Our Blues: Episodes 11-12


Our Blues: Episodes 11-12

Our Seoul lady returns to her property this week with a brighter future, and the folks of Jeju continue their day-to-day lives. Although some locate like and deepen their partnership, other people break apart and alter. Factors can’t keep the similar forever, and at times even the strongest friendships get tested and fail.

EPISODE 11-12 WEECAP: Dong-suk &amp Sun-ah, Young-ok &amp Jung-joon, Mi-ran &amp Eun-hee

Just after losing custody of her son, Sun-ah decides to stay in Seoul to rebuild her life and components methods with Dong-suk. They share their goodbyes, and when neither of them could have gotten their excellent satisfied ending, this unexpected reunion gave each of them a glimmer of hope for a much better future.

Studying from her previous regrets with her dad, Sun-ah opens up about her illness with her young son and explains how she is sick but loves him incredibly a great deal. She will appeal the court’s selection, but she assures her ex-husband that it will occur in the future when she can be the a single to assistance their son and not the other way about. Although her struggle with depression will be ongoing, Sun-ah requires Dong-suk’s guidance, and gradually, the lights turn on in her dark globe.

Dong-suk returns to Jeju with a single old wound healed, and he requires more than Sun-ah’s home project. Even so, the most significant hole in his heart continues to fester. The mere sight of his mom nonetheless enrages him, and Ok-dong’s continued silence contributes to their rift. At this price, Dong-suk’s claims to shed tears for her only just after her death could come accurate.

Moving on to Young-ok and Jung-joon, the new couple tends to make plans for their initial trip collectively, and regardless of all the naysayers warning him about Young-ok getting a liar, Jung-joon trusts her. They take a ferry to a smaller sized island exactly where they bike along the shore and share a picnic. Enjoying every other’s firm, they agree to keep the evening, but make a pact to not sleep collectively when they are drunk.

More than drinks, they speak about what they want from the relationship—e.g., getting respectful, only drinking with every other—and Young-ok’s final stipulation is to retain issues vibrant and entertaining. Jung-joon asks about her parents, so she tells him that they employed to be artists but quit just after she and “Jae-ang” (a.k.a., disaster) have been born. He wonders who Jae-ang is, but Young-ok excuses herself to use the bathroom.

Although she is gone, her telephone rings, and Jung-joon accidentally knocks it off the table, causing it to answer. Also curious to ignore, he picks it up, but the other particular person does not reply. Jung-joon hands the telephone more than when Young-ok comes back, and she measures out to have a chat with her caller. She tells them that she will check out subsequent month and hangs up as Jung-joon joins her outdoors.

Jung-joon asks who the particular person was, and Young-ok tells him that the rumors about her possessing a man or a kid are false. Her answer is adequate for Jung-joon, and he assures her that he can accept something else from lecherous loved ones members to debt collectors. She smiles at his cute response and mentions how she has sobered up. Dropping his beer, Jung-joon jumps up from his seat to prepare the bed considering the fact that he sobered up as properly, heh.

Young-ok’s partnership with Jung-joon strengths just after their trip, but her poor reputation with the other haenyeos plummets additional this week. Her greedy habits have ostracized her from the group, but Young-ok dismisses their words as groundless complaints rather than guidance.

Breaking the rule to come up for air just after every single catch, Young-ok stays beneath for a great deal also lengthy and gets her foot stuck in a net. Fortunately, the other haenyeos come to her help, but a person else gets tangled in the course of action. As the leader, Choon-hee stays behind the longest and manages to absolutely free them in time.

This accident is the final straw, and the other haenyeos threaten to quit till Young-ok leaves the group. Choon-hee agrees with the consensus for the reason that she knows from knowledge that Young-ok’s greed and lack of worry will lead to her death. Young-ok begs Choon-hee for yet another opportunity considering the fact that she desires to dive, but Choon-hee finds it hard to think a liar’s apology.

Young-ok says that she by no means lied, so Choon-hee asks for an explanation about her parents and wonders if they are even alive. Young-ok tells her that they died when she was twelve in a auto accident, and every little thing she told the other people about them getting an artist and promoting clothing have been accurate. Choon-hee asks about the other rumors regarding the incessant calls, and Young-ok chokes out an answer involving her sobs. The camera moves away, and the identity of the caller remains a mystery for the viewers.

