Short Film Review: The Troubled Troubadour (2016) by Forest Ian Etsler, Sebastien Simon

French filmmaker, festival programmer in Busan International Brief Film Festival and guest professor of film editing at Dongseo University Sebastien Simon, shot a quick film in Busan in 2016 with Forest Ian Etsler, implementing an experimental surrealistic method that focuses a lot on music.

“The Troubled Troubadour” overview is aspect of the&nbspSubmit Your Film&nbspInitiative

The film starts with an old Japanese man peeing at the sea, declaring that he has now peed in every single ocean in the planet, primarily highlighting that what will stick to is an odyssey of sorts. The subsequent scenes introduces the companion of the old man, a driver who pushes a canoe along the railways, moving his &#8220boss&#8221 forward, even though the old man plays his music. As they move by way of a mountainous forest, they are ambushed by a group of Korean youngsters in wooden masks (in a scene that is reminiscent of Star Wars in a way) who force them to go with them greater in the mountains to their queen, believing the old man is the Mountain God. The princess is living inside a hut the protagonist enters, just before he begins playing music even though the queen sings. In the meantime, the background of the hut modifications to one thing beautifully surrealistic and a rapport is established amongst the two.

A bit later on, the two travelers attain a cave, exactly where the old man enters alone. In there, he meets his daughter, foreign musicians and a Japanese firm man who appears down on musicians. Ultimately the trip leads to Busan, exactly where an additional kind of firm man wearing a Joseon hat interacts with the protagonist.

Etsler and Simon direct a 20-minute film that functions as a tour guide to the location surrounding Busan, with DP Choi Seong-ho presenting a series of rather attractive, largely bucolic photos of the sea and the forest. The playful, fairy-tale like surrealism, beginning with the notion of the canoe rowing on railways and continuing the odyssey-like episodes also add to the entertainment the film presents, in a style that is rather amusing to watch, also due to the rather attractive, if somewhat outworld music. This amusement also derives from the acting, with Hachi Kasuga&#8217s absurd strategies in the function of the Troubadour and Tetsu Kono&#8217s stoic reactions as his driver functioning excellently by way of their antithesis.

With regards to the context, the film appears to function as a metaphor for the lives of musicians, who reside a life of continuously moving to the location of the subsequent concert, meeting a variety of people today from all more than the planet, but often neglecting their loved ones and nonetheless getting looked down by corporate people today who contemplate all artists lazy. The rower appears to mirror their producers and assistants (the crew if you favor), who are normally by their side assisting, sometimes obtaining to deal with their eccentricity but nonetheless remaining loyal. The final man appears to be a metaphor for the music labels people today, while his goal is not that clear.

&#8220The Troubled Troubadour&#8221 is a extremely smartly shot film, especially in the way it presents its comments, even though not neglecting focusing on beauty, with the mixture of photos and music assisting the most in that regard.



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