woori the Virgin: Episodes 3-4


Woori the Virgin: Episodes three-four

Our top lady has decided to be a surrogate, but the much more she learns about the child daddy, the much more she worries he’s not a appropriate father. This revelation puts an added strain on her partnership, but at the identical time her resolve to preserve her virginity is also weakening. Perhaps she and her boyfriend can discover “other ways” to strengthen their bond?


Final week ended on fairly the murderous cliffhanger, but just before we resume the whodunit plot of our K-drama, we initially observe a conversation among Woori and her loved ones that occurred the morning right after she decided to preserve the child. She’s nonetheless determined to be a surrogate, but in order to emotionally distance herself and mentally prepare to give it to Raphael and Ma-ri, she starts referring to the fetus as “Hammer.” Not only is this scene relevant for the reason that her new nickname triggers some amusing misunderstandings later on, but it also establishes her present headspace going into this week’s episodes.

With that out of the way, we choose up exactly where we left off: with Woori and Gang-jae discovering the physique on the elevator. Ma-ri appears genuinely shocked and horrified to see her ex-lover’s physique, and offered how poor her acting expertise are, I feel it is secure to say she didn’t do the neck stabbing.

Gang-jae does not suspect her either for the reason that Chairman Kim’s signature kill move is a scalpel to the neck. Gang-jae’s boss, having said that, is significantly less swift to jump to conclusions — not when the abundance of out there scalpels at the Diamond Health-related Foundation indicate that the murder was much more most likely a crime of passion.

Immediately after her small fainting spell, Woori decides to see her (new) OB-GYN to confirm that she and Hammer are nonetheless healthy… for the reason that apparently a woman’s physique is so fragile that a small fainting spell can lead to harm. Now, I’m no specialist, but I appear to recall the ER physician in Episode 1 saying that fainting was a prevalent symptom. Appears a bit overkill, but Gang-jae is also busy hunting a murderer to accompany her to the physician, which sets the stage for Woori to invest some alone time with Raphael.

He accompanies her to the OB-GYN, exactly where her physician reports that she and the child — I imply, Hammer — are fine. Woori also utilizes this time with Raphael to let him know that she’s decided to be a surrogate for him and Ma-ri. There’s just 1 catch: she desires to give Hammer to a loving loved ones.

Of course, this only reminds Raphael that he’s attempting to get a divorce, which does not specifically align with Woori’s image of the great, happily married parents. So he lies and says that all the things is fine at house, not recognizing that his wife is at that incredibly moment attempting to confirm that his mother-in-law didn’t stab her ex-lover with a scalpel. Mi-ja claims she didn’t do it, but she undoubtedly believed about it.

Though Mi-ja denies any resemblance to Professor Xavier (loved the X-males reference, btw), Woori discovers that Raphael is a bit of a player. How this is news to her is beyond me, specifically contemplating a flashback reveals that she caught him kissing somebody else the day right after their kiss by the phallic lighthouse. (I can not unsee it now that it is been pointed out to me!)

Ye-ri provides Woori the 411 on Raphael’s scandalous dating rumors, which prompts Woori to do a deep dive into all the on the net articles of his extensively publicized nightlife shenanigans. The search outcomes make her uncomfortable, so she asks Gang-jae if he can do a small digging into Raphael. But no, that is unethical — says the guy who nonetheless hasn’t handed more than the images he took of Ma-ri’s affair even even though they are relevant to his ongoing murder investigation.

Woori starts worrying that Raphael and Ma-ri are not appropriate parents, and if she can’t entrust them with Hammer, then the only other alternative would be for her to preserve Hammer. As Woori voices this conclusion aloud, we can see the realization hit Gang-jae that he could have to be Hammer’s father. Provided that he nonetheless hasn’t exposed Ma-ri’s cheating strategies and is now possessing day-mares about getting weighed down by a child featuring Raphael’s dastardly very good appears (each hilarious and terrifying), I feel it is secure to say he’s not prepared to be a father — or, at the incredibly least, not the father to somebody else’s kid.

His doubts — about getting a daddy and about the identity of the murderer — are the basis for an unlikely alliance among him and Ma-ri. She does not want her affair to be exposed and ruin her currently tenuous marriage, and he does not want to be the father of Raphael’s spawn. He also does not want his boss jumping to conclusions that Ma-ri — who, let’s be true, has a fairly robust motive for murder — is their killer when Chairman Kim is the much more most likely suspect. And so, he tends to make a particular, unsanctioned trip to the victim’s apartment to steal back the necklace that Ma-ri tossed throughout her breakup. So substantially for getting a stickler for the guidelines!

Raphael, on the other hand, overcompensates and tries to prove he will be an great father by displaying up at Woori’s workplace with a bunch of appliances made to pamper his child mama. This tends to make Woori uncomfortable, and they meet privately at a nearby cafe exactly where Woori explains that she would favor it if he checked with her just before displaying up at her job unannounced with a bunch of high-priced gifts.

