Showtime Begins!: Episodes 7-8


Showtime Starts!: Episodes 7-eight

As the killer moves ever closer to our leads, the previous begins to bleed into the present. But in murder, as in magic, items are not normally as they seem…


In the wake of their newly established partnership, each Seul-hae and Cha-woong firmly deny they have any romantic feelings for every single other. But they deny it a bit as well firmly, if you ask me.

Case in point: Cha-woong cancels an advertisement shoot so he can attend a civil police unit activity. Then he agonizes more than what to put on, ultimately opting for an high-priced Italian suit. Not optimal for lugging rice bags up a hill. But Cha-woong does attempt, even if he’s rather lacking in the brawn category.

Afterwards, they all collect at the shop owned by the civil police unit head, YOON MIN-SOOK (Jung Young-joo), and Cha-woong gradually lets down his inhibitions. It begins with the makgeolli Seul-hae convinces him to attempt – of which he downs bottle following bottle like it is the finest point he’s tasted in his life.

That gets him wildly drunk, and he in fact has enjoyable entertaining everybody with easy magic tricks, and then shares a heart-to-heart with Seul-hae and Min-sook about their respective loved ones tragedies. Watching him, the ladies agree that when he may perhaps be rough about the edges, he’s a fantastic guy at heart.

As Seul-hae walks him property, she realizes this is the initially time she’s noticed him so smiley. But when she repeats Min-sook’s words about him obtaining difficulty displaying really like, he denies it, hunting into her eyes with supercharged seriousness.

We are not told all the things that takes place among that moment and her carrying him property on her back, but the way she gets flustered the subsequent day when he claims not to try to remember something is surely suspicious.

Meanwhile, the Common has figured out who Cha-woong and Seul-hae have been in their previous lives two,000 years ago. We get flashes of it all through this week’s episodes: they have been lovers, tragically parted. Cha-woong’s previous-self seems to have had supernatural powers, and Seul-hae’s previous-self died in front of him – allegedly due to the fact of him – although the particulars are nonetheless kept unclear.

The realization modifications all the things for the Common. All this time, he’s believed his job was to spend for his misdeeds by catching evil spirits, but now he realizes he’s supposed to suitable the incorrect that separated Cha-wong and Seul-hae – which he also believes to be his fault.

So the Common enlists the ghosts to enable him convince Cha-woong to pursue Seul-hae romantically. Their tips on how to do so ranges from obtaining plastic surgery (so he’ll appear pathetically ugly and she’ll really feel so sorry for him, she’ll just have to take care of him) to taking her on virtual reality dates.

Cha-woong decides to attempt the easiest suggestion: taking a web page from Hee-soo’s book by repeating the final line of Seul-hae’s sentences to show he’s listening. That is the theory of it, anyway, but in practice, Cha-woong just comes off sounding annoyed and vaguely threatening.

Amidst all this, we also get a small extra insight into the Complete Moon Killer. He was after an ordinary human, but was possessed by an evil spirit following mugging a person. And surprise! That evil spirit was also after a human – and a further key player in the conflict that got our leads killed two,000 years ago.

Each and every so generally, the man who became the Complete Moon Killer comes back to himself and is horrified by what the spirit has brought on him to do. But these moments of clarity never ever final lengthy, and he continues on a murder spree, actually sucking the life out of persons who have the exact same sort of channel to heaven that Seul-hae does.

And let me just say, Ahn Chang-hwan is undertaking a phenomenal job of becoming horrifically creepy, even just by means of the freakish methods he moves and contorts his physique. *shudder*

No pair of Showtime Starts! episodes are comprehensive with out a murder case, and this a single hits close to property: it is Min-sook, head of the civil police unit. She also has a single of these unique channels to heaven, which the Complete Moon Killer spots when he ventures into her shop.

Contrary to Cha-woong’s cynical belief that most persons are only out to satisfy their personal greed, Min-sook is a genuinely great lady. She runs an orphanage, and actually loves every single kid as if they have been her personal, and she heads up the civil police unit with warmth, authority, and fairness.

She even I want to speak to your managers the grim reaper himself when he comes to gather her soul, not prepared to give up her life’s perform just but.

As Cha-woong and Seul-hae hunt for proof to bring Min-sook’s attacker to justice, they recognize that the culprit applied the classic magician method of misdirection to make himself appear innocent and place all the concentrate on a person else…

…And that is precisely what the show does to us, due to the fact the Complete Moon Killer didn’t kill her. It was in fact her seemingly heart-of-gold husband. Who giggles about it.

Technically, Min-sook is not dead but, just in a coma, but her soul is in a position to move about outdoors her physique and clarify all the things to Cha-woong. Her husband schemes to sell off her orphanage land for profit as quickly as she draws her final breath, and Seul-hae and Cha-woong will have to move speedy to apprehend him just before the impatient grim reaper requires her soul away.

With a small enable from the Common (who was finest close friends with the reaper when they have been each nonetheless alive) and the ghosts, they get adequate time to lure Min-sook’s husband and his accomplice into a trap.

After once more, Hee-soo bursts in and interrupts the entire program, and in the chase that ensues, Min-sook’s husband ends up falling from the roof and plummeting to the street under.

We know what has to come subsequent now that justice has been served, and it is actually touching to see Min-sook make peace with what she’s achieved and what she has to leave unfinished.

But there’s a single twist left: the name on the reaper’s card is no longer hers, but her husband’s. Her fate has been changed due to numerous petitions on her behalf by the persons whose lives she’s impacted for the much better.

I appreciated this switch-up for quite a few motives. Very first, not only did it match with the theme of misdirection, but it also just felt so satisfying to see a fantastic particular person get a further possibility to hold generating the planet a much better location.

It also broke the pattern of every single week introducing a lovely soul, them dying, and them departing in peace after their death has been avenged. Letting Min-sook reside creates a turning point (and halfway by means of the show at that), providing a ray of hope not only to us viewers, but also to our leads – specially Cha-woong.

As a outcome, he’s beginning to see that there truly are genuinely fantastic persons in the planet, and they are worth obtaining to know – and that placing in work to enable them can in fact make a distinction.

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