Rose Mansion: Episodes 1-4 (First Impressions)


Rose Mansion: Episodes 1-four (Initial Impressions)

Determined to uncover her missing sister, a headstrong hotel employee enlists the support of a righteous detective to investigate the suspicious residents of her apartment complicated. But there’s a lot more to the disappearance than it appears, and they’ll require a lot more than just persistence to uncover the properly-concealed truth.


Appropriate off the bat, this drama opens with a gratuitously explicit scene that is totally unnecessary and purely for shock worth. Possibly it may have created slightly a lot more sense if the drama intended to be a slasher flick, but rather, the graphic opening winds up undertaking a disservice to the actual show. In contrast, the plot is pretty much frustratingly slow, meandering about for ages just to set up its standard premise.

We 1st meet protagonist SONG JI-NA (Im Ji-yeon) throughout the calm just before the storm. She operates at a hotel, and she’s competent and capable of pondering on her feet. It is really hard operate, although, and the only break she gets is when her father calls her to come residence right away — her older sister SONG JI-HYUN (Song Ji-in) has gone missing.

With no other selection, Ji-na returns to her loved ones residence at the titular Rose Mansion. It is seriously just a fancy name for an old and dilapidated apartment complicated, and Ji-na’s clearly significantly less than thrilled to be returning to a previous she left behind. Youngest brother SONG JI-SEOK (Ahn Jung-hoon) lives in a dorm away from residence to study for his second try at the college entrance exam, which indicates Ji-na has to do most of the investigating herself.

Issues immediately take a dark turn when Ji-na discovers bloodstains in the apartment, major to a lifelike mannequin dangling from the ceiling of their balcony. It is clad in the precise exact same dress that Ji-na’s wearing, 1 that she posted on her Instagram mere hours ago. Shivers.

Regrettably, Ji-na’s hothead father SONG HYUNG-SHIK (Sohn Byung-ho) is not a lot support apart from verbally harassing absolutely everyone he speaks to, like the detectives who are reluctant to take a missing individual case seriously. The police station is clearly swamped with circumstances, and that is exactly where detective PARK MIN-SOO (Yoon Kyun-sang, yay!) comes into play.

Min-soo is the only individual who acknowledges the gravity of Ji-hyun’s case, and he repeatedly sneaks away from the not-so-watchful eye of his group leader to support Ji-na investigate her sister’s disappearance. The case is clearly tied to the residents of the apartment complicated, and there’s no shortage of suspicious men and women there.

Initial of all, there’s CHARLIE (Kim Do-yoon), the lackadaisical son who only appears immediately after his mentally challenged mother due to the fact he has his eye on the buildings she owns. Supposedly possessing studied overseas, he liberally sprinkles obnoxious English phrases into each sentence he speaks, which is equal components annoying and amusing.

The a lot more we uncover out about him, the worse he gets. Not only does he make inappropriate passes at Ji-na (who coldly rebuffs him, as she need to), he’s also a grade-A pervert — when Ji-na sneaks into the back area of the mart exactly where he operates, she discovers a tablet with a lot of lewd videos of nude cam girls.

As if that is not disgusting adequate, there’s a lot more. When Ji-hyun 1st arrived at the apartment (prior to her disappearance), he watched the elevator show to uncover out which floor she got off at, then promptly went residence to spy on her via a telescope whilst pleasuring himself. (I did not require to be subjected to these noises.)

Then there’s SOOK-JA (Lee Mi-do), who runs a residence masseuse organization. Possessing identified the sisters from their childhood, Sook-ja talks to Ji-na in patronizing compliments that are seriously just veiled insults — she purposely pokes at sore spots, bringing up Ji-na’s late mother in a manner that is totally uncalled for. Sook-ja is all fake smiles and sugary-sweet simpering in front of Ji-na, but the moment Ji-na turns her back, her gaze turns disdainful.

Sook-ja is a lot more concerned more than Rose Mansion’s apartment costs potentially falling than Ji-hyun’s disappearance, and she’s met with Ji-na’s rightful anger. Nonetheless, she’s chillingly correct (although aggravatingly condescending) when she points out that Ji-na is not undertaking herself any favors by boldly accusing 1 individual immediately after the subsequent.

We quickly uncover out that there’s a person pulling strings behind Sook-ja, although. Affluent resident HAN MI-YEON (sturdy&gtSong Lee-woo) is the union president of the Rose Mansion Redevelopment Committee (or so her name card says), and she’s the 1 that directed Sook-ja to meet with Ji-hyun. That didn’t go as planned, although, because Ji-hyun disappeared.

It turns out that Mi-yeon has also commissioned a person else — we are not privy to the identity of the young lady but, but not only does she secretly film the siblings’ movements, she also approaches Ji-na below the pretense of borrowing her telephone for a get in touch with. That permits her to receive Ji-na’s quantity, and with a scam text (Ji-na, why would you click on the hyperlink?) she manages to download a application that permits her to remotely access Ji-na’s telephone.

