Again My Life: Episodes 11-12


Once more My Life: Episodes 11-12

Issues move gradually this week as our hero continues to lay the elaborate groundwork for the subsequent phase of his plot to take down the ultimate Terrible Guy, but he now treads much more cautiously. Not only did his current setback remind him that his opponent really should not be underestimated, but he also realizes that his movements in this timeline have unexpected — and deadly — consequences.


We open this week to the continuing drama surrounding Chunha Group, namely the identity of Geong-young’s successor. Tae-sub, as generally, has an opinion on the matter, and when he visits Geong-young in the hospital, he acts as even though he has the authority to appoint Yong-joon as the future chairman. Tae-sub insists he desires what’s finest for the firm and the nation, but — as Geong-young points out — Tae-sub is only hunting out for himself. Otherwise, he would want Hee-ah in charge, as well.

Due to the fact Geong-young does not right away toe the line, Tae-sub leaks to the media that Geong-young is in the hospital and in poor wellness, which leads to rumors and speculation about who will inherit the firm. With all eyes on the future of Chunha Group, Tae-sub has Seok-hoon place collectively a group of loyal prosecutors to investigate the succession procedure of Chunha Group, hunting for possible corruption. Sung-joon is arrested for embezzlement as aspect of the investigation, and it is a subtle warning that if Geong-young does not back down, Hee-ah will be subsequent on the chopping block.

Except, Tae-sub does not understand that Geong-young has a recording of their 1993 conversation, when Tae-sub initially asked Geong-young to join hands with him in exchange for covering up Geong-young’s crimes. Sadly, Tae-sub does not react effectively to Geong-young’s blackmail try, and his shady hitman pays Geong-young a pay a visit to at the hospital.

As news of Geong-young’s death breaks, Hee-woo realizes Tae-sub have to have been involved mainly because, in his previous life, Geong-young lived for a handful of much more years. Hee-woo attends the funeral and pays his respects to Hee-ah. He also cryptically gives her his assist, and she’s right away suspicious of his motives (and his potential to assist). Even though she has him investigated, he starts setting the subsequent aspect of his program in motion.

I’m not going to lie, Hee-woo’s scheme is a bit difficult to adhere to, but the gist of it is that he intends to drive a wedge among Tae-sub and Seok-hoon whilst simultaneously weakening Tae-sub’s grip on Chunha. Hee-woo knows it is only a matter of time ahead of Seok-hoon starts turning against his master, and certain sufficient, Seok-hoon does not respond effectively when Tae-sub also invites prosecutor YOON JONG-GI (Choi Beom-ho), Gyu-ri’s boss, to dinner. It is a not-so-subtle reminder that Tae-sub could simply replace Seok-hoon and set a person else up as the subsequent prosecutor basic.

Seok-hoon counters by recruiting Hee-woo to investigate the CEO of Bando Bank, who not only manages Tae-sub’s revenue but also owns 15% of Chunha Group. Hee-woo does as instructed (mainly because he’s currently been creating a case against Bando Bank in order to take down Tae-sub), but he also utilizes the investigation as an chance to strategy Tae-sub and pretend that he’s on Tae-sub’s side. Tae-sub thanks Hee-woo for the heads up and quiets Seok-hoon’s tiny rebellion.

Except, Hee-woo knew Seok-hoon was only applying the Bando Bank case as a warning to Tae-sub and under no circumstances intended for it to see the light of day. So Hee-woo preemptively taps into Han-mi’s tabloid connections and leaks information about the investigation. As instructed, the tabloid claims their supply is Assemblyman Hwang Jin-yong, and with such a credible supply, the investigation can not be kept hush-hush like Tae-sub and Seok-hoon intended.

Just after the investigation goes public, Tae-sub decides to retaliate against Seok-hoon. He summons Hee-woo and instructs him to take down and discredit Seok-hoon by investigating his son KIM YOUNG-IL (Han Gi-chan), the managing director of JQ Building. It is also worth noting that Young-il owns an additional five% of Chunha Group, which was paid for applying a loan he obtained illegally from Bando Bank. When Tae-sub finds out that Bando Bank is connected to Young-il’s illegal activities and that Young-il owns an additional five% of the firm he’s plotting to take more than, Tae-sub tries to place a halt to the investigation he initially green lit.

Hee-woo calmly agrees to stand down, but what Tae-sub does not know is that Hee-woo has currently handed off the JQ Building case and proof to Gyu-ri. Hee-woo has also instructed Sang-man to liquidate his assets and commence acquiring stock in JQ Building as aspect of his program to set up a genuine investment firm. I can only assume, offered all the speak of Chunha Group’s stock, Hee-woo plans to buy a percentage of her firm and assist her preserve the managing rights.

The investigation into JQ Building moves forward below Gyu-ri, and her boss, eager to take out his competitors for prosecutor basic, encourages her to arrest Young-il. Tae-sub, of course, orders him to back down, and immediately after briefly protesting, he at some point cowers to Tae-sub’s demands.

Not Gyu-ri, even though. She continues forward, in spite of her superior’s wishes. So Tae-sub sends his hitman out to discourage her and GU SEUNG-HYUK (Lee Gyeong-min). Hitman, pretending to be a witness for their case against JQ Building, lures Seung-hyuk out to a secluded place and tries to “discourage” Seung-hyuk from continuing his investigation. Regardless of the beating he’s offered, Seung-hyuk stands his ground, so Hitman pulls out a syringe of his favourite drug cocktail.

Fortunately, Hee-woo knew Gyu-ri and Seung-hyuk would be Tae-sub’s subsequent targets and had Sang-man and Yeon-suk adhere to them about to defend them. Sang-man calls Hee-woo at the initially sign of difficulty, and Hee-woo (wearing a mask) shows up just in time to hear Hitman threaten to kill Seung-hyuk and make it seem as even though he’s a disgraced druggy prosecutor who took his personal life.

Hee-woo ridicules Hitman’s familiar and outdated speech — while, wouldn’t it technically be ahead of its time? — and introduces himself as one particular of Hitman’s former victims. Hitman boasts that he under no circumstances fails to kill his target, so Hee-woo vaguely explains he was “resurrected,” developing an aura of mystery that is a bit laughable when you keep in mind that Hitman has definitely no notion that he killed Hee-woo in an alternate future. Even so, Hitman appears intrigued, and this week’s episodes finish with Hee-woo having in his fighting stance.

I’m disappointed that the scene cuts off ahead of we get to see any of the action mainly because this week’s episodes have been otherwise a big snooze fest. Logically, I realize that a villain like Tae-sub demands to be strategically taken down mainly because he’s effectively-connected and a master at covering his tracks, but there has to be a much more exciting way to thread every thing collectively and reveal it to the audience bit by bit.

Plus, the much more we are dragged into this behind-the-scenes planet of insider trading and hostile firm take overs, the much less villainous Tae-sub becomes mainly because his crimes are now as well higher collar to be relatable to the typical viewer. Possibly if the story had completed a far better job establishing Hee-ah’s character, I’d care that Tae-sub was plotting to take more than her family’s firm and steal her father’s legacy away from her, but as it is, I do not. Rather, Tae-sub is beginning to really feel like just an additional corrupt — albeit far better connected — politician. Yawn.

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