Any goodwill he could have earned with his gesture, having said that, is undermined when a “lady friend” stops by their table to greet Raphael. Woori is straight away suspicious, and when Raphael goes to the restroom, she can not resist taking a peek at his incoming messages. They appear vaguely flirtatious, and her concern that he’s a two-timing scumbag grows.

She secretly follows him to a restaurant… exactly where he meets a further lady. Provided how poorly — and I imply poorly — Woori conceals herself from Raphael’s sight, I can only assume Eun-ran let Woori win games of hide-and-seek as a youngster. It comes as no surprise, then, that Raphael spots her. Caught in the act, Woori goes on the offensive and utilizes this moment to accuse him of getting a cheater… only to discover out that Raphael and the lady know every other for the reason that he advisable a physician for her niece’s cancer therapy. Awk-ward!

But the encounter lends itself to a substantially required heart-to-heart in which Raphael admits that he made use of to be a partier who dated a lot of females — but that was just before he got sick. His mother died of stomach cancer, and when he got his diagnosis, he felt like it was a message from his mother that he must be a greater man. He assures her that he’s changed… but he lies that he and his wife are carrying out properly.

The conversation leaves Woori feeling much more confident in her selection to give him Hammer, so she invites him and Ma-ri to her subsequent OB-GYN appointment. It is a complete home, with each her loved ones and his wanting to be present for the initially ultrasound, but the physician has to restrict the quantity of persons to Woori and the father (Raphael). This does not go more than properly with every person else, specifically not Ma-ri and Gang-jae, who decides in the waiting space that he’s going to inform his boss that he covered up Ma-ri’s affair. (Is that your conscience or your jealousy speaking, Gang-jae?)

In the examination space, the physician points out the gummy-bear sized child, and Woori’s detachment crumbles. She’s not providing away a hammer. She’s providing away a child. The weight of her selection lastly hits her. She’s scared and unsure, and her mother and grandmother do their greatest to comfort her.

Raphael has a robust visceral reaction to seeing the initially image of his youngster, and he’s inspired to mend his partnership with Ma-ri for the sake of the child. But when she hugs him in excitement, the sonogram photo he gave her slips from her hand and symbolically falls to the ground.

Meanwhile, Sung-il desires to make up for lost time and see his daughter, but Eun-ran has been blocking his attempts to meet with Woori and clarify that he’s her father. He keeps calling, taking sad selfies, and stopping by their restaurant unannounced.

In common, he’s getting a giant discomfort for Eun-ran… till they finish up alone in her space and start out generating out like teenagers. Grandma catches them in a compromising position — which hilariously mirrors the scene from the most current episode of Mask of Need that Grandma captured on her telephone — and Eun-ran lastly tells Grandma the truth about Woori’s paternity.

At the identical time, Raphael’s insistence that Ma-ri respectfully address Woori by her qualified title triggers a memory, and he lastly remembers kissing Woori by that east coast lighthouse. I was seriously asking yourself if he was going to have an amnesia backstory, but I guess it tends to make sense when you feel about it. Woori would try to remember and cherish her initially kiss, whereas Raphael is far significantly less most likely to try to remember his… uh… properly, I’m certain he’s lost count.

Sadly, Raphael’s epiphany leads to an awkward double date with Woori and Gang-jae, who attempt to sever their previous connection by insisting that Woori has never ever been to the East Coast. Raphael senses that he must drop the topic, but the waitress is oblivious to the tension in the space and keeps waxing poetic about the scrumptious seafood from the east coast. Did you hear that? She mentioned the east coast! For these of you in the back of the space: EEEEASSSST COOOOASSSST!

Raphael, for his element, is amused by this new twist and feels like Fate is at perform. Sadly, back at Diamond Health-related Foundation, Raphael finds out that Duk-bae has appointed Ma-ri’s ex-boyfriend as the new CEO of Diamond Cosmetics.

Ma-ri is equally displeased with this improvement, but her ex, who is nonetheless wounded that she dumped him for Raphael (and his CEO title), appears to feel he can win her back by dethroning Raphael… from a business Raphael’s loved ones owns. Yeah, I do not see this functioning out for him.

In the meantime, Woori’s sex drive has improved (thanks to her pregnancy hormones), and a conversation with Eun-ran tends to make her reconsider her complete vow of chastity. What’s the point in hanging onto her virginity now that she’s pregnant, proper? So as Woori eyebangs Gang-jae’s Adam’s apple like it is the Biblical forbidden fruit, she resolves to seduce him.

Ye-ri, beneath the assumption Woori is asking about a hypothetical drama situation, provides Woori some seduction tactics, which boils down to: smell good, appear attractive, and press your “milkshakes” against his arm. We’ve currently established that Gang-jae is a bit dense, so he does not fairly choose up on what Woori is placing out. Or if he does, he’s in denial that it is intentional. So, when she deepens their very good evening kiss, he feels the will need to reduce the smooching quick and conclude their evening with some libido-cooling prayers.