It is not clear what the young lady’s motives are but, but 1 thing’s for positive — she does not seem to be in cahoots with Charlie. In a blink-and-you will-miss-it moment, when he tends to make a pass at her outdoors the mart, her reaction reveals that she does not know him.

The resident that is the most suspicious of all, although, is LEE WOO-HYUK (Jo Dal-hwan), the culprit of the vicious murder in the opening scene. Rightfully ostracized by the building’s other residents, who have vandalized the outdoors of his unit, he lives in his camping automobile rather.

Woo-hyuk is nevertheless as reprehensible as ever, luring stray cats with meals and then killing them viciously. Ji-na discovers her sister’s 1-of-a-type underwear set in his camping automobile, but it is inadmissible as proof because she broke into his automobile. Sigh.

I suppose that is a very good avenue to lead into my primary gripe about Ji-na, which is that she’s so frustratingly reckless. I get that she’s headstrong (which is clearly inherited from her dad) and frustrated with the police’s lack of urgency, but she keeps walking headfirst into danger with no heed to the prospective consequences. She appears to barely have any sense of self-preservation, and whilst I fully grasp she’s determined to figure out what occurred to her sister, certainly there are greater approaches to go about it.

Nonetheless, Ji-na is sympathetic in her quieter moments. It is compelling how she has such difficult feelings towards her older sister — on 1 hand, she clearly has an inferiority complicated that stems from her father’s overt favoritism towards Ji-hyun, but on the other hand, she nevertheless cares for her sister and desires her to be protected.

There’s a lot more problems brewing on the horizon for Ji-na, although not only is her boyfriend cheating on her, but she appears to have an on line stalker who’s dissatisfied that she’s taken. In addition, she’s chatting anonymously with a user named Capensis, which is a form of carnivorous plant… not that complicated to see the symbolism there.

In any case, issues lastly get started to escalate by the fourth episode. With the support of Min-soo’s hacker buddy OH-BEOM (Go Gyu-pil), our investigative pair find out a CCTV video of a masked man hurling Ji-hyun’s suitcase more than the parapet and hauling an unconscious Ji-hyun up the stairs.

It is revealed that Ji-hyun is alive — Charlie’s mother finds her locked up in Charlie’s apartment — but she’s a lot more interested in snatching Ji-hyun’s bracelet off her wrist than listening to her pleas to be let out.

Meanwhile, Ji-na’s father rashly heads to confront Woo-hyuk himself, believing him to be accountable for Ji-hyun’s disappearance. He’s downright brutal in his remedy of Woo-hyuk, but the tables are turned when he lets his guard down. Woo-hyuk slices his neck with the sharp edge of a can lid, and the episode closes as Ji-na’s father bleeds out.

If you have created it this far, you will recognize there’s barely been any mention of Yoon Kyun-sang, in spite of my excitement more than his dramaland comeback. It is so frustrating, due to the fact the drama provides him so small to operate with! At this point, he’s barely a lot more than the standard diligent and upright detective archetype, and it feels like a waste of his talent. Certainly he was cast to do a lot more than this, so I seriously hope the drama actions up its game in this regard.

So far, my preferred scenes of his are the ones in which he’s bantering with fellow detective YOO NAM-YOUNG (Lee Joo-young), but they’re a small as well handful of and far in between for my liking. I hope she plays a a lot more active part in the investigation, due to the fact proper now all the police scenes really feel fairly disjointed from the primary plot.

Also, I uncover it somewhat unbelievable how immediately Min-soo’s created a soft spot for Ji-na. I suppose he’s impressed by her tenacity and athleticism, but it feels unprofessional and shoehorned in way as well quickly. You’d feel that for a 12-episode drama (that is seriously just six episodes, because every single is half an hour in length), the mystery would be tighter than the prospective loveline, but alas.

All round, I’m nevertheless feeling fairly iffy on Rose Mansion. I was seeking forward to a darkly thrilling and hauntingly creepy tale about an apartment complicated and its enigmatic residents. Rather, what I got was a watered-down amalgamation of standard crime genre tropes, either dialed up higher for maximum shock worth or waning down into cliche territory.

I’m not a fan of the way it appears to portray mental illness, either. Out of the characters we’ve noticed so far, 3 appear to be struggling with some type of mental disability or disorder there’s Charlie’s mom, Woo-hyuk, and the lady that lives above Ji-na and screams each day without having fail. The drama plays up their instability and uncommon tics to emphasize how suspicious they seem to be, which is not a very good appear.

I suppose I’ll finish off with a screencap that quite a lot sums up my feelings towards this drama — petulant more than Yoon Kyun-sang’s paltry screentime, and disappointed that the drama does not appear to be living up to the prospective of its premise just but. Can we get significantly less rain (I can barely hear the dialogue often), and a lot more Min-soo, please?

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