Doctor Lawyer So Ji-sub returns in new promos with Shin Sung-rok and Im Soo-hyang

Might 17, 2022May 17, 2022

Physician Lawyer So Ji-sub returns in new promos with Shin Sung-rok and Im Soo-hyang
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As we get closer to June, promos have been ramping up for MBC’s upcoming suspense drama Physician Lawyer. Featuring the most important cast, new character posters and a video teaser have been place out this previous week.

So Ji-sub (My Secret Terrius) stars as the eponymous physician-turned-lawyer Han Yi-han. He was when properly-regarded as a skilled doctor in each basic and cardiothoracic surgery. But when complications all of a sudden arise immediately after a profitable surgery, So is framed for malpractice and his license is taken away. Hell bent on finding revenge, So returns 5 years later as a lawyer who specializes in healthcare lawsuits.
Shin Sung-rok (Kairos) requires on the part of a Korean-American company man named Jaden Lee. How he becomes involved with So Ji-sub is not but clear. But when So nevertheless worked at the hospital 5 years ago, Shin invested a substantial sum of cash in the hospital’s foundation. Now he’s back to gather on his returns, but he’s got extra up his sleeve than merely finding his cash.
The third player in our story is prosecutor Im Soo-hyang (Woori the Virgin), who plays the character Geum Seok-young. She firmly believes that criminal rehabilitation comes from serving penalties and not from forgiveness or considerations. Having said that, she is also passionate about safeguarding the wrongfully accused and will do her utmost greatest to prove their innocence.

The new video teaser starts with So Ji-sub in surgery as he brags, “You’ve observed it the most, me saving patients” and his colleague provides a thumbs up in return. Having said that, the music remains ominous and So is shocked when he sees what hospital director Lee Kyung-young (Once again My Life) is carrying out. Lee reassures So, “I guarantee, I will take duty for every little thing that occurs in this surgery. Please carry out the surgery.” Though the other people appear worried, So replies, “I will trust you.”
We then reduce to a drowsy So Ji-sub dropping his drink and passing out on his bed. Back at the hospital, a physician calls So more than for assistance and an alarmed So asks what’s taking place. They attempt their greatest, but are unable to resuscitate the patient and So holds back tears as he solemnly pronounces the death. The teaser then jumps to So finding blamed for what occurred. The judge sentences him with two years in prison, but with a two-year deferral.
An angry Im Soo-hyang confronts So Ji-sub afterwards, “I’m going to personally make positive that physicians who kill persons but do not spend for their crime are punished.” In the subsequent sequence, we get a close-up of every single of the most important cast members, such as Lee Dong-ha (Hospital Playlist two) and Lee Joo-bin (Sunbae, Do not Place on That Lipstick). The teaser comes to a close with every person searching back to see So Ji-sub getting into the court area. Shin Sung-rok provides a modest smile as he drawls, “Han Yi-han, the healthcare malpractice lawyer,” to which So replies, “Why are you all so shocked? Did you assume you would never ever see me once again?”
Written by Jang Hong-chul (Class of Lies) and directed by PD Lee Yong-seok (Haechi, Village: Secret of Achiara), Physician Lawyer premieres June three in the Friday-Saturday slot on MBC.

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