Although I believe the haenyeos can be judgmental, in this predicament, Young-ok is undeniably in the incorrect. She was warned numerous occasions to stick with the group and comply with the guidelines, but she blatantly ignored them and endangered the others’ lives. Her foot acquiring caught in a net was an accident, but by staying beneath for longer than advised, she place her life at danger unnecessarily. Choon-hee’s factors for kicking her out look fair, but from her expression at the finish, it appears that Young-ok may well get a single much more opportunity to mend her methods.

Eun-hee’s very best pal GO MI-RAN (Uhm Jung-hwa) pays a check out to her hometown, and every person except Ho-shik calls Eun-hee the maid when Mi-ran is the princess. Initially, Mi-ran was supposed to go to Paris to attend her daughter’s graduation and travel the globe with her, but her plans fell via so she brought her packed bags to Jeju, as an alternative.

Although Mi-ran tries to inform her pal about the canceled trip, their conversation gets interrupted at every single turn, so she sticks with a straightforward answer: she is also busy with operate to attend. Unaware of the truth, Eun-hee silently judges her for getting selfish.

Mi-ran stops by Choon-hee and Ok-dong’s spot to drop off presents, and stays more than for dinner, also. She vents to the older ladies about her daughter for making use of her dad to cancel the trip for the reason that her stepmom will be there, but even just after all that, she nonetheless understands her daughter’s position. Choon-hee and Ok-dong take Mi-ran’s side considering the fact that paid for her education and living expenditures, but Mi-ran thinks her daughter is a sort particular person.

Although Eun-hee prepares dinner for Mi-ran, her pal calls at the final minute to inform her about the alter in plans, so Eun-hee offers away all the meals to her helpers. Stomping to her area, she writes an entry in her diary about her friend—the eternal star of their town who every person loves—and wonders how she definitely feels about her now.

As students, Eun-hee loved Mi-ran. She saw her as her trustworthy supporter and was in a position to attend higher college and get her GED for the reason that of Mi-ran’s efforts. Eun-hee generally felt loyal to her as a outcome, so she helped program Mi-ran’s 3 weddings and cared for her just after childbirth for the reason that that is what close friends do.

Even so, in Ho-shik’s eyes, Mi-ran was by no means sort to Eun-hee, and he remembers the day back in higher college when Mi-ran threw away Eun-hee’s lunch for the reason that she “complained” about the meals. Mi-ran known as her a moocher, which irks Ho-shik to this day, but Eun-hee says that worse issues have occurred.

Staring at her pal frolic on the beach, Eun-hee recalls the final time she saw her. A year ago, she received a text from Mi-ran just after her third divorce saying that she wanted to die, so Eun-hee flew all the way from Jeju to verify on her. She entered her apartment fraught with be concerned, but Mi-ran jumped out laughing with her close friends: it was prank. If that was not terrible adequate, Mi-ran then introduced Eun-hee as the most significant pushover who is at her beck and contact.

Eun-hee could have been conflicted about their partnership just before, but it is clear that this incident has irrevocably broken their friendship. I currently hated the way every person place down Eun-hee to praise her pal, so I was appalled when Mi-ran did the similar issue. Eun-hee’s hesitation to accept her pal once more and the developing resentment towards her is understandable for the reason that this was not an isolated occasion.

Every person sees the pair as the odd match, and it is generally Eun-hee who is deemed lesser (except by Ho-shik who fell in like with her as an alternative of Mi-ran like the other people). It is draining to hear your personal close friends contact you “the maid,” so the truth that Mi-ran also introduced her as a pushover with no mention of the word “friend” should have shattered Eun-hee. Not only was her self-esteem hurt, but Mi-ran’s action tainted their memories as properly for the reason that now, Eun-hee is left to wonder if her very best pal ever regarded as her a pal in the initial spot.

Just after seeing Ho-shik’s memory, it appears that Eun-hee and Mi-ran generally had an unbalanced dynamic, and when that could have been sustainable as young children, it turned much more toxic as they grew older. Mi-ran is generous and loving, but she is also selfish and imply-spirited. She tends to place her personal feelings above her friend’s which is why she could pull such a cruel trick on her and then overlook about it. To Mi-ran, like comes naturally, and I get the impression that she sees Eun-hee’s sacrifices as givens for the reason that of their history collectively. I do not know what the future holds for these two close friends, but perhaps it is time for them to let go.

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