Woori decides to be much more direct and channels her creativity to create Gang-jae a steamy letter detailing all the naughty items she desires to do to him. There’s just 1 difficulty. She also promised Raphael that she would create an introduction for the hospital on his behalf, and — you guessed it — she accidentally sends Raphael her porno letter. Raphael, champ that he is, handles the mix-up properly and barely even teases her.

Lastly, Woori just goes for it. She tells Gang-jae that all the current adjustments to their plans have produced her comprehend every single minute they have with each other is valuable. She loves him and desires to sleep with him. He reacts calmly — but receptively — by saying he loves her in return. He then suggests that they have dinner at a Chinese restaurant… in a hotel… and they must get breakfast with each other in the morning. (Colour me shocked!)

Speaking of confessions, Sung-il is dying to inform Woori that he’s her father, and he constantly finds strategies to insert himself in her life. All the added focus has led his manager to feel he’s interested in Woori romantically, a theory that only grows stronger whilst he and Ye-ri watch Sung-il and Woori possessing a seemingly intimate conversation on a park bench with each other.

Except they are discussing Woori’s (supposedly) deceased father, the 1 Woori tragically discovered not to speak about for the reason that the word “dad” usually brought her mom to tears. Sung-il abruptly departs, gut-punched by his daughter’s tragic backstory and unaware that his “baby” girl is organizing to shed her virginity.

The evening in query arrives, and Woori and Gang-jae verify into the hotel, have a good dinner, and then go up to their space. Woori nervously requires an hour to get prepared and mentally prepare herself, and when they’re alone with each other, they awkwardly sit a foot apart on the bed. It is virtually a relief, then, when Raphael unknowingly interferes — not when, but twice!

He initially calls Woori to thank her for writing the hospital introduction, and then he virtually straight away calls Gang-jae to ask how the murder investigation is going. And then the fire alarm goes off! Gang-jae requires all the interruptions as a sign for them to wait till right after they’re married to have sex. They have all the time in the globe with each other, so there’s no will need to rush it.

Shortly thereafter, Gang-jae wraps up the Diamond Health-related murder case. The CCTV footage was restored, and 1 of the female workers was caught on camera stabbing the victim. Gang-jae nonetheless thinks Chairman Kim is involved, but his boss shuts down his theory and tells him to drop the case. Gang-jae’s junior PARK NA-HEE (Han Jae-yi), having said that, is on his side, but is it for the reason that she really believes Chairman Kim is involved, or for the reason that she’s crushing on Gang-jae?

With the murderer caught, organization moves forward at Diamond Cosmetics, but not just before Raphael exposes Ma-ri’s ex-boyfriend as an incompetent businessman who virtually signed a deal with a con artist. Duk-bae fires Ma-ri’s ex, and Raphael is reappointed as the CEO of Diamond Cosmetics.

Even though Ma-ri double-crossed her ex and made use of the data she gained from him to support her husband and “family,” Raphael serves her with the divorce papers once again. He realizes that an unhappy marriage among him and Ma-ri is not what’s greatest for the “gummy bear” (cuter, albeit significantly less amusing, than Hammer). Alternatively, he believes he, as a single parent, will be very good adequate for his youngster.

So Raphael meets with Woori and her loved ones to inform them the truth, but just before they can completely procedure that Raphael and Ma-ri are obtaining a divorce, Sung-il comes crashing into the loved ones restaurant. With incredibly small preamble, he announces to his gathered audience that he is Woori’s father, and we finish with Woori seeking shocked whilst Eun-ran provides Sung-il a beating.

You know what this K-drama demands? A Jerry Springer cameo. I joke, but there genuinely is a lot of child momma and daddy drama going on. Not that I’m complaining. I really really like it, specifically considering the fact that numerous of the zany circumstances are a parody of what’s taking place to Woori. In addition to supplying comedy, these parallel storylines highlight and strengthen the maternal bond among Woori, her mother, and her grandmother, and I appreciate the (mainly) good representation of this matriarchal loved ones.

This week’s episodes also started planting the seeds for a rift in Woori and Gang-jae’s partnership. Personally, this tends to make me satisfied for the reason that I’m completely on Group Raphael, but Gang-jae is a mature and respectful boyfriend, which tends to make him challenging to dislike. The query is: will this drama gradually corrupt him and show him crossing much more lines in his pursuit of Chairman Kim, or will he uphold his virtue whilst we gradually find out that he’s… just not proper for Woori?

Personally, I’d favor it if he went crazy in his pursuit of his arch nemesis. I’m living for these short, more than-melodramatic flashbacks to his partner’s death, and I’m hoping the story leans into that cheesiness even much more.

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