My Liberation Notes: Episodes 11-12


My Liberation Notes: Episodes 11-12

This week we get a fair share of upheaval, specifically on the connection front. There are new beginnings, endings, and tough choices. And every single of our siblings finds themselves in unexpected scenarios. 1 gets a welcome surprise, a single finds peace, and a single gets heartbreaking news.


We backtrack to ahead of Gu’s return. Chang-hee is obtaining a ball driving Gu’s swanky vehicle about, loving the focus from his neighbors, colleagues, and even strangers. He does not pretend it is his, even though, and admits it is a loan. Even so, just becoming in a position to drive the vehicle has created Chang-hee really feel “gentler” and additional at ease he’s no longer placing on a front and feeling so insecure.

While it does trigger friction with his father who learns that the vehicle is Gu’s. He orders Chang-hee to quit driving an individual else’s vehicle, which leads to one more dinner fight. Je-ho’s personal history with going into debt right after assisting a buddy appears to have deeply impacted his connection with revenue.

But Chang-hee is not the only a single who’s occurred into wealth – Hyun-ah appears to have located herself with a load of revenue. She drags Chang-hee to a club, ordering pricey alcohol and displaying him her new account balance. It is all really suspicious, specifically mainly because we see a lady chase her and accuse her of stealing the revenue.

It turns out that Hyun-ah’s ex is terminally ill, so she’s been going to see him in the hospital. He gave her all his revenue, afraid she’d leave and he’d die with only his revenue-crazed mother by his side. Hyun-ah calls his mother out for caring additional about her son’s revenue than him and assures her that she’ll give her the revenue. But Hyun-ah is determined to make positive her ex does not die alone and will not be chased off.

Hyun-ah is sort of amazing. She’s gutsy and does not take crap from any person, but she’s also loyal and sort. I can see why each Mi-jung and Chang-hee are so close to her. In reality, she and Chang-hee appear specifically close. Even her ex asks to meet Chang-hee because Hyun-ah talks about him so a lot.

Meanwhile, Mi-jung struggles at function as her awful boss methods up his terribleness. He’s horrible in basic, but he does appear to have it out for her especially. In a specifically upsetting moment, he mocks her unfashionable pants in front of the complete workplace.

I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s attempting to hold her back mainly because she’s seemingly a far better designer than he is. He’s normally ripping apart her styles, but his edits are not precisely inspired. Mi-jung’s sweet fellow temp coworker praises Mi-jung’s function and encourages her to apply for the company’s design and style award, which would enable her safe employee status.

Factors are going a lot far better for Mi-jung on the private front, nevertheless, as she and Gu develop closer. He’s gotten a lot additional comfy with her, playful even. It is good to see him letting down his guard.

1 evening, they take a stroll beneath the moonlit sky and take in the view. Gu puts his arm about Mi-jung when she shivers. Then, they kiss for the initially time. I’ve genuinely enjoyed their slow, measured progress – it tends to make every single step closer really feel even additional meaningful.

Alas, Gu’s peaceful Sanpo existence is threatened once more when he spots a couple of males placing a tracker on Je-ho’s truck. They turn out to be Chairman Shin’s males. Chairman Shin is prepared to overlook Gu’s embezzlement mainly because he respects his strength. He asks Gu to take more than Boss Baek’s part, but Gu says he demands additional time.

Gu is even additional unsettled when he finds his function hyung chatting with Je-ho and Hye-sook at their property. He outs Gu as productive and wealthy, and despite the fact that no a single says something about it, the atmosphere is tense.

Gu’s hyung is upset that he’s “living a lie” and leaving his subordinates to fend for themselves. He noticed the household photo in the property, and assumes Gu is seeing a single of the sisters. Gu does not outright respond, but his expression offers him away.

Meanwhile, Ki-jung continues her dramatic crush saga. She brings colleague Director Kim into her connection sharing, telling her and Jin-woo about her anxiousness more than waiting for Tae-hoon to text. They each encourage her to play tough to get when Tae-hoon asks her to dinner, but Ki-jung is way as well guileless for that. Why need to you trigger the particular person you like anxiousness by playing games?

She ends up going to dinner with Tae-hoon and is floored when he does an about-face and tells Ki-jung he’ll be her “anyone” to like this year. Sun-kyung catches them consuming with each other and to say she’s not pleased would be an understatement. She seriously demands to cool it a bit. I get why she’s worried about the connection, but the man is grown and gets to reside his personal life.

Surprisingly, Tae-hoon’s daughter Yu-rim is a lot additional understanding. When Tae-hoon admits he likes Ki-jung mainly because she assists him loosen up and have enjoyable, Yu-rim says she’s glad. Now that they’re officially dating, Ki-jung asks Tae-hoon outright how to date a parent. He warns her that he’ll regularly be busy and will not be in a position to invest time with her on holidays, but Ki-jung emphatically says that is all okay.

In Liberation Club news, they get a new member! The club lady liked it so a lot when she visited that she decided to join, and it is so cute. She admits she desires to be liberated from normally smiling, some thing she can not enable carrying out about other people. She’s nervous to be so vulnerable, but she likes their tenants of no pretending to be pleased or sad and becoming sincere with oneself.

It gets Mi-jung pondering, and she muses to Gu that society only functions mainly because individuals pretend. And the exact same is correct of happiness – only these who can accept the lies and place aside doubts can be pleased. Mi-jung notes she can not do that.

Meanwhile, Chang-hee’s vehicle enjoyable comes to a screeching halt when he finds a dent in the bumper. He can not locate who did it and is forced to come clean to Gu. He requires a single appear at the bumper and chases Chang-hee all the way to the station and onto a train headed into Seoul.

Gu thinks of Mi-jung telling him he’s transparent though other people have told him he’s tough to fully grasp. He ends up meeting with his function hyung and shares an intriguing tidbit: a single of Boss Baek’s underlings offers drugs. Quickly right after, the club is raided, and Boss Baek goes on the run.

Unable to place it off any longer, Gu tells Mi-jung that he’s returning to Seoul. She barely says something but cries when she’s alone. That evening, she visits Gu and says she’ll contact him from time to time and suggests they meet up after each month or two.

Gu desires a clean break and to retain his two worlds separate. He encourages Mi-jung to curse him, to let out her anger, but she says she’s not angry. She’s just sad. But she will not hold onto him. Now he’s on the verge of tears. Gu hopes she’ll move to Seoul and reside an ordinary life with ordinary desires. Mi-jung insists she’s fine with her life and says she’ll contact, even if he’s grumpy about it.

Gu offers his notice – Je-ho says he’s normally welcome back – and leaves just like that. Poor Mi-jung is devastated, specifically when she tries to contact and finds he changed his quantity. Rather than her usual hope that her exes endure, Mi-jung wishes Gu the greatest.

In Seoul, Gu attends Boss Baek’s funeral (he died though fleeing the cops) and laughs in an unhinged way as he sits with his new subordinates. We then skip ahead, this time with Mi-jung searching all suave. We then finish with a shorter-haired, additional fashionable Mi-jung walking down the streets of Seoul.

A lot more time has passed than I realized. The calendar in Je-ho’s workshop mentioned 2019, so I guess the Seoul scenes of Gu and Mi-jung are a couple of years later. Though I’m sad they had to element, I am searching forward to seeing Gu two. and Mi-jung two. and what will come about when they inevitably meet once more.

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