Shooting Stars: Episodes 7-8


Shooting Stars: Episodes 7-eight

We attain the halfway mark this week and as our characters arrive at their midpoint, feelings are realized, confessions are created, and some mysteries deepen.


Tae-sung’s newfound realization that he likes Han-byeol comes with the need to confess his feelings to her, and he starts “operation confess to Han-byeol.” He tries to win her more than with different tropes – tying her shoelaces, bringing her coffee – but Han-byeol is not possessing any of it thanks to PTSD from all the pranks he’s pulled on her more than the years. Ha! Serves his petty ass proper.

An observant Yoo-sung finds the circumstance amusing – which is funny mainly because he does not see that Ho-young has a crush on him. Or does he? Han-byeol sees it even though, and teases Ho-young. But she can not see how vibrant Tae-sung’s green light has been shining lately. Why are folks this clueless when it comes to themselves?

Actor Yoo-sung gets a favorable reaction from viewers, and the StarForce group celebrates their new signee. I’ve in no way noticed Ji-woo appear so excited! Regrettably, when he is pressed by some ahjumma fans to drink, Yoo-sung ends up sleeping in his underwear, drunk at a playground, and the photos circulate the world wide web.

The PR group cleans up the mess at the expense of a excellent night’s rest, and they wrap it up the subsequent day with Yoo-sung’s handwritten apology letter – which of course, is the day Tae-sung decides to give a grouchy Han-byeol his personal handwritten confession letter. He tears up the letter upon her rant that she in no way desires to see a single once again, but she chews him out regardless. On a satisfied note, actor Yoo-sung lands an underwear ad, and all is effectively with the globe once again.

In their unrelenting work to come up with the great confession, Tae-sung and Jung-yeol do all sorts – from hilariously recreating popular drama confession scenes to going more than Han-byeol TMI in the hopes of locating a prevalent ground amongst Tae-sung and Han-byeol – and I just enjoy how eager Jung-yeol is about the complete issue.

A sulky Tae-sung tries to eavesdrop on Soo-hyuk’s housewarming celebration by way of the wall, but the celebration is very lifeless with just Jung-yeol and the PR employees — minus Han-byeol. Even with Tae-sung sooner or later crashing the celebration, the vibe is nevertheless nonexistent till Han-byeol, the life of the celebration, arrives.

Although the other folks busy themselves with games, Soo-hyuk and Han-byeol have a moment alone and she realizes that he likes her. Items get slightly awkward and he tells her he’ll wait for an answer.

Yoo-sung encourages Tae-sung to hurry up with his confession mainly because Soo-hyuk has currently beaten him to it. But Tae-sung’s eventual confession to Han-byeol sends her screaming and operating for the hills. Lol.

Wanting to know if he has other competitors beside Soo-hyuk, Tae-sung asks Yoo-sung if he likes Han-byeol, and he gets a firm NO. Apparently, Yoo-sung does not see colleagues in a romantic way, and it tends to make me wonder what that signifies for Ho-young’s crush.

Meanwhile, with the information that Tae-sung and Soo-hyuk are interested in her, Han-byeol wryly thinks she has hit the jackpot. *googles how to be Oh Han-byeol*. But seeing how awkward the circumstance tends to make her really feel, I can not say I envy her.

Han-byeol is present on set for Tae-sung and Da-hye’s kiss scene, and he begins to clarify that the kiss is just for perform. It is amusing how he acts like she caught him cheating on her or a thing. Han-byeol acts like it is no massive deal, but as we see later on, she is clearly impacted by the kiss scene.

Speaking of kisses, Yoo-na and Jae-hyun!!! These two adorable idiots are surely up to a thing. They fight their personal kiss scene tooth and nail, but when the director says, “Cut!” they can not appear to detach from each and every other.

Tae-sung nearly has a heart attack when he runs into Yeo Ha-jin – his ex-girlfriend from back in the day – and belatedly realizes the girl he likes (Han-byeol) was the a single who officially confirmed his dating rumor with yet another girl (Ha-jin). But in reality, Tae-sung and Ha-jin in no way had a connection and only “confirmed” it to preserve the media quiet.

Although we’re finding out about the un-couple, we get a cute scene amongst Ha-jin and her existing boyfriend (cameo by Kim Dong-wook as his character in Uncover me in Your Memory), and this has to be my favored cameo look/meta moment but.

Even even though his confession is nevertheless in limbo, Soo-hyuk tries to play the cool guy and does not want to rush into receiving an answer from Han-byeol. But he can not assist selecting up on the awkwardness amongst them and asks her out for dinner.

But although Han-byeol is getting asked out by the competitors, Tae-sung is lovesick at household and has his meal spiked with excess salt by his suspicious housekeeper with a restricted edition diamond watch, KWON MYUNG-HEE (So Hee-jung).

To a single-up Soo-hyuk, Tae-sung also asks to meet up with Han-byeol, and the poor girl – and we, by extension – are left to wonder whose invitation she will honor, and the episode ends with her operating out hurriedly to meet someone…

For some cause this halfway point signaled the funniest week in Shooting Stars for me, and I laughed a LOT. But it wasn’t all enjoyable moments, as there’s nevertheless the mystery surrounding Eun Si-woo – the divorced actress, who just so takes place to be Tae-sung’s mom. And we see that apart from Yoo-sung, the suspicious housekeeper appears to know her as effectively.

Speaking of which, is that lady even a housekeeper? Thinking of her sodium poisoning attempts on Tae-sung, and her wealthy madam behavior at the mall, she provides me the creeps, and I do not realize what her deal is.

A different issue I do not realize is Ki-bbeum’s character. It is like she’s just there to interact with cameos and hangout with Han-byeol and Ho-young. It is not specifically poor, but I really feel like they can do additional with her character – or perhaps they’re setting her up to be the a single to break Tae-sung and Han-byeol’s eventual dating scandal?

Ultimately, per K-drama guidelines, we know Soo-hyuk is not most likely get the girl, but can he get some additional screen time at least? It is nearly like he’s just there to be the mandatory second lead and stoke the fire for our hero. But Lee Jung-shin is cute, and he tends to make the flat-ish character seriously likable, so #JusticeForSoohyuk